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Author Topic: Predator Hunting Grounds Mod Discussion  (Read 472 times)

Mar 30, 2020, 09:56:16 PM
Topic on: Mar 30, 2020, 09:56:16 PM
I know it's still early and the game hasn't been released fully yet, but does anyone plan on trying to mod the game at all? I remember back in my formative years this forum being alive with AvP2, and AvP(2010) mods!

I'm also looking for any game ripped .stl files for the predators to 3d for cosplay projects!

The Shuriken
Mar 31, 2020, 02:10:44 AM
Reply #1 on: Mar 31, 2020, 02:10:44 AM
I don't think this game can be modded on PS4. That is a PC thing.

Alien Grand Master
Apr 03, 2020, 07:17:01 PM
Reply #2 on: Apr 03, 2020, 07:17:01 PM
It's Unreal Engine so the only way it will be modded is if they let us mod it by giving us the dev resources.  Not to mention you probably couldn't get mods to work with multiplayer unless it was purely aesthetic.  I think there will be zero chance of mods happening like before, unfortunately.

Le Celticant
Apr 03, 2020, 09:27:15 PM
Reply #3 on: Apr 03, 2020, 09:27:15 PM
Luckily it's Unreal Engine which is a very well known engine with the SDK available.
Most games that use it have uncompiled tools that are unofficial.
A:CM for example never released the SDK but used Unreal Engine which made it possible to extract ressources and modify the content.
Even proprietary engine like the one Rebellion used on AVP2010 had unofficial tools to uncompile and repack some of the game contents.
For basic stuff as skins it should work.
For extended gameplay modification it will not.

Keep in mind that if the game has paid content, mod tool is an enemy.
It makes no sense to the publisher eyes to have both the SDK and Microtransactions in a game since one gives freely what the other give you at a price.

With a bit of luck we'll see hijack and alternate methods to do cosmetic too.


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