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Started by (Bad Blood), Aug 14, 2022, 05:00:46 AM

Your opinion on the Predator: Bad Blood Comic series?

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Predator: Bad Blood Poll (Read 710 times)

(Bad Blood)

(Bad Blood)

Hey everyone! I finished Reading the Predator: Bad Blood the comic from 1993 which is a 4 part comic with a short Prequel comic released shortly before it that was included in the Dark Horse comics, it was luckily Re released in the Predator Omnibus Volume #3 which includes the prequel comic and the 4 part series. The other day after a very long time of not reading it I decided to read it again's still one of my favorite Predator stories lol. In my opinion it was well written and and the art unique, the story was fun and also had good pacing, the characters entertaining and also the first time the concept of the bad blood idea was ever put into a story so it has historical significance in the Predator franchise haha. I wanted to see your opinions. Do you think it was well written? Do you like this story? If not please tell me why that is or if you do I'm curious what you like about it. Thank you for your time!

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