The Love Quotient (Mars Attacks)

Started by Abishai100, Apr 05, 2019, 04:35:42 AM

The Love Quotient (Mars Attacks) (Read 1,496 times)



I think the notion of humans interacting and learning about the intricacies of human emotion and intelligence while trying to survive contact with the Xenomorph(s) is fascinating, since it compels these human beings to understand/appreciate the fine qualities of basic imagination. Since I've mostly written Alien fan-fiction focusing on survivalism-consciousness, I wanted to offer a short-story vignette about two human space-explorers on Mars (Sean and Kay) wrestling with the fine features of social interaction as they are forced to prepare for a spirit-devastating invasion by Xenomorphs.

Why is it that human will/sensitivity is always confounded by Xenomorph/alien distraction?

I'd like to develop the basic concept of this short-story further...



"Sean, everyday you come into the lab and compliment me on my nice outfits and I can't help feeling like you're some kind of wandering stranger. I always feel there's an itch in my darn brain about what comprises your psychology, Sean. I get the eerie feeling you need my help or support for something, but I have to admit I'm starting to think I'll die of curiosity if I don't investigate what it's like to spend personal time with you, my good eccentric if troubled lab-tech/employee!"

"Kay, I understand what you're trying to say to me. You think I'm so outrageous in my personal habits even though I'm self-composed and somewhat focused mentally, you're endlessly curious about my personal consciousness. You're really curious to see if my need to reach out to you can translate to some visceral kind of emotional connection to a friend or someone like you who feels genuinely interested in who exactly I am in this world!"

"Well, Sean, you've said a mouthful. You must come over to my house this weekend or better yet (since my husband will be home this weekend oddly enough!), I think I'll rent a motel/hotel room and we'll get a ton of potato salad and champagne and pig out and we can hash out what seems to be haunting your strange mind. I want into your world, Sean! I want to know what kind of imagination 'lurks' behind that very eccentric body/personality. You're a handsome young man, and I'm not intimidated by your sense of offbeat wanderlust."

"You're perceptive about my 'offbeat wanderlust.' I basically feel like some kind of wandering soul in this world, and I can sense your curiosity about my mind's inner-workings reveals a definite and intelligent inquisitiveness about what makes us so darn chemical. It's almost as if you're some kind of truly gorgeous psychiatrist I've been lucky enough to cross paths with and facilitate some real poignant and stimulating soul-healing and healthier yearnings. I think we're subconsciously/invisibly falling in love with each other, Kay!"

"I agree, we're becoming magnetic towards each other, which compels us to investigate further what we should do (with each other) to 'cultivate' this very offbeat but sensitive feeling. I think we should spend more private time together and see if our 'visceral attraction' towards each other is developing into some tangible and exciting view on the mystery of love/friendship itself. Who knows? We might even end up becoming...real confidantes or even soul-reflections."

Unfortunately, the invasion by the terrifying predatory alien-creatures known as Xenomorphs interrupted this otherwise deep and poignant and subtly romantic psychological exchange between the handsome and eccentric (and wanderlust-soul filled!) Sean and the sensitive and inquisitive and very sensual Kay (a woman of great intelligence!). This would either be a Romeo and Juliet story or some kind of incredible adventure involving a human man and woman contending with the distracting forces of darkness (the Xenomorph!) as they spiritually wrestle with the tangibility of real passion. After all, the space-colony on Mars Kay and Sean were developing with NASA was symbolic of human virtue(!).


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