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Author Topic: The AVPG Time Capsule  (Read 161 times)

Dec 18, 2018, 04:54:06 PM
Topic on: Dec 18, 2018, 04:54:06 PM
So it begins, the AVPGalaxy Time Capsule. To be revisited and added to upon the release of new Alien and Predator films. One post per-user please. Initial edits are fine, just try to have them done within 24 hours of your original post. There is no deadline for posting. Contributions are always welcome. Just put in your post, and let time do its thing. When a new film is released, feel free to share your thoughts and maybe add something new to the capsule in another single post. Throw in whatever you fancy. Your favorite picture of an alien or predator perhaps? Your predictions for the narrative future of these franchises? What plot twists do you see coming? Who will direct the next film and when?

Word it and construct it however you want. It can be short and simple, or long and detailed, just make it your own. And don't forget to say hello to the future baby!

Name: Huggs

Favorite Franchise: Alien

Favorite Franchise Film: Alien 3: Assembly Cut

Predictions for the AVP universe: We will indeed get another Predator movie, but not until at least 2024. Ridley Scott will finish his prequel trilogy with the release of the final film in 2021. David will not be the Space Jockey, but another species (other than engineer and xeno) will be hinted at near the end. Disney will announce that they have no intention of resurrecting the AVP movies, and the franchise will remain dormant for the foreseeable future. With the success of the new Avatar films, James Cameron will express serious interest in Alien 5. However, it will not be directed by Neil B and will likely receive a PG-13 rating or simply feature very light R content.

Message to the future: I was way off on everything, wasn't I?  Eat your vegetables, love each other, and I hope Godzilla: KOTM was awesome!

Memento: One of my favorite pictures of a xenomorph.

Dec 18, 2018, 05:17:33 PM
Reply #1 on: Dec 18, 2018, 05:17:33 PM
Name: TheSailingRabbit

Favorite Franchise: Alien

Favorite Franchise Film: Aliens

Predictions for the AvP Universe: Scott will complete his narrative. It's likely we won't see an Alien 5 in film version, but like Gibson's Alien 3, we might get a comic. There won't be anymore AvP films, but we'll get games, comics, and perhaps an animated series. I will join the ranks of Alien novelists and entertain/disappoint the people of AvPGalaxy with more adventures of the Sulaco Marines. We'll get a NECA movie-accurate Private Drake in the year 2020. The people of AvPGalaxy will host their own convention and we'll all get to meet each other and be shocked when we see none of us looked like how we expected (unless you hang around the Pics of Yourself thread).

Message to the Future: Always love your bunnies, and eat your Nutella.

Momento: No, Hicks, I didn't steal this from the Best Non-Alien Picture from an Alien Movie . . . :P


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