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Started by jorel04, Sep 03, 2023, 02:27:50 PM

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Hey, everyone!  I wanted to put this together since it's been a minute from my last update.  (Life decides to not stop when I'm having fun, so editing Alien Covenant has been very slow...)  Therefore, I decided to make more of a different thread for the book and keep everyone updated in more of blog form so y'all can see where it's at.

My apologies if you've been following this anyway and I restate things from other threads.  I'm going to try to use this one as much as possible from now on until I'm completed with the whole thing.  So, bare with me...

I started a full-on rewrite of the Alien prequels, ending with my personal vision of Alien Awakening (which was the title Scott gave the third film in one of his interviews).  So, I tried to get Prometheus and Alien Covenant back into being more Alien films vs. something off the beaten path.  Hopefully, something new but more bringing it back to the franchise's roots.  Based on information from other novels and stories that have come out, I hope I'm able to translate it into an action-packed and eventful story to enjoy!

If anyone wants to read what I current have, please let me know and I'll DM you for your email.  Otherwise, I'll try to upload it to this thread when I'm completed.  Hope to get any feedback you wish!  Take care & talk to you soon!

-- JorEl


I'd be interesting in reading it!



Sounds good, Retro!  If you're comfortable in DM'ing your email, I can send you a PDF of each portion.  I have 01: Prometheus completed and about 1/3 of the way done with 02: Covenant now.  I might have to ask @CPL HICKS if I'm able to upload a large file to the forum (needless to say, this is going to be a really big project for me... LOL).

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