Alien: Ore Teaser Trailer Now Online! - Alien: 40th Anniversary Short Films

Started by Corporal Hicks, Apr 16, 2019, 06:39:37 PM

Alien: Ore Teaser Trailer Now Online! - Alien: 40th Anniversary Short Films (Read 38,020 times)

Corporal Hicks

Meet the Filmakers:


It was good, too. Easily the best of the lot, but where are all these eggs coming from?!


Best presentation so far, really nailed the shithole colony look.
Best character motivation to actually turn and face the alien too.

Only really odd thing was the alien, why does it have a spike sticking out of its head? ???



Definitely the best of the lot so far... beating out Specimen by a long shot in my book.  Like XenoHunter99, I am curious where these eggs are coming from.


I was thinking the exact same, I'm sure the synth....the artificial person (hanks) would have knowledge if they were planted by the company



Probably the best, over all, so far. Thought we were only going to see the AC design, but this had the ridged head on it.

Some really nice shots: The opening segue visual. The convincing moving Alien attack (which I assume was CGI, but couldn't tell), which captured the wall-jumping motion really nicely from Cameron's film. The axe showing acid corrosion (which 'Alien 3' should have done!).

Not sure why the observer was showing so much emotion if they were... Well...

Part of me liked the general aesthetics (or at least, the atmosphere which was evoked), but everything was way too bloody antiquated, in terms of the office, equipment and even that elevator. It looked more like a mining operation from the 1980s than anything set in the far future. :/ The computer screens were nice, though. And the believable acting mostly outweighed those odd negatives.

Didn't really buy the lead character's narration about fearing the thing would trail them up. They could have just blocked off the shaft. Especially after emerging and finding it wasn't anywhere near the door.

But, yeah, best in general.

Still Collating...

Wow! This is brilliant. How the hell did they pull this off? I really really loved Specimen, thought it felt much better than what the budget would allow, but Ore is on a whole new level. The acting, dialog, lighting, style, atmosphere, idea, execution, all phenomenal. Kudos to the team. I wanna see more of this.

Honestly, I'm shocked these projects are as good as they are. This really brought a smile on my face.

Never say no to Panda!

Never say no to Panda!

I liked it a lot. I'm no big fan of the "One person/android works for the company, crew is expendable" storyline. Though, as a nod to the movie series, i guess that will accompany us quite a while - like flamethrowers and the revelation of the title screen :D.Has some faults, but the positive aspects clearly win.Technical production quality is great and i like the characters. My favorite so far, I'll even rewatch it  :D


Pretty cool!  Joining this thread..


Best one so far but I can't help but laugh at the sight of a door with a handle and lock in the Alien Universe. :laugh:


Having seen all of these shorts, this and Specimen were my favorite. Rewatching this just now I'm shocked how good the Xeno looks for such a low budget. Everything in this is real top notch.


Very impressive.


Finally a grown alien. Best one so far.

The Old One

The Old One

AVP 2010 Designish.
Very 1986 Ovomorph and Xenomorph, but excellent regardless.


The best so far. Really enjoyed it.

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