Predator : The Colisium (concept)

Started by arnold23, Sep 17, 2007, 02:51:00 AM

Predator : The Colisium (concept) (Read 3,000 times)



Before I write...

Think it would be cool to see a Predator in Gladiator times.

Like The Romans somehow capture a Predator, strip him of all his gear (including mask), and put him into the Colisium with his arms tied behind his back.  Try and make it difficult for him.

Tell me what you think....ARNOLD23



This sounds pretty interesting.


I like this concept.

Sort of like the Alien comic where Viking warriors have to fight a xeno.

But I thought it would be more likely that the pred puts himself into the arena as a challenge, capturing one would have been very difficult, even more so than it was with modern weapons.


I was thinking they were ambushed by a bunch of Romans 100 miles outside Rome, (probably 2 Predators in all), and they were taken down by the battle, but barely.  Then the two of them, or one Predator, have not decided, would be tied together while a bunch of Roman dudes in chariotes circle the arena, maybe throw some animals in there.  Or the arena would be flooded, and the Predators would have to fight the Romans in the water, and try to cut themselves free before they drown. 

Like I said its a concept. :)


Master Chief

If you keep his arms tied up, he'll be killed in minutes.  The Gladiators will stab him to death.  Since the Predator is naturally strong and fast, let him kill one of the Gladiators to get a weapon and let the fighting begin.


I'd thought about a concept much like this before, only with a predator-only gladiatorial arena, with xeno-filled pitfalls etc. I didn't have the idea to set it in the past.

I agree that a good idea would be having them captured, but perhaps they allow their capture so that they can get into the arena to hunt the most powerful prey - the gladiators.


With the arms thing, they would escape in minuits.  But they are very intellegent individuals, with their arms tied, they will dodge and fight their way through with or without arms.

I even had the idea that a predator would take a fighting hammer one of the Gladiators had and slam the wheel of one of the chariots as it came flying by...

Again...concept ;D



Sounds like a great story!! 8)

Major Alan Schaefer

this is a Gladator game idk about the idea but use all the ideas the games had many events not just one...and those better ne some strong ropes...

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