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Started by Corporal Hicks, Oct 16, 2019, 07:40:23 AM

Aliens: Infiltrator - Weston Osche (Read 43,248 times)

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So is this novel any good or more a cash grab and a tease for the upcoming game and not a must read to understand the plot in the game? Or should I skip this one.



It was thoroughly meh and I doubt it'll be required reading for the game.

Quote from: Nukiemorph on Jul 16, 2021, 07:08:48 PMI'm hoping that if he is writing another book, he isn't bogged down with restraints and mandates like he clearly was for Infiltrator.

I really enjoyed his short in Bug Hunt, so fingers crossed anything new he does is more akin to that than Infiltrator.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this! This was a good read IMO, not to the level of Phalanx or Alex's work, but much better then I was afraid it was going to be.

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Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Jul 20, 2021, 07:45:22 AM
My written review is now up:
I haven't read Osche's other contributions, but I agree with every word about Infiltrator.


I am not surprised. 2/3 of books about Alien are mediocre. Especially when we talks about interesting ideas and exploring. We are just baited by this, and then the story go to stereotypical rails: survival, action, running (hello, Out of the Shadows).

This is why I like 80-90-00s Alien books - they were mad, fantastic, fantastic mad, but really exciting. And the authors really love to explore ideas, no matter how funny they were.

Corporal Hicks

I disagree there. I'd flip that number the other way around. I mostly enjoy Titan's novels. Mostly solid, with a couple of poor and a couple of wow ones. The 90s books were all based on comics anyway, and the 00's stuff from Dark Horse Press were just ok to bad. I do not miss DH Press.


Good review, totally agreed.

Voodoo Magic

Nice review, Hicks!

"video-game tie-in curse"


Quote from: Drukathi on Jul 20, 2021, 10:31:07 AM
I am not surprised. 2/3 of books about Alien are mediocre.

That's pretty generous.


I enjoyed this a lot and it was surprisingly good after hearing some negative feedback.
It was a good mix of dumb, fun, and crazy.
It seemed that even the characters didn't seem to take things too seriously.
I hope it ties well with the game and that we get to explore Pala station.

Voodoo Magic

I definitely noticed the "dumb"!  ;D


My first Aliens novel and just finished it. I enjoyed it and it was just long enough to keep me interested, even tho my only real motivation for reading it was to get a sense of the lore for Fireteam after hearing Hoenikker's name drop a few times in previews.

I agree with most of the criticisms here, some of the actions and reactions of the characters make no sense at all... ranging from freak outs over small stuff to completely carrying on like nothings wrong in crazy situations. Also, the espionage angle was cool until it made no difference at all the story... would have been nice to see that worked out more thoroughly. Look past that and once the SHTF it's a fun rollercoaster to the end.

Some cool ideas that hopefully get greater implementation, especially when it comes to the pathogens effect on creatures and it's use for the marines.

Overal, if you are looking forward to Fireteam the book is worth reading to get some more depth and background to the story. If you just enjoy reading Aliens novels it is probably short enough to enjoy if you can look past it's shortcomings.

Corporal Hicks



Corporal., do you know what takes me right out of the book ?

Lieutenant Percival  :P

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