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Author Topic: Dark Horse: Things I want and don't want to see  (Read 249 times)

Jun 19, 2016, 01:03:53 PM
Topic on: Jun 19, 2016, 01:03:53 PM
Just wondering what folks around here would want to see more and less of in Dark Horse Aliens/AVP/Prometheus/Predator comics.

Want to see:

- More space related stories aboard space stations, huge spaceships.

- More horror and terror. Not necessarily gore.

- More comics and TPB'S :)

- More continuity in comics/movies but not necessarily  all stories.

Don't want to see:

- No more cartoon art please. It's been a while so keep that up!

- No more Aliens depicted as mindless bugs for someone's target practice. At least not in Aliens/Prometheus comics. Maybe contain that crap in AVP or make the story smart like in the movie Aliens or comics like Aliens Berserkers.

- No more mutants with 10 hands, that is Resident Evil territory, and it sucks.

- Also need to lay off on the silly jokes by characters especially after they've encountered some disturbing ass shit like an alien. It ain't no wooppeefukindoo afterwards. Who the f cracks a joke after getting chased by Aliens or seeing a crew mate getting dragged off by one. It makes the editors and writers look like clowns.

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