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Author Topic: OWLF Files: The Val Verde incident of 1987  (Read 119 times)

May 05, 2019, 12:39:01 PM
Topic on: May 05, 2019, 12:39:01 PM
Hello everyone,

“(Static comes from the darkness of a TV screen, it flickers and after two seconds it stops at blackness of nothing and a voice of a stranger, a man)

The Stranger: The universe is full of mysteries and as we believe that beings out there surpass us in every way possible, we think we are the only thing in the universe, that we are alone but that was all changed in the year of 1987.

Now Let’s Begin.

(TV screen appears a video of the ruins of the Jungle Hunter’s bomb crater in Central America in 1987)

The Stranger: Central American, 1987. A elite special forces group went in the jungles of Val Verde after a supposed cabinet minster chopper got shot down by the local rebels of the area. Showed by the detailed files and descriptions, Col. Dillion sent those men from the CIA to get answers on Russian’s involvement with equipping the rebels with weapons. It was hoax.

(A photo of the blooded dog tags of Jim Hopper prided from Dutch’s hands)

Sergeant Jim Hopper and his team of newly reformed Green Berets out of Fort Bragg were the first response to the search and rescue of those men but something happened, they disappeared from communication and sight with the CIA and the outside world which Col. Dillion brought in phase three of his plan, his old friend Major Alan ‘Dutch’ Schafer and his team of former US military.

Dutch’s team lands in the jungle, for which they encounter the skinned bodies of Hopper and his men, as for payback, they continue with the mission.

They eliminated the rebels and the Russian military trainers after figuring out they have killed every of the hostages which Major Schafer finds out the not so friendly truth. They take a women named Anna, hostage as a means of telling the CIA about their plans with the Russians.

(Shows a clear video of the interrogation of Anna, in a white room and metal table with only one light)

Interviewer: State your full name ? Anna: (sits in the chair with a fearful look with no word coming out of her mouth) Interviewer: I said state your name please ? Anna: Anna a voice shaken with fear and trauma Interviewer: We are from the US government, Ms. Anna. We like to know what occurred in Val Verde if you can at your own speed, tell us ? Anna: silence overtake the interview as she is deeply scarred from the recent experience.

Thank you!


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