Marvel's Alien (Volume 4) - Alien: Descendant

Started by Corporal Hicks, Aug 04, 2023, 07:27:32 AM

Marvel's Alien (Volume 4) - Alien: Descendant (Read 27,746 times)

Corporal Hicks

Corporal Hicks

With the 5th and final issue of Declan Shalvey and Andrea Broccardo’s Alien: Thaw due for release on the 16th of August, we now have confirmation that the creative team will be returning for another arc in November! Seemingly titled Alien: Descendant, the new series will also see Declan taking on some of the artistic duties himself on this volume!

The new series will take place in two time periods with Shalvey also on art duties, drawing flashback scenes of a doomed earlier crew in each issue. As readers learn more about the mistakes and goals of the first mission, they'll discover the full unsettling scope of what the present-day protagonists have gotten themselves into!

Connected to the current series but offering a fresh start for new readers, the new run will continue to develop the new subspecies of Xenomorphs that Shalvey and Broccardo have introduced, while laying the groundwork for an even greater threat. Before ALIEN #1 launches, fans will get a chance to get up close and personal with this new breed of creatures in October's ALIEN ANNUAL #1, a double-sized issue that will serve as connective tissue between story arcs.  

The next great Alien story starts in ALIEN ANNUAL #1 and continues in the all-new ALIEN #1! In deep space spins a world infected by the universe's greatest killers. Most people – sane people – would construct a barrier thicker than the hulls of ten Nostromos and leave it to rot. But where most people see a death trap, Weyland-Yutani sees the biggest payout in the history of civilization. And if it costs a few human lives to secure? Those come cheap here. Prepare for more corporate corruption, personal betrayals and extraordinary violence!

 Marvel Announces New Alien Series, Alien: Descendant, For November Release!

Cover art for the new #1 by Javier Fernandez.

Speaking of the new series, Declan Shelvey said that:

“It’s such a joy to continue to build out our own little corner of Marvel Comics' Alien universe with this new 'Descendant' story arc. We’re building on what we’ve done before (with some nods to previous stories) and get to dig a bit deeper in this arc (both figuratively and literally). It’s also a real treat for me to draw a section of the story."

Declan’s first Alien: Annual #1 was recently announced and is scheduled for release October 4th. The first issue of marvel’s 4th volume of Alien is currently slated to hit the comic book store shelves on the 15th of November.

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Hurray! Another senseless reset of numbering in the middle of the storyline, which does not separate the creative teams in any way, because it is the same, and does not separate the end-to-end plot, because the new series is a direct continuation of the current one! Thank you Marvel! I will definitely buy your first Annual, which is not the first but the second!

Corporal Hicks

I assume it's because Declan has taken on art duties as well on this. But yeah, I find it confusing. I know Predator has been putting the series title in the jacket, but can't remember if Alien has as well.


Numbering and generic naming of the series are very confusing, but at least its a new series. I will wait for the trade paperback like always.

Still Collating...

Nice! Liking his story so far and the art was fantastic! I hope his art contribution is on Andrea's level. Enjoying this arc and the Predator arc quite nicely. Nothing ground breaking, but so much better than the first 2 issues of the Marvel Alien run.


Nice, so far Thaw is first pretty decent comic from Marvel both in terms of story and art, so I'm glad that this Creative team is coming back. However, with constant restarting of numbering, and not really commiting to one continuing story arc I would prefer bieber rotation of Authors, with new team with every new story, so things could constantly changing and offering new ideas and styles with every new arc. For now, we can be stuck with author's weaknesses for far too Long, I mean we had to survive two arcs with Larroca's abysmal art and 3 whole arcs with Kennedy Johnhon's abandoning of story ideas and middling writing. At least current team is doing good job.


You can now pre-order Issue #1 and #2.

Chieftain Suom

Chieftain Suom

Solicits for issues #1-4: which PRH is now calling Alien (2023B) haha

#1: EVERYONE WILL HEAR YOU SCREAM! In deep space spins a world infected by the universe's greatest killers. Most people – sane people – would construct a barrier thicker than the hulls of ten Nostromos and leave it to rot. But where most people see a death trap, Weyland-Yutani sees the biggest payout in the history of civilization. And if it costs a few human lives to secure? Those come cheap here. Corporate corruption, personal betrayals and extraordinary violence – Declan Shalvey and Andrea Broccardo's next and greatest Alien story starts here!

#2: BODIES, BODIES, BODIES! Looking for that perfect combination of sex, suspicion and slaughter? Boy, has the Weyland-Yutani Corporation got a deal for you! Come aboard the Descendant for a dip into the exotic waters of an icy moon – stay for the pulse-pounding adventure of a lifetime! Scour the ocean floor for buried treasures from a lost vessel and uncover secrets from a legendary disaster. Select participants will receive a special gift from Jun Yutani himself. Don't miss a trip worth dying for!

#3: STAY FROSTY! The Yutani family has decided to settle the invasion of LV-695 personally. But no corporate executive has the authority to tell a Xenomorph what to do...unless the order is "slaughter"! And knowing the Weyland-Yutani Corp? It just might be. Trapped between an avalanche and a watery death, the mysterious "Cole" makes her hardest decisions yet.

#4: THE PERFECT ORGANISM MEETS ITS MATCH?! When Xenomorphs crash-landed on moon LV-695, they did what they do best: SLAUGHTER. And...transformed. The native kaiju of this icy rock thought themselves apex predators, but they were no match for Xenomorph fury. Now a hybrid creature has this the evolutionary twist that ends Xenomorphs? And will any humans live to tell the tale? Jun Yutani springs his final trap!



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First preview up for Descendant.

Still Collating...

Looks like we're gonna be seeing some great art again, lovely. Even the icy Xeno looks better here than in the one shot, more detailed, nice. But their human Alien? Looks perfect, man they really know how to draw a classic Alien, up there with the best IMO.

Chieftain Suom

The 2023 Annual tie-in story is subtitled Alien: Regicide, which refers to the act of killing a KING. I'm thinking we might get some Aliens: Rogue vibes from Alien: Descendant, which would explain the aggression between both strains on LV-695.

Chieftain Suom

Declan Shalvey is a powerhouse.


first issue was good  Yutani is a brat. Alice is def a synth but she looks like one of the Kage Species from Star Wars just by her skin tone . 

Corporal Hicks

I enjoyed the first issue! Definitely intrigued by the flashbacks. I have a suspicion it maybe about Dayton and how he came about his injuries. Though that would mean he'd had previous experience with the Aliens and I'm not sure how well that fits with Thaw, but we'll see. I like the stylistic choice on Declan's part to have the more unconvincing synths in his flashback. Works nicely with the Joes.

Andrea's art is looking great again. Some great panels of the Aliens in this. And that spread of the Keg with Wendall's corpse was fantastic. Not too sure about the ship designs though. I can see some of the Betty in those worker drones but they're not working that great for me.

I'm curious to see where Descendant goes with the Yutani character. The baseball interest is curious too - especially given what we know of some of the characters in the TV show. There's a minor similarity there.

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