Alien: Ore Teaser Trailer Now Online! - Alien: 40th Anniversary Short Films

Started by Corporal Hicks, Apr 16, 2019, 06:39:37 PM

Alien: Ore Teaser Trailer Now Online! - Alien: 40th Anniversary Short Films (Read 38,031 times)

The Old One

The Old One

1. Specimen
2. Ore
3. Containment
4. Night Shift

So far.



Wow. Some pretty heavy hitters in the credits.

Image Engine (visual FX: Jurassic World, Thor Ragnarok, Logan, The Meg...)
White Noise Ltd  (sound production, contributions to Blade Runner 2049, Arrival, Mortal Engines, a number of Peter Jackson films...)
Victoria Burkhart (producer: Chappie, Elysium...)
Cheryl Marion (production designer: The Predator, Skyscraper, Once Upon A Time...)



It felt intense and eerie, but I would have liked to have seen more of IT doing more of what IT does. Otherwise, good casting and acting as well. I'm not if that spike on his head was the mid-dorsal fin. It looks oddly out of place in the shot, the director  must have not wanted to mess with the design.

Corporal Hicks

Wilbur Whateley

Wilbur Whateley

Good one-- she had photos/ pin-ups of Jones in her locker, nice touch. 

Corporal Hicks


Liked this one a lot!

Not sure it quite topped Specimen for me, but it was damn close. Some excellent effects work for a low budget short - in particular the shot of the Alien leaping on the wall just before the lights went out looked fantastic. The segue from monitor footage to live-action was neat too. Called Hanks being a droid the second she started drinking the white stuff :P Also twigged a couple of really good references in there - the Aspen beer T-shirt, and the (I assume intentional) misspelling of "insure" on the special order readout, just like in Alien. Kudos to the directors for those fan-nerd nuggets!

Surprised to see an Aliens-style Alien in it!


This might be my favorite one so far



Totally dug this. It felt it had a mixture of Cameron/Fincher feel to it via the cinematography, sets, use of retro-future equipment, and characters.

Plus, I had to take a second look and it does seem they went with the Cameron ridge headed Xeno.

When they found the eggs I kinda imagined David in the background, standing calmly LMAO!

As of now...

1. Specimen
2. Ore
3. Containment
4. Night Shift

Hadley Hope's Soggy Donut

Hadley Hope's Soggy Donut

Oh, hell yeah! This is how it's done folks, and I don't just mean for an Alien film, but any film. This is a master class in storytelling (which is different than liking something. Whether or not you liked it, there's no denying the craftsmanship here). Don't have time to go into every little thing, so I'll just mention two: editing and character. The editing is top quality, better than lots of stuff you see in theatrical feature films. This kind of tight editing, in my opinion, is only possible when the directors themselves shoot with the editing in mind (which is why James Cameron (who is also an editor) films are always so well edited and tell so much story in less time). Here we've shots that begin in one location (on a monitor) and hand-off the scene to another location; we've got variety of shots (going from drawn out reaction to quick action cuts); we've got transitions within single shots that serve the purpose of presenting new, important information in a clever way; we've got reaction shots that are perfectly times; not one shot in this film outstays its welcome by even a frame. Everything moves fast, but not ever hurried. To accomplish this kind of editing is a thankless job, because it is never recognized (which is the point). If you watch 'Specimen' (which was great), it even had some editing issues with pacing, and shots lasting a bit too long (imo). Okay, so then CHARACTER. Wow. Character is not an attitude presented by an actress. Character is revealed by the WRITER by setting up the stakes, giving a character a reason to really, really WANT something, and then showing what that character is willing to do in order to get that thing. In this case, we all kinds of set up about what's at stake. The shot of the colony sign outside shows that the population has been crossed out, replaced by a much higher number, meaning kids have been born, families have grown. Then we get talk about kids and grandkids, and how the main lady wants a better life for hers. She's MOTIVATED on their behalf. We see her interact lovingly with her daughter. These people may be coarse and "just dumb, dirty miners", but they still care about each other. They're a family. So when this new alien threat appears, and everybody wants to bug out, our hero makes the ultimate sacrifice, willing to confront the alien, rather than even RISK going up in the elevator, which MIGHT allow the alien into the colony. This is truly heroic, and despite how great the actress is, we only know she's a hero because of the writer's great work setting this all up. Of course, when the other colonists decide to join her in the fight, that's icing on the cake--a great, great moment. I'll end my fangirling now, to say nothing of other awesome stuff (the alien looked great, the company villain was so passively insidious, the final shot makes me pump my fist and want to see more, etc) These directors got what it takes (um, and they're cuties...can I say that?).

The Cruentus

Having just watched Ore, this easily rivals Specimen and now I'm not sure which one to put ahead of the other. It just goes to show what you can do with a low budget with the right environment, people and atmosphere. This one was very good and I did like the characters,
even though I could see the others understand Lorraine and her motives for not going up, I didn't expect them all to suddenly back her up in fighting the alien at the end. That very good, though I supposed a bond like that should be expect from miners closely working together all the time.

I also love the fact that this is first time we have seen Cameron's design (at least from the look of it) on screen since Aliens, even if it is a fanfilm. The ridged aliens in requiem were entirely different.

Quote from: Xenomorphine on Apr 19, 2019, 05:09:02 PM
Didn't really buy the lead character's narration about fearing the thing would trail them up. They could have just blocked off the shaft. Especially after emerging and finding it wasn't anywhere near the door.

But, yeah, best in general.

Perhaps she thought It could have potentially hitchhiked underneath the elevator. I think some mineshaft elevators have some opening spots in the shafts and elevator.


On a par with Specimen.  Very nice work.



How do you think - alien kill all miners?

Nightmare Asylum

"Insure." :D

Second best of the lot so far (Specimen is still my favorite) and it absolutely made the most out of its budget. Fun stuff.

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