Ridley Scott implies "Hard R" intention

Started by Keyes, Jan 14, 2016, 07:46:58 PM

Ridley Scott implies "Hard R" intention (Read 53,533 times)


And that will just be for effect. It will please people more if it's rated 18/R. But it won't deserve that rating. 'Prometheus' had a number of disgusting deaths and transformations so I'm not sure how it really gets more disturbing than that unless it's an all out torture film.
I'd really rather it just be a good film (well I'd rather it weren't made at all but apparently things can't be left alone) than concentrate on being a shocking film.

^ I wrote that before reading the article. "Prometheus received an R classification in the USA, most notably due to the scene in which Noomi Rapace's Shaw removes the Trilobite from within herself."
Ah. Well here in the UK it's rated 15. And the most disturbing scene to me is the acid-snake/worm scene.

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: Astronoƫ on Jan 15, 2016, 10:05:32 PM
...what bothered me about the movie Alien, I can't just forgive is that Ripley finds the Alien, has time to put on space suit n play around with her lap top to blow it out of the ship...it just laid down on its ass until Ripley gave it the boot..wtf is that about?

The intent back then was that the Alien was dying. It was lethargic because it was nearing the end of its life.

Quote from: bobcunk on Jan 16, 2016, 02:27:11 AM
I don't think todays audience is more sensitive, Its the opposite. people to day are very desensitised from the internet and games, Things that were considered pornographic or violent 40 years ago is kiddy stuff today

I completely agree. I used to turn away from the screen when the hugger made its move or when the chestburster was born. Not anymore. The last time a screen in a film had any effect like that on me was in the remake of Evil Dead.

Promethean Fire

I can see Ridley dusting off the "Sexburster" scene for this movie.



Testicle burster ftw

Born Of Cold Light

Quote from: Astronoƫ on Jan 15, 2016, 10:05:32 PM
Well, irl insects are way way worse than anything the xenomorph does.

I agree; wasps paralyze tarantulas but don't numb them, so they feel every bit of the larva eating away at them.  Carnivorous plants are also incredibly creepy; imagine being slowly digested by something like this:


Earth creatures  and plants can indeed be very cruel.  Great book on the subject:

Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You

By Dan Riskin


Yeah, remember when the Brothers Strause proclaimed that AVP: Requiem was going to be R-rated? Not impressed or intrigued in the least bit.


Quote from: mace-in-the-face on Jan 18, 2016, 12:22:23 AM
Yeah, remember when the Brothers Strause proclaimed that AVP: Requiem was going to be R-rated? Not impressed or intrigued in the least bit.
Quote from: Perfect-Organism on Jan 15, 2016, 08:15:11 PM
Just wanted to clarify my position.  There is nothing wrong with hard-R.  It needs to be hard-R.  I just don't need to see a gratuitous gross-out pretending to be something scary.  It's 2015, and people should know the difference by now between gross and scary.  Between disgusting and horrific.
I don't believe a rating is any sign that a movie is worth its weight in salt. Gross =/= scary. ALIEN worked because you weren't entirely sure what was happening... something has attached itself to Kane... it looks like it's feeding him oxygen.....this sunnovabitch is HUGE... a cloud of mystery throughout the film which made you fill in gaps in your own mind to help figure out what it was/what was happening. The Jockey is another such example. Lambert's death. Ash's behavior leading up to his reveal. The cloud of mystery was just right in Alien and made for a truly terrifying movie. Obviously watching it multiple times decreases this but it also enhances your appreciation for it.

For those that didn't watch my video, the shorthand version is I believe there's no need to try to "one-up" ALIEN, make it gory-er, more chaotic, whatever Scott is claiming. Make a film that compliments the movie from a prequel position.

Bottom line is you will never make a movie better than ALIEN in that universe. ALIENS is a close runner-up but nothing stands quite like ALIEN. 


....And why did you quote me?

Corporal Hicks

I don't think the rating really says anything about quality. I think it's just more of an indication of violence or intensity and it's just a small re-assurance because of AvP. Everyone seems wary of the ratings now because of AvP.

Of course, it's all going to rely on having a solid foundation and script behind it.



While a hard R is perhaps welcome news, I really, really hope the film isnt overly gory. AVP Requiem was basically all gore and no substance.

What made Alien great in my eyes was edge of your seat moments, unexpected events, and a xenomorph that was shaped and colored to blend in and camoflage itself with the ship interior. Masquerading as tubes and pipes, hiding amongst pulley chains etc...

It would be interesting to see the alien chestburst in a different unexpected way. Like say if it no longer bursts from the chest but somehow explodes from a human hosts hand, using the fingers to crawl away while it evolves. While that is a bit going into The Thing territory, something like that i would think would warrant having some gore if it furthers the plot and adds the element of surprise.

M Night Shyamalans Signs, although gimmicky and hitchcockian, had more edge of your seat moments than all of prometheus in my view. And accomplished with minimal gore.


He's gonna have to do something really disturbing if he wants to top the chest burst scene, especially with how desensitized people are today.


Hard R doesn't sound good to me. Gore isn't scary anymore. I mean, stuff we see on TV these days is super gory and it is safe to say that most of us have gotten used to it, which is sad.

Something that is timelessly scary is the unknown. Not knowing what happened to people is scary. Giving a hint, or showing traces of what happened is even scarier. Giving conflicting hints/traces about what happened is the scariest of them all. Also, gorging in dissonant sounds and audio, imposing suspense and haunting uncertainty will take you to places that scares you on a really disturbing level. Alien has all the potential. The movie makers just have to take a few steps back and treat and portray the Alien in a new way. We know about the chestbursting, headbiting and facehuggers already; just like the rest of you've said, that stuff really doesn't have to show up in the film - suggesting that it happened has a much bigger effect because it lets us imagining what happened, and imagining to be chestbursted, head-bitten or facehugged will always be more horrifying due to our own imagination. I really hope that the delve into new concepts and elaborate more on the Alien, making it alien and unpredictable again. Scott better show us some Egg-Morphing and he better not drop the ball on that one since it's such a horrifying concept.

Mr. Clemens

Quote from: SpreadEagleBeagle on Jan 18, 2016, 11:09:56 PMScott better show us some Egg-Morphing and he better not drop the ball on that one since it's such a horrifying concept.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he did include egg-morphing. Sometimes, he'll refer to some 'amazing, unexpected' thing which turns out to be something us fans already know all about. Do you recall that interview where he 'spoiled' the opening of Blade Runner 2? The spinner lands at an isolated farm house, the blade runner goes inside, sits down, waits for the farmer to come home? The farmer comes home, the blade runner shoots him, and pulls the farmer's jaw out? The jaw is made of steel and has an identification number stamped on it?

That was the original opening for Blade Runner.  :D


Hard R also means it can have adult themes. It more than just bad words, sex and violence. In any case it has to since I have this suspicion Ridley's going to go full HP Lovecraft in either this movie or the next one.

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