AVP dream I had

Started by littlesprout, Jun 11, 2023, 11:30:11 PM

AVP dream I had (Read 868 times)



I had a dream where the film starts off on an orbital station and the 1st half of the film is very "alieny" and felt like alien isolation.
The orbital station rips apart and crashes onto the planet with some survivors in escape shuttles.
The planet is in the process of being colonized through 'peaceful' tactics by having the marines wipe out the natives until they obey. This attracted the attention of a tribe of predators however.
Somehow when the orbital station crashes an alien outbreak has begun.
The predators begin hunting the humans and the aliens but the aliens in this version were very powerful and overran the humans quickly establishing a hive and a Queen.
It ends with a battle on top of this lava volcano type thing with a predator detonating its bomb.
But the Queen survived buried deep in the hive underground she is battered and wounded and it ends with the humans landing trying to extract her off the planet .

Pretty fun dream!

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