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The Red Xenomorph (LINK) is a special tenacious species deviant in the standard Xenomorph alien-creature species lineage who exemplifies traits of pure hellish fury. More virulent and unpredictable than its standard black-colored cousin Xenomorph, the unruly Red Xenomorph symbolizes more chaotic behaviors and has been tied to various implosive deeds and traits and intentions such as the melting or deformation of its victims or even their complete corporeal combustion.

The Red Xenomorph is a species of great symbolic fear and may therefore be liberally referenced in discussions and fan-fiction stories about alien creatures engaging with Weyland corporation space-explorers learning perhaps about the raw darkness of universal disarray.



Captain Orem took his newly-formed crew on board the Weyland vessel the Nostradamus for a special exploratory mission to investigate the intelligent signal emanating from an uncharted planet in the Rai Galaxy called RT1-4 or 'Rubik' for short. Orem was sure the intelligent signal detected by Weyland coming from planet Rubik was transmitted by the mysterious deviant Xenomorph alien species known ominously and simply as the Red Xenomorph (RX). It seemed to the simultaneously ambitious and pensive Orem that the frightening Red Xenomorph may offer some extra bit of juicy knowledge regarding the variegated evolution of species in the known universe. He was therefore intent on making contact with this new RX alien species and determining if the deviant species was willing to make a side-compact with humans to deal with the standard black Xenomorph dominant cousin species which seemed only to want to compete with humans.

When Orem and his Weyland Nostradamus crew landed on the uncharted planet Rubik with his modest but skilled crew of engineers, scientists, and soldiers, they courted the notion they were there to make profitable contact with the RX aliens. Orem was sure Rubik held a colony of RX aliens who'd sent the intelligent transmission to Weyland seeking to contact human space-explorers and make a secret pact. Orem and his exploratory crew trekked around the uncharted planet Rubik and found a strange hidden giant cave beneath one of the central giant mountains on the arid but breathable planet. The explorers decided to enter the cave and look for signs of intelligent life. After searching for about 3 hours, Orem and his crew found a giant cave nest of what seemed to be red colored alien species eggs waiting to hatch and give forth new forms of life on Rubik. However, when one of Orem's crew decided to fire upon the eggs with a flame-thrower, a gang of RX aliens ascended to respond.

The RX (Red Xenomorph) aliens made short order of the hasty human explorer in Orem's crew who'd decided to try to randomly burn one of the alien eggs in the cave, spraying in his eyes and mouth some kind of acid from their mouths that caused the explorer to implode from inside, leading to instant and terrible death. Orem immediately knew now that the RX (Red Xenomorph) aliens were pure evil and had sent the intelligent signal to Weyland just to lure in human space explorers for a horrible random confrontation of pure violence. Orem ordered his shocked crew to fire flames at the heads of the malicious RX aliens while retreating speedily back to their spaceship the Nostradamus. As the Nostradamus miraculously flew away from the terrible RX alien infested uncharted planet of Rubik after having lost only one more crew member to the alien confrontation, a young engineer named Jones whom the RX aliens sprayed acid onto causing his head to implode, Orem resolved to deliver a full honest report to Weyland.

OREM: "I am supremely sure the Red Xenomorph is a vicious cousin of the known standard black colored Xenomorph and seeks to entangle human space explorers in some kind of deathly and graphic random confrontation, perhaps to create some kind of evil species extinction message in the universe. Unlike its more 'calculating' black colored cousin Xenomorph, the more vicious Red Xenomorphs are messengers of unfiltered violence and may seek to use resources and lethal abilities to make any engagement with humans sure events of certain fear. It is my formal recommendation that the Company organize a new colonial mission to some planet to establish some kind of base of operations with the entire Xenomorph species to prevent some kind of universal calamity. Perhaps with some good fortune and Christian faith, we might be able to steer clear of the Red Xenomorph species and arrive at some species solace regarding the safeguarding of life-force design!"




Since the peculiar and terrifying Red Xenomorph (RX) seems to represent survival alternatives, here's a fun addendum about a Company mission to make intelligent species contact with the RX reflective of a human consciousness regarding basic spiritual teamwork, and it's inspired by the customs magnifying 1976 social cohesion film Network. It's rather odd but interesting to me that the Red Xenomorph symbolizes different stances on the tangibility of basic human distancing. Maybe we can compare the RX to the divisive Insecticon robot species from Transforners (Hasbro) for good old-fashioned customs and social dioramas. After all, the entire Alien franchise seems to symbolize a unique evolutionary consciousness.

Incidentally, I'm not pledging allegiance to either Irish Catholics or British Protestants in this little yarn about planetary insight.



Orem's words were unheeded, and the exploratory Company assembled a special specific mission crew to make more contact with the Red Xenomorph alien species. Orem meanwhile was being outfitted and trained for a future mission involving the colonization of an organic planet with the careful assistance of the Weyland cyborg-android Walter. The Company assembled a hodge-podge crew to find the Red Xenomorph and the mission members were a selected cross-section of representative individuals who're specifically representative of a criss-cross pattern of human consciousness, to engage the elusive and frightening but impressive Red Xenomorph with talons of species choreography. The human mission members were to be descendants of Irish Catholics and British Protestants, since Protestants and Catholics comprised the two dominant denominations of the world's most recognizable institutional faith, Christianity, and since Irish (Catholics) and British (Protestants) had tumbled with complexity for centuries! Incidentally, the Company ended up recruiting and training 20 mission members of which 10 (5 Catholic, 5 Protestant) were descendants of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and BTs (British Black-and-Tans).

Now, the IRA and BTs were considered Christian armed rivals in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom (on Earth) for many generations after the partition of mainland Ireland during the 20th Century war of independence from the British Empire resulted in the loss of Northern Ireland to England because of the statistics anomaly fact that the northern tip of mainland Ireland was demographically comprised of generations of numerous British Protestants who'd settled there as colonists under British policy. This infuriated many Irish Catholics who felt like Northern Ireland was simply lost to the Empire and fueled many IRA movements after Irish independence of Dublin and led to all kinds of rifts between Irish Catholics and British Protestants in Belfast (Northern Ireland). True division then between Catholics and Protestants in a land and region as civilization-symbolic as the United Kingdom created a species challenge regarding the harmonious homogenization of the planetary Christian community. Descendants of Irish Catholics and British Protestants living in Northern Ireland therefore represented a real cross-section of inter-religious complexity on Earth, which is why the Company chose these IRA/BTs descendants to be part of the Red Xenomorph mission.

The IRA and BTs descended crew members of the Company's Red Xenomorph mission were to serve as empathetic diplomats who'd engage with and converse with the anarchic Red Xenomorphs and relate to them hopefully on the level of disparity consciousness. Weyland believed such species cross-sections would create survival co-understanding. However, during the flight of the Company spaceship the Hugo to the planet RX1 where Red Xenomorph signals were detected and catalogued by Weyland, the IRA and BTs descended crew members (5 Catholics and 5 Protestants) argued constantly with each other over customs and diplomacy. The Irish seemed to think their disparity from the British made them messengers of endurance, while the British seemed to believe their overall tolerance of Irish dissatisfaction made them messengers of colonial complications. Obviously, if these crew members of the Hugo made contact with the Red Xenomorph species, there'd be something symbolic said about the complex quality of group divisions. Indeed, these IRA/BTs were among the first to spot and eventually converse with a Red Xenomorph on the planet RX1 and had their discussion recorded for the Company!

RED XENOMORPH (RX): We sense you humans are divided in your main religious order!
IRA: We've argued over the aesthetic of home rule in Britain for centuries, actually.
BTs: Protestant-Catholic division had been overshadowed by Israel-Palestine petrol.
RX: So your planetary Christian community was neglected because of oil!
IRA: Petroleum makes for focused organized capitalism.
BTs: It's the fuel for our land vehicle running.
RX: Did you think we'd arrive at some revelation about group intrigue?
IRA: We thought you'd consider our inter-religious rift symbolic of social stance.
BTs: We considered such a stance reflective of human survival.
RX: We'll soon discover if your social division makes for solid intelligence!
IRA: We don't seek confrontation with your species as competitors outright.
BTs: Yeah, we'd not end up as group messengers of mission failure.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

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