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Author Topic: Dedicated Servers Were Possible On AvP Gold Editio...  (Read 1677 times)

Aug 24, 2016, 01:09:04 PM
Topic on: Aug 24, 2016, 01:09:04 PM
So while going through my current project, I was browsing through various archived captures of AvPNews. As you might expect, there are a number of different captures of this site and they sometimes look radically different, including different information and even different files to download. Under one such page, I found this under the Downloads section:

Multiplayer Gaming Services
Static Server/Tracker (screenshot)
This multiplayer gaming service allows AvP Gold dedicated servers to be run, and allows the tracking of such servers through the Static tracker. Static increases the multiplayer limit for AvP Gold from 8 players to 16 players. Uses client/server coding for improved multiplayer gameplay.

The link took me here, which has a dead download link. However, since it contains information, I will quote from it:

The AvP Gold Tracker/Server client can be hosted locally on your machine or as a standalone server host. Networking with a client server architecture is an improvement in networking overall because it is one stream of data being received by each client/player. The Tracker finds and ranks all ongoing game sessions, then launches you into intense action. You can easily locate a fast, low-ping server, find other players, and chat online during game play.

We have included the AVP server administrator with the tracker so you can easily create sessions and modify game variables running on a server. Also included is the Static IM which let you locate players using the tracker and chat with them before entering a game session.
It is essentially a server browser.

I go searching for more information on this program and what do I find? A great article from October 2000 by one "Belshy" that explains what the program does:

Static's AvP Game Tracker takes advantage of the 'grown-up' internet code that some kind bod put into the Gold Edition of the game to ease our frustration. It basically bolts on to AvP Gold, and introduces server-to-client and dedicated server facilities to this previously ailing game.
Dedicated servers are currently being tested at the moment, so that can only improve the stability of the net code when they arrive.

On top of that, screenshots of the interface as well as the game with the server browser running are on the site as well.

I'm not sure at all how the dedicated servers worked. However, thankfully multiple versions of this program are still (somehow) uploaded onto the life-support'ed GameFront. For anyone interested, they are available under the AvP Tools and Utilities sub-category. I have tried installing both: one gives me an Error code '53' (file not found) message, while the other tells me it has to download all data from a server, which is naturally long dead.

The big question to me is how to make this applicable to the current iteration of the game, AvP Classic 2000 on Steam and GoG. The answer to that eludes me at the moment, but I wanted to make this information known because I can tell you that this significant piece of information was lost to the community for years. So when people ask you if AvP can have dedicated servers, the answer is yes, but only with Static Tracker.

I'll update this with more information if I receive it. I also wanted to take this opportunity to ask if anyone here had any experience with this program. I recognize one name from the community in one of the above screenshots who may still be around, lurking somewhere.

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Aug 24, 2016, 02:22:49 PM
Reply #1 on: Aug 24, 2016, 02:22:49 PM
make a preistoric server olde pls we need :D

classic steam vs pirate gold?
8 players in lan "crosplay" not always avanable  vs 32 players on a "dedicated preistoric server"  (always up and free) 8) sound nice

both Fox same directory of avp2 :D

if only it were operating would be interesting

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