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Author Topic: Lanard Toys Producing 4-Inch Scale Aliens Figures-...  (Read 17208 times)

Feb 07, 2020, 05:17:38 AM
Reply #45 on: Feb 07, 2020, 05:17:38 AM
Managed to get the whole set (local Walmart had every set except Queenie, another Wal-Mart 15 minutes away only had the Queenie).

Overall, I LOVE these figs, especially for the price. They are a really beautiful homage to the Kenner line, and for $10 for the basic sets you get some really good figures. The Alien figs are amazing for the price, plenty of articulation for some great poses. The APC especially surprised my, lots of cool decals and you can fit two figures inside of it.

But the real star of course is Queenie. The second jaw action feature is a lot of fun, and she has good articulation overall (only downer is no knee or horizontal hip movements, but I guess that would've caused stability and cost issues for the $20 price point.

The only thing that's really somewhat meh to okay on are the human figures. They have pretty basic hip articulation so no cool poses. That said, they look great and all the costumes are strait out of the film. Overall, if you see these figs, get them. For the price (like $80 for the whole set), you can't go wrong.


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