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The Old One

The Old One

Did you misspell sequel or was that the author?



Oh a home brew. hmm the wasp idea sounds strangely legit.



Who is Wayland?



Sorry about the spelling, please bear with me.

I was thinking, i don't know why but i am regularly thinking about it and though i could discuss it.

It's kind of hard to know what to do with The Engineers since there is so much stuff already happing.
Other then detecting the heat signature from The Covenant when they eventually show up on Planet 4, chasing down david and ripping his head off again for the last time.

I think for it to work, The Engineers all need to be a huge menacing force that rarely speak. Even more so then Prometheus. Look worldwide for the tallest-muscle people that look best for the world and that way it will look scary maybe if you do it right.
The Tone needs to be on point though.

I was hoping for a Male Lead that is actually the hero for once, just a normal person like Ripley. Having a Male crew member blend in at the beginning and show them selfs to be the hero in the third act like the original film.

You could even have a Big Movie Star and market him as the lead but then have him die first like the original.

The Male lead could be working for Weyland Ship crew inbound to the terror that awaits him at the end of his journey a ship to LV-223 or Meeting up with David on Planet 4. Building up his character with the rest of the crew so we actually care what happens to him.

You could even have him be apart of a Military Ship (In a previous generation of The Sulaco) and cut back to him regularly even in montage of him training with his other team mates or working out or getting ready for the trip cleaning there weapons ready for what's to come...

David could of gone back to LV-223,

or a New Place like the opening of Prometheus with a barren planet and he has killed Daniels and Tennessee in the Hypersleep pods making it look like an accident, convinced The Covenant Crew to build a work space for him and then begins to unleash hell among the crew causing chaos with a Weyland ship on the way to a brutal showdown with all three of them. Not Concluding the Arch to A L I E N but leaving it open for another one or leave it for a while.

Sorry for the rant was just thinking about it just now.

what do you think? or what do you want to see?
and please no offence to anyone here but please no- [(Predator.)] Sorry.


Or maybe ....

A Weyland Crew Ship is inbound but they have another whole crew of Android Soldiers with camera feedback that are sent in first while the human crew watch from the safety of the bridge of there ship. Like actually implement safety protocol. They could explore LV-223 or Inside the Haunted Covenant.

Be interesting to see the facehuggers just scurrying past the Androids as they check out whats up, or even a alien checking it out but not interested in them.



Gotta have the crew land on a planet walk outside and take there helmets off first scene.


then another crew comes out and gets the old crew. Then they walk back outside look around but this time they on team helmet.


I always thought the flute scene photo in empire before the movie was released was Walter giving David some new white Blood because he has not had maintenance in a long time. How cool would that be Walter fixing up David's inside robot parts. something different...


Or we get real meta and get Ridley Scott himself into the plot as a "artist" on board a ship to an alien planet to get information on a "movie art project" he is making.
Goes with crew to the planet, refuses to wear a helmet.
Steps onto the planet, dies due to no oxygen.


I hope there is not a tacky TV series..... Alien Movies should be Alien Movies!.... not TV.... mmmm i am drunk.



I was thinking the engineers could be so crazy that they take a human underground to a pit in a H R Giger theme room/planet on the engineers residency
It's all a huge open landscaped like the basement Kane explores when he finds the eggs all lit in a blue Hum filled smokey room.

The engineer carry's two humans down to the bottom of the pit, its a wide open space just epic.
The engineer then throws one human into a pool of some kind in while the other watches everything that is about to happen..

The human jumps out of this pool and just freezes still standing up then twitches and walks along wired a few meters while the engineer guides the human onto a small stage as the human turns inside out and bubbles and resembles a engineer statue skeleton flesh bubbling mess turns into a brown meet like texture then slightly steams and cooks.   

Wait for him to cool off..... then the engineers eat him all...

Something Something - Because of religion maybe or they are honouring them for finding them by eating them and for getting there attention. Whatever they are doing is working...

Engineers planet would look amazing if it was like GIGER Skyscrapers but crazy big and grey. Most can look the same even, Just vast....

The engineers would have to be real savage for the idea to work...don't you think?...


ps. The ALIEN and it's wall gew cocoon needs to be explained if you going to try outline everything you might as well outline this as its not been seen on screen before and you could have a scary moment with that idea...
\ Dose it shoot cocoon gew from it's chest, or a full body spray out shake... a mouth spray... eww its the grossest aspect that has never been explored,

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