Brief quote from today's Empire about Alien films

Started by chrisandy, Aug 03, 2023, 04:27:15 PM

Brief quote from today's Empire about Alien films (Read 1,645 times)


Looks like there is not news about Prometheus/ Covenant which is discouraging....

Having made his name in genre cinema with 1979's Alien, Scott has kept the franchise close to his heart. With 2012's origin story Prometheus, he "wanted to reinvent the wheel, and to see how it all came about. Then I did Alien Covenant, trying to push it in another direction." Now, there's a new Alien film, which Fede √°lvarez has just shot, and a TV series set on Earth, that Fargo and Legion's Noah Hawley is spearheading. Scott is a producer on both, although neither continue the Prometheus/Covenant chronology, he says: "They're all new."

Nightmare Asylum

Cross-posting my comment from the Hawley subforum here into the prequel section:

Quote from: Nightmare Asylum on Aug 03, 2023, 04:33:42 PM[...] even with these projects being "[...] all new" and not directly following up on/concluding the Prometheus/Alien: Covenant 'trilogy' story, that doesn't mean that those films are being written out or pushed aside, just that these projects aren't directly tethered to that iteration of the franchise, and based on Hallett's quote from a while back, I still wouldn't be shocked to see some recycled ideas and concepts from "Alien: Destiny" end up in Alien: Romulus even if the original concept/intent is pretty heavily skewed from whatever Scott's original intent was.

And to add to that, I don't take any of the Empire quote as meaning that the prequels are being kicked to the curb, just that Hawley and Alvarez's projects are not direct followups to them in the strict sense of the word "sequel," in the way that, say, Rogue One and Solo aren't really "sequels" to George Lucas' Star Wars Prequel Trilogy.

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