Re: Why do people overlook the Venom symbiote ripoff??

Started by TheRenegadeMan, May 20, 2023, 09:03:24 PM

Re: Why do people overlook the Venom symbiote ripoff?? (Read 1,270 times)



I understand the main argument is 'David created the Xenomorph' (which is crap) but why does it go so overlooked about the black goo??
My opinions are as followed:
- 'David' didn't create the original Xenomorphs, he replicated or tried to modify a version to his opinion.
- Ridley Scott only backpedaled and said David did, because of his own narcissistic ego. He simply wants to 'own' the Xeno.
- And finally, the black goo is a straight up Venom symbiote ripoff. It takes characteristics of the organism it latches onto. Look at the worms. Look at the Alien 3 quadruped. Look at the Pred-Alien. The traditional Xeno's come from humans, not David trying to make a science project ripoff in his cave. RS can take his ego for a hike.   

I should clarify too, that I believe the facehuggers are evolutions to deliver the black goo in their insertion eggs. (The mural shows facehuggers before David replicated one)
 - Ironic is, aren't androids called 'replicants' btw?

Also, David's cave has a Xeno drawing. If he never saw a human contact an egg, how the heck would he know what it would look like?? (Without seeing Engineer data first obviously.)

Another thing I go back to is the original movie. You can't tell me that it wasn't a queen or another Alien lifeform that bursts out of the space jockey and laid all those eggs in the derelict?!

Instead, I'm supposed to believe David HAND planted 20,000+ eggs himself because Ridley Scott said so? (All because his ego can't handle the fact that Cameron introduced a badass queen and clarified the lifecycle and he didn't)


It's not overlooked. These are all things people bring up and suggest.

Except the Venom symbiote bit. "Vague alien organism transforms people into monsters" is much, much older than Venom - and with the symbiotes, the host remains as a separate organism. The goo destroys the infected.


Why do people that hate the prequels always have to throw some bs in there that Ridley hates Aliens? Also there was a life cycle in Alien it was just cut out due to pacing and James is the one that ignored it

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