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Author Topic: Predator 2's ending is one of the best "show, don'...  (Read 41 times)

Yesterday at 02:36:45 AM
Topic on: Yesterday at 02:36:45 AM
Plenty of movies today and of yesteryear can get bogged down with clunky exposition to explain backgrounds and pasts etc. Even Alien vs Predator has the flashback scene where Mr Hunters Moon deciphers an entire novel left behind in hieroglyphs to give us the full story. 

It got me thinking about just how good Predator 2's ending scene is at explaining so much just by visual storytelling and what happens on-screen. Regardless of what you think of the overall quality of the film I'd have to say it does it better than a lot of other films I've seen and I've seen a lot. 

The scene lasts for all of what 2 minutes but you can take away a lot from it. 
- The Predator species can belong to groups like a tribe 
- They respect and honour someone who can take down one of their own 
- They've been doing this for hundreds of years 

Not to mention the trophy wall tells you how diverse and galaxy spanning their hunting exploits go with all the different creatures on display. I just thought it was worth bringing up because it's such a concise and well done scene. 

Oh and there's nothing wrong with exposition BTW if it's done right. In Predator they get it right because it feels like we're discovering the information at the same time the characters are. Arnie's realization it's using the trees is an "Oh shit" moment for me. 


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