Red Planet: Ultra-Violet (Weyland's Boarding-School)

Started by Abishai100, Nov 11, 2023, 08:29:13 PM

Red Planet: Ultra-Violet (Weyland's Boarding-School) (Read 1,779 times)


A rather 'dark' Alien fanfiction with a reference to the unusual genre creature we've come to know/love/dread as the formidable 'cousin' of the standard black-dragon alien, the Red-Xenomorph. Happy Holidays,


Daniels boarded the Nostradamus with due energy but worried this newest Weyland mission to the Red Planet would draw a mysterious encounter with the yet-uncategorized red-colored Xenomorph 'variant' for whom an image-transmission received on Earth cast this 'colored' dragon as a more menacing 'relative' of the known black-colored Xenomorph so many Weyland soldiers/explorers had encountered, including Ripley, Hicks, and Vickers.

DANIELS: You're sure this Red-Xenomorph's not an enemy of the black?
WEYLAND: We 'believe' this engagement may invoke a negotiation-charm.
DANIELS: How'd you surmise this colored-variant is not adversarial?
WEYLAND: There's no proof this Red-Xenomorph is more antagonistic.
DANIELS: Weren't there Weyland-journals theorizing a Civil-War IQ?
WEYLAND: While there's ideations of Red-Black alien in-fighting, no.
DANIELS: I've the gumption we're darting into some 'Vietnam' aura.
WEYLAND: If these Reds-Blacks despise each other, maybe we'll isolate.
DANIELS: What if the Reds-Blacks 'mark' us as simply contest-targets?
WEYLAND: Our duty-free assignment is to extract Rationalism from fear.
DANIELS: Wow...I guess there's not much scale for unofficial angst?
WEYLAND: You're one of the finest and skilled space-equipped, Daniels.

When Daniels and the Nostradamus crew landed on Mars, they found a cavern-lair with paper-blueprints of a moon-spy base 'agenda' to intercept any Black-Xenomorph 'invasion' schema on Earth with this colored-variant species' own eyes for complete civilization subjugation, and perhaps Daniels was shrewd in the theory that humans were merely wandering into some Reds-Blacks inter-Xeno Civil-War environment, for which the Red-Planet had become a 'non-mediation' base or fortress-grounding for these Reds (wow).

DANIELS: Well, these Weyland guns offer targeting for head-shots.
MICHAELS (Crew-Member): These lunar-schematics are Civil War IQ!
DANIELS: Weyland's not hearing that; we're to collect data or defend.
MICHAELS: No sign yet of any actual scurrying Reds, eh?
DANIELS: Stay armed and paranoid, Michaels (ok).
MICHAELS: Fine (thanx).

The Reds did appear in those caverns the Nostradamus 'heroes' were marking and studying. They appeared in a pack of about 20 in number, and they required instant-defense for valor by Daniels and her daring crew, sent by Weyland on a fool's-gold mission (really). They had to shoot to kill and evade, as these Red alien variants exhibited proud 'explosive' acidic-saliva, with some sorcery-powers not seen in their Black 'relatives' encountered in the past by the likes of Ripley/Lambert/Ash.

WEYLAND: Of the crew of 15, 10 managed to return to Earth, ok.
DANIELS: This is no success-story!
WEYLAND: Keep quiet with your libertine commentary, for social media.
DANIELS: These Reds exhibited explosive saliva, more than acid!
WEYLAND: We've anticipated your fears, Daniels, so keep diligence.
DANIELS: With due-respect, I must report on this dark agenda story.
WEYLAND: So, you think this Reds-Blacks Civil War is a sign of marks?
DANIELS: The Xeno-cousins exhibit differing powers and will mark us.
WEYLAND: As sheep?
DANIELS: There's no sign of any negotiation-IQ variance, for Reds-IQ.
WEYLAND: want us to claim some IQ for a Reds 'pagan' mind?
DANIELS: Why not...for isn't our 'religion' concerning marking intent?
WEYLAND: Not necessarily, Daniels; we remain neutral for alien-chess.
DANIELS: What if these Reds are more like...bad teachers?
WEYLAND: Our 'revelation' here concerns a new long wind for coloring.
DANIELS: I hope you're right (for the Ego).


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