Marvel's Alien (Volume 3) - Alien: Thaw

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Marvel's Alien (Volume 3) - Alien: Thaw (Read 19,242 times)


First issue is solid! Good setup and excited to see where this goes!

Nightmare Asylum

Just read issue one of Thaw. I liked this WAY more than the last Marvel Alien issue I read a year or so ago (I think I tapped out at the first issue of PKJ's second arc).

Corporal Hicks

From Declan's newsletter -

QuoteMyself and Andrea have been chuffed with the response. On that note, how good is Andrea Broccardo?! All the costumes, the environments etc... so authentically Alien. There are times when writing this book when I feel like it's a book I'd like to draw, then I think of all the reference and technical stuff and see Andrea pull it off so well and then I realise I am fine being juuuust the writer on this thing. Though, I have recently gotten to draw something...
But back to Andrea. While I did sneak in a couple of preview pages for you loyal Decolytes, here are the official preview pages released by Marvel.
I hadn't seen anyone talk to Andrea about the book yet so as an exclusive I decided we should have a little chat about the series between ourselves right here. So everyone welcome ALIEN artist Andrea Broccardo...
DEC: Andrea, I know you're a long time Alien fan, and was actually campaigning at one point to be the artist on this book. What was it like to get the gig, and has the experience lived up to your expectations?
ANDREA: Hey Dec! A big "HI" to all of the readers of our chat! Yep, you're right, when I was trying to enter inside the comic books market I always had some Alien test pages to show to the editors and one of the achievement in my comic book artist career was to work on an Alien series, so you can imagine how I felt when Marvel Editor Sarah Brunstad contacted me for work on a new Alien series that wasn't announced yet!
The work is great. I love to have the total freedom to create the characters, to create the base, the technology and all of the stuff that you could see inside the book. I always draw these things for fun and I can't believe that now I'm doing it for work!
At the beginning, I have to admit, I had a bit of anxiety. I love this franchise a lot, so I want everything to be made good on my pages and I redrawn and changed a lot of things, especially in the first pages. But after some pages, I took the right confidence with the characters, the setting and things went smoothly. I think that our team get on very well, there's great communication between us and everyone is proactive on the creation of the story.
DEC: It's so great that the book you've always wanted to do is the book you're actually working on now. Doesn't always happen, even when you're lucky enough to break in at Marvel! Glad you're a fan of the Dark Horse stuff too as that's the vibe I wanted to lean towards on the book.
I saw on a video chat we did with Sarah that you had a lot of Alien merchandise. I didn't realise you were such a huuuuge fan before we started. I can see your love of the franchise from all the attention to detail in your work. It's been such an advantage for you to have such specific knowledge of the world, all the costumes and environments feel so faithful to the films. How big an ALIEN fan are you?
ANDREA: I've been an Alien fan since when I was a kid, the first movie is definitely one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time and I'm a super fan of the old comic books by Dark Horse, especially the first 3 series. I collect a lot of stuff about the Alien franchise. I have the studio full of Alien figures, comics, books, role play games, video games, cards and many many other things!
DEC: Nice to know all the Alien stuff you've been getting over the years has paid all down the line! I've done a couple of ALIEN covers and since I'm not as familiar with all the details as you, I had to spend ages looking up accurate references and make sure I didn't get anything wrong. To me, the Xenomorphs LOOK fun to draw, but they're actually pretty hard to get right, to make them believable as real creatures. Do you have a favourite reference model? And what is your approach to drawing them as well as you do?
ANDREA: NECA made awesome action figures of the Alien franchise, they released all of the Xenomorphs that we saw in the movies and a large part of the human characters, so when I have to draw a character from Alien world is very very useful to have a lot of that merchandise in my home. I have a Big Chap Xenomorph (the alien drone from the first movie) that is over 60cm tall with extraordinary detail levels that I use as reference when I have to draw the Xenomorph on the pages.
The difficulty that I usually have, when I approach to draw a Xeno is not the massive techno-organic body, like anyone could expect, but is to find the correct pose that make it feral, threatening and dangerous as hell. But luckily the figures that I use as reference have movable joints that are very useful to nail the correct pose!
But, one question for me, Dec. I know that you're a great Alien fan too, so what was your first encounter with the Xenomorph and how is hard or easy to write an Alien story?
DEC: Honestly, I'm nowhere near as much of a fan as you are! I say Alien 4 in the cinema when it came out and liked it okay, but didn't love it and wasn't in a rush to see more. I was too scared to see previous films when younger, so it took me a while to see the original film and the sequel. It wasn't until my 20s when my girlfriend t the time sat me down to watch Alien. A friend sat me down to watch Aliens. Actually, I might have seen Aliens first..? I can't remember.
It's a little intimidating to write an Alien story as people of my generation LOVE the original films. Frankly at this stage, it's a franchise with more bad films than good, so I felt it was important to take those first two films and distill an approach to the world that stayed within those ground rules. I felt it was important to resist the urge to show the Xenomorph too slowly, and let us get to know the main characters while building tension and when we see the Xenomorph, it stays scary.
ANDREA: Have you a specific reference that you used as inspiration for the setting of our story and for the characters that are inside it?
DEC: Well, I wanted to but the creature in an environment that was different to anything we've seen in the films, while keeping some touchstones from the films. I can't remember why it hit me, maybe it was when I was thinking of the 80s aesthetic of the early films, but John Carpenter's The Thing came to mind as a visual touchstone outside of the established Alien franchise. As for the characters, that came from a chat between myself and out editor Sarah Brunstad, about how Aliens ended in an interesting place; a family. And how it would have been interesting to see that dynamic within the franchise, so I really went with that. Between Batya and Zasha, I wanted to channel a little Ripley into the book. Of the main characters, do you have a favourite to draw? On top of that, being an ALIEN fan, is there something in that world you'd really like to draw?
ANDREA: The Thing by John Carpenter is definitely another movie that is in my personal top 10 of my favorite movies, so combining Alien and The Thing sounds like a dream to me!
I love to draw Zasha, when I developed her design I was thinking of a teenager with big expressive eyes, a clean, innocent face, a young girl that fall in a nightmare and totally worried for her parents and she's definitely the character that I appreciate more to draw. Another one is Wendell, oh Wendell! When I had to create this slimy Weyland-Yutani employee I was looking for a design that show how sneaky and ambiguous he could be and I needed a face that had to be perfect to show these characteristics. On tv, that night, was broadcasting the first Die Hard Movie ( another one movie that I Love) and Hans Gruber by the awesome Alan Rickman was simply perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Obviously we can't use exactly the Alan Rickman likeness but I would like to draw something really similar and close to that character. And every time that I have to draw him on the pages, I love to make him sinister and slimy dangerous, like the Carter Burke played by Paul Reiser in the Aliens movie.
DEC: Wendell is definitely the Burke-esque stand-in for our story. But sleazier.
ANDREA: About a character that I would love to draw, well, I'd love to draw a Xenomorph Queen, maybe in her Egg Chamber. The Queen Design by James Cameron and Stan Winston is something beautiful, sinister and scary as hell, so definitely, let me draw a double splash page with a Queen, please!
DEC: I'll consider it! I drew her for a cover and while it was difficult, was also very fun. I don't know how you can draw these things over and over, they're hard to draw!
ANDREA: Another character that I would love to draw is the Predator! I know, he's not properly from the Alien world, but there are many comic book stories that crossed paths or the Yautia with the Xenos. The best ( it would be another achievement in my comic artist career) would be an Aliens vs Predator story. Man, I could cry for joy if Marvel asked me to draw something like that!
Let's ask Marvel to create this magic, Dec!
I've already suggested it! Ed Brisson, the writer on the excellent PREDATOR series is a friend and past collaborator (he wrote the Punisher vs Barracuda series I did that never came out). I love the idea of writing an AvP series together but that call is well above our pay grade.
ANDREA: Coming back to talk about the writing step, how is it to work with 20th Century Studios? I worked on a lot of Star Wars Titles for Marvel and Lucasfilm crew is very present on every step of the creation of the comic books, story, art, colors, lettering, is it the same with 20th Century? They gave you freedom when you had to develop the story?
DEC: Honestly yeah, there was a lot of freedom in the overall story. There are some points and characters I wasn't allowed near but they were very cool for me to introduce things. There are some specifics they are particular about, which I appreciate, as the lore of Alien is wide and deep. The overall story I wanted to tell though, was pretty open. Any edits I had to make weren't too big a deal regarding the core of the story. The concern is always more about if there would be changes that affect the art as I'm conscious of how delays can really screw up an artists' schedule. I think Sarah our editor has been really great to keep all that in mind and ironed out any potential problems.
This chat went on longer, but to avoid this newsletter getting too long, I decided to split it up into two parts. Check the next Declarations for Part Two. And as an added treat, here's an inked tease for #2.
If you haven't checked out the series, as I said, Issue 1 is out right now! It's a bumper 30 page series opener, with pitch perfect colours by Triona Farrell (If you liked the above interview, let me know in the comments and I can do one with her too, maybe) who added soooo much mood and atmosphere to Andrea's inks. Props to my long term collab-bro Clayton Cowles on letters, and hats off to the series designer Jay Bowen, who did a really cool thing with inverting the approach to the design spread for this icy-set arc.
And last but not least, thank you to editor Sarah Brunstad for offering me the gig, but also being an excellent collaborator. She's been guiding me though the process, working with the licensor to make the whole process smooth. She's given me the room and encouragement to come up with a story I felt would be compelling, and has given me an open door to help build the look of the book, to match what I felt it should be.
And to wrap this long section up, check out this savage Dave Johnson variant cover for ALIEN #2!
[Note: Love what he did with that moon and second moon haloing the Xeno and title. The man remains the best in the business]


Quote from: Sabres21768 on Apr 26, 2023, 03:00:46 PMOk...I'm actually digging this story.

And it was WAY cool to see the
Wey-Yu Commandos!

Also, need to make sure they remember to
Call Seegson!


I just picked this up, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The art is tight.  Crisp.  The vehicles and equipment are very well thought out and designed.  The story has captured me.  Also, I am sensing that this will go in an Alien Isolation vibe, where the Alien will be chasing the girl in the ducts, and that is going to be just awesome considering this artwork.  I'm also a big fan of "The Thing" so I am liking this vibe.

Chieftain Suom

The planet and moon imagery depicted on the variant cover for issue 2 by Massafera slightly suggests that LV-695 might be the third moon of Calpamos!! Guess we'll have to wait and see..

Corporal Hicks

Lovely piece of art. But I hope it's not.

Chieftain Suom

Alien: Thaw #5 solicit - ONE LAST CHANCE TO ESCAPETHE THAW! With secrets revealed, loved ones lost and Xenomorphs engulfing the base – for a moment, Zasha thought all hope was gone. However, when a familiar face arrives in the form of a savior, the two set off for one last-ditch effort to escape the moon. The foes they will face – human and alien – might be their end, but just because the moon's ice has thawed to reveal the horrors beneath doesn't mean Zasha will let herself sink without a fight!


"Familiar face"
I hope that's not some returning legacy character...

Chieftain Suom

Quote from: Engineer on May 17, 2023, 05:27:09 PM"Familiar face"
I hope that's not some returning legacy character...

Ugh... I know... probably going to be Michael Bishop since they already included the WY Commandos. That wouldn't be so bad. I was thinking it might also be Sora Matsushita but
he died in Into Charybdis
which took place something like 10 years earlier than Thaw.

Corporal Hicks

I don't mind Michael Bishop. He's alive and actively after the Alien (according to A3).


When they say this familiar face arrives in the form of a savior, I have my doubts it'll be someone like Michael Bishop, who we all know is anything but a savior...

Still Collating...

Savior... Hero complex..? David?! ;D

Corporal Hicks

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