The Creator (Gareth Edwards Sci-Fi Film)

Started by Nightmare Asylum, May 06, 2021, 02:04:42 PM

The Creator (Gareth Edwards Sci-Fi Film) (Read 4,173 times)

Nightmare Asylum

Nightmare Asylum

Director Gareth Edwards On 'The Creator' And His Feelings Toward 'Rogue One'

Also, booked tickets for opening night. Can't wait for this one. Going to try to revisit Edwards' other films in the meantime.

Nightmare Asylum

Nightmare Asylum

This is a few weeks old, but just stumbled upon it now and I'm giving it a listen. Good interview:

Also, I revisited Monsters last night. I love how tactile and handheld Edwards' films feel, which gives them a very different flavor from other comparable massive (not that Monsters is massive in any sense of the word) VFX-driven blockbusters. From what we're seeing and hearing about The Creator, those sensibilities seem to be carrying directly over into his latest as well.

I'm probably likely to throw in an order for The Creator's art book, too...

Immortan Jonesy

Nightmare Asylum

Nightmare Asylum

Had to push my screening to Saturday unfortunately. But in the meantime:


Here are my thoughts on The Creator...

Nightmare Asylum

Holy shit there was so much Syd Mead DNA pumping through this thing.

T Dog

Anybody have an spoiler free thoughts on this? The aestethic looks great!

Nightmare Asylum

Quote from: T Dog on Oct 01, 2023, 12:06:54 PMAnybody have an spoiler free thoughts on this? The aestethic looks great!

I really dug it. The plot is more than a trace familiar (throw the original Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Terminator 2: Judgement Day into a blender, and season it with a bit of Avatar, Apocalypse Now, and The Matrix for good measure) but despite the familiarity of its major beats, it does sell the emotion at its core.

Visually, it's astounding. Outside of the projects that he actually worked on, this is the closest anything has ever come to looking like a series of Syd Mead paintings come to life, especially in the scenes set in LA and on board the NOMAD. There's also a heavy amount of Ralph McQuarrie influence here, too. It's insane how good it all looks, especially on an 80 million dollar budget.

I can't wait to get my hands on the art book, and I'll likely catch it a second time in the theater as well. If you're a fan of Edwards' previous films, then I'd definitely say check this out. If you aren't a fan of his work, then I don't think it'll shift your overall opinion on his as a storyteller, but you will would likely at the very least appreciate the craft and overall aesthetic.

Nightmare Asylum

Interview with DP Oren Soffer:


Saw this yesterday.  Had very high hopes for it.

Overall a solid 7/10,  very good movie and looks great with some epic moments but it really never gets going.  More excitement and longer action sequences were needed.  Like the drop ship scenes, the troops had some great potential with a real Aliens vibe that just dies off without being expanded on, the female commander and Marc Menchaca's charactrers we criminally under used.  Im sure there is a directors cut for the future out there with much more in it but as usual they have to make it palatable for the numb skulls out there and keep the run time down.


Looks like an apex legends map

Corporal Hicks

I thought it was okay.

Loved all production design, it really did look like a Syd Mead world brought to life, but I wasn't really interested in the main character, it felt like nothing interesting was really happening for too long and then they rush in a big action sequence at the end.

Probably not one I'll revisit.

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