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Author Topic: Why this game will fail...  (Read 684 times)

Voodoo Magic
Mar 31, 2020, 02:23:22 PM
Reply #15 on: Mar 31, 2020, 02:23:22 PM
Xbox crowd would have been more appreciative Illfonic, bring the game over here and dump these guys.  :laugh: j/k

Graphics/animations look fine to me, but the gameplay videos from this weekend really look fun as hell.

I overall had a blast. There were many moments as a member of the Fire Team, like when I watched the cloaked Predator jumping tree from tree, where I marvelled with the feeling that I was in the 1987 Predator movie.

I personally believe this thread is a premature one, but I blame Illfonic for much of its existence. There was a lot of content hidden from us. And I can't wait to learn more about Jake Busey's and Arnold Schwarzenegger's assumptive involvement. But I put this expectations vs experience problem squarely on the shoulders of Illfonic. Like Illfonic's first trailer not stressing it was Alpha footage, this weekend should have never been called a free trial. Never. It wasn't a free trial of the full game. It was a beta test of portions of it. We know there's a lot more content not shown and tweaks to come of course, but the gamers not following this game that closely who played a "trial" don't know that. Unless they called it what it was, a beta, and then people's expectations would have adjusted accordingly. I find it so frustrating.

See, I didn’t know this. I knew Arnie and Busey had possibly recorded audio but as someone that hasn’t followed every drip of news, I thought this trial was pretty much the real deal.

If anything I am now more excited for April 24th.

Seriously, thank you for sharing that. It proves the point.

Another case of Sony/Illfonic's marketing shooting themselves in the foot.  :-\


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