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Author Topic: AvPGalaxy Podcast #50 – Alien: Covenant  (Read 8599 times)

Jun 10, 2017, 01:51:47 PM
Reply #45 on: Jun 10, 2017, 01:51:47 PM
3 hours of whinging? Any positives? I'm asking because I might give it a go but I don't wanna waste my time listening to negative opinions. Life's too precious.

Jun 10, 2017, 02:29:36 PM
Reply #46 on: Jun 10, 2017, 02:29:36 PM
3 hours of whinging? Any positives? I'm asking because I might give it a go but I don't wanna waste my time listening to negative opinions. Life's too precious.

Omega and Hicks have a few positives. Xenomorphine kept saying he enjoyed it but never really said anything positive lol. Ridgetop had nothing but criticism. Overall i would say it was about 90% negative. I wouldnt call it whining but i certainly disagreed with some of the criticism the reasoning behind it.

Generally from what i gathered hicks liked everything but the alien stuff. Omega seemed to enjoy the film but felt it shouldnt have been an alien film from the start and more its own thing. Xenomorphine and Ridgtop didnt really have any praise that i can recall lol.

I would say its worth a listening to though.

*edit* Im wrong, xenomorphine did really enjoy the backburster scene and tried to end the podcast with some positive stuff. Ridgtop really liked the score.

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Jun 10, 2017, 04:04:20 PM
Reply #47 on: Jun 10, 2017, 04:04:20 PM
Omega and Hicks have a few positives. Xenomorphine kept saying he enjoyed it but never really said anything positive lol. Ridgetop had nothing but criticism. Overall i would say it was about 90% negative. I wouldnt call it whining but i certainly disagreed with some of the criticism the reasoning behind it.

Hmm I rather read some book :)

Jun 10, 2017, 04:46:19 PM
Reply #48 on: Jun 10, 2017, 04:46:19 PM
Main thing is whether you enjoyed the film or not.

And it's clear that many didn't. It's not nitpicking. The issues cited are fundamental flaws in the story and it's execution. This film doesn't not hold up under ANY scrutiny. It starts to fall apart when you think about it.

Maybe you're approaching it from the wrong perspective.

It's also not about a slavish devotion to the original films. I think most of us want new stories and are willing to accept them if the writers and the directors take the time and care to execute them intelligently and with respect for their audience. Also, there is a certain expectation of quality as it relates to films that have come before. It feels like these films are getting dumber and lazier on nearly every level each time they come out. That's not a good thing. There ought to be an internal pressure to elevate the material. I just don't know if there is with these, I don't feel it. I certainly don't feel it with respect to Scott.

Wait until we hear the director's commentary, I am sure Scott will explain what he was trying to achieve.  I doubt it will change your opinion, as it seems you expected something totally different.  But even if I had issues with the script, it wouldn't make me hate the film.  All the Alien films have stupid dialogue and unrealistic scenarios, if you break it down.  In fact I don't know what movies don't have stupid dialogue and character decisions.

I expected what we got. I hoped they would elevated it beyond what it was. I was resigned to what was in it. I left the movie feeling like "well, that was that".

I then entered into conversations with my daughters. They were extremely disappointed in it. As we talked and I thought more about what I saw, it occurred to me that I really didn't like what I saw and it kept coming apart more and more as we spoke on it.

I also have watched a crap ton of reviews, both positive and negative on the youtubes. I have also listened to about 4 different podcasts - 3 were negative and 1 was positive. Additionally, we have this cast, which I think is very thoughtful in its deconstruction. It's not simply a cacophony of " that sucked" here,  It's well measured.

The problems keep rising to the top in the various casts and videos. Most of them aren't even aware of each other. So it's not a feeding frenzy. Several reviewers aren't even aware of this forum or others like it and they are coming to the same conclusions. It's these flaws that are getting in the way of the narrative of film and drawing the viewer out of it.

So, to be clear... I didn't go in planning to hate it. I wanted a good film. I don't think I got it.

To those that enjoyed it, I am sincerely glad you did. That's a great feeling to have when a film works for your or even when a film wins you over that you didn't expect to like. You should defiantly go see it again. Support it is you can. It needs it.

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Jun 10, 2017, 07:06:51 PM
Reply #49 on: Jun 10, 2017, 07:06:51 PM
Very enjoyable posts DestinyCaptain  :)

Btw, the tagline on page one's poster is something like 'Despair's first cry'

Jun 11, 2017, 12:20:31 AM
Reply #50 on: Jun 11, 2017, 12:20:31 AM
I suspected the reception to this podcast was going to be pretty mixed. Yes, It was mostly criticism from me, and I didn't enjoy criticizing it. I tried to remain fair and constructive in my assessment and how I personally felt about the film. I didn't want my disappointment to come across as unfounded bitching, so I attempted to avoid that. I had some praise for the visuals, the music, the designs (mainly of the ship and suits), but overall, for me the movie had lots more to dislike than to like. I'm happy for those who enjoyed it, and I don't think we all felt the same about the movie on the podcast.

As I tried to elaborate in the podcast, I cannot stand the empty "Lost" mystery, where the plot relies upon massive unexplained elements that are just hand-waved away as mystery, when really it's the writers not thinking things through. I seriously doubt that Ridley has "the answers." That kind of plot mystery may fit in more abstract and experimental original films but not in franchise films that have clearly set rules and expectations. Even though there are universe rules, that doesn't mean they can't be bent as they have effectively been before. They're simply the proper point to start from and explore different and original things from there.

We're all Alien fans and naturally, we'll all have our own preferences for the kinds of stories told in this universe. I had frustrations about Covenant that I felt the need to express, and it's totally fine if anyone loved the film or has counterpoints to what has been brought up. It's also OK to love something in spite of its flaws, as I do with the AVP films. And what some may consider flaws, others may consider elements to be praised. I feel in disagreements sometimes we have to hear from the other side and at least consider things before forming our own opinions fully. And like with Prometheus, I'm open to the movie growing on me. I did buy the art book and novelization, so I'm not out to forsake all things Alien: Covenant.

In any case, thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm glad some liked the podcast and I'm sorry to those who found it too negative.

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Jun 11, 2017, 05:34:31 AM
Reply #51 on: Jun 11, 2017, 05:34:31 AM
This was a really negative podcast, but I don't disagree. The film is heavily flawed and gets worse on repeat viewings, and has been cut to hell in editing like Prometheus. So you have tons of unanswered questions or things that don't make sense and stuff still hanging over from Prometheus. I don't know how to feel about the franchise going forward if Ridley continues to make these films and hold the license close to the chest.

Jun 11, 2017, 05:38:38 PM
Reply #52 on: Jun 11, 2017, 05:38:38 PM
I thought the Pod cast dealt extremely well with the central sub text which was driving Covenant,which was to react to the lack of the creature in Prometheus and the excitement in A5 rather than the much more central critique of Prometheus which were criticisms focused on the mechanical issues of the film. Lack of clarity through poor exposition , poor editing and a muddled presentation which under played the sham nature of the mission and the reason for such a poor crew.

Ridley and Fox thought the way to solve the problem was to react to the A5/creature issue as opposed to the latter and not surprisingly we ended up with a film that shared the same faults as Prometheus AND included a troped 3rd act which actually showed us what Ridley already knows the beast IS cooked.

Its quite clear to me that Ridley retains a rare gift in story telling through visuals but does not support or underpin those coups through strong organisational story telling or engaging consistent emotional journeying (the latter of which he hit bang on with the Martian).

I was particularly pleased to hear someone else recognise that in reducing Davids progression with Shaw to vagaries and a flat cynical psychopathy the only thing left for the follow up as regards David is how mad can a robot get.

David was a really interesting proposition, a robot who had been given the chance to test emotional responses, part of Sir Peter's legacy for his own son, so to reduce him to the curling moustachioed villain is a great shame and there was SO MUCH that Shaw could have contributed to that and much more than a lot of speculative drawings which have appeared post film. You could argue Michael was either over acting in regard to his emotional attachment to her, or as we have anything goes, to suit plot point convenience. I said it on the main site I contribute to episodic movies,like episodic television, great get is they build up audience loyalty and fascination by growing the characters in a way we can journey with them and each change of direction and experience means something which adds to our understanding and loyalty, with David nothing seems to mean anything which is made worse because certain elements of his arc from the Crossing to the Covenant are either missing or contradictory. This is really crucial because he is responsible for holding the narrative together and giving it weight. Apart from the troping because he does not survive such responsibility its why so many people describe the film as merely entertaining routine et etc. 

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Jun 14, 2017, 11:06:51 AM
Reply #53 on: Jun 14, 2017, 11:06:51 AM
Listening to this now. I'll do the whole lot for sure since my opinions seem to be the same with most of you.

Jul 04, 2017, 10:11:05 AM
Reply #54 on: Jul 04, 2017, 10:11:05 AM
Love listening to these podcasts.....its great to get other peoples views and opinons of these films that we are all heavily invested in! Keep up the excellent work guys.....and pm if u ever want an extra member to pitch their views in because i would totally be up for that!



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