AvPGalaxy Podcast #29 - Alien: Paradise Lost

Started by Corporal Hicks, Oct 06, 2015, 09:02:06 AM

AvPGalaxy Podcast #29 - Alien: Paradise Lost (Read 13,020 times)

Corporal Hicks

The 29th episode of the AvPGalaxy Podcast has been uploaded. In this latest episode RidgeTop, Xenomorphine and I discuss all the recent news surrounding the Prometheus sequel, Alien: Paradise Lost.

We talk about the title change from Prometheus 2 to Alien: Paradise Lost and how that could effect what we see in the film. We also chat about Ridley Scott’s latest science-fiction film, The Martian and what implications that could have on Alien: Paradise Lost.


Poster art for Prometheus featuring the mural.

Make sure you give the latest episode a listen and feel free to leave any feedback or comments you have on the boards or the comments section below. If you’re interested in listening to any of our previous episodes, you can find them all in the Podcasts section under the News tab on the menu.

Join us next month for our 30th episode and a discussion about Peter Briggs’ Alien vs. Predator script from the early 1990s. You can find a link to the first draft in our Downloads section. Feel free to submit any comments or talking points you’d like to hear us address in the next episode.

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Nice Podcast guys, dense contents.

About the 'Are Aliens a naturally occured specie or bioweapons' ? bottom line is like Corporal said, both are nice ideas. And both could coexist also. We know humans have a tendency to copy things, particularly if they work, and since we share the same DNA with Engineers, it wouldn't be so a stretch that they would try to recreate the xenomorph (which one would be the better, the copy or the original ?!)

About the 'link with Ripley' : Shaw being her mother or grandmother, NO thank you, I couldn't agree more of course ! especially if she's sterile   :P
At some point in Paradise, Shaw and David must have to encounter some humans, (wouldn't mind them being the only ones coming from Earth, but I can't see that happening) and one of them mentionning Ripley at some time, maybe without naming her, still implying it's her in way (which way?!) would be ok for me... if Ridley doesn't change his mind and abandon this idea in between, who knows ?

Lovely Poster art of the mural  8)


Great discussion. Really enjoyed it.


T Dog

Great podcast guys!


Great listen lads!

Corporal Hicks

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: PrimitifAlien on Oct 06, 2015, 07:04:16 PM
About the 'link with Ripley' : Shaw being her mother or grandmother, NO thank you, I couldn't agree more of course ! especially if she's sterile   :P
At some point in Paradise, Shaw and David must have to encounter some humans, (wouldn't mind them being the only ones coming from Earth, but I can't see that happening) and one of them mentionning Ripley at some time, maybe without naming her, still implying it's her in way (which way?!) would be ok for me... if Ridley doesn't change his mind and abandon this idea in between, who knows ?

I suppose it depends when PL takes place. Whatever they do - I really hope it either serves the story (like in Isolation) or it's just subtle.

QuoteLovely Poster art of the mural  8)

One of the great things about Prometheus is you never want for pretty pictures.  :P

Thanks for the kind words guys. Appreciate it.


I've listened to your last few podcasts. Interesting thoughts.

I think, we really can't infer much about what these new movies are going to be from what has been said so far. The biggest problem is, with the disappointing execution of Prometheus as a story, Ridley Scott & Co are starting from a creative deficit. I completely agree that Giger's aesthetic is a big part of the Space Jockey and the Derelict's allure. The idea that it's just a suit and the engineers are nothing more than big, bald humans was a letdown. But I think the EU and the comics also got it wrong. The original Jockey Chair design really had no room for the Jockey's legs. That does not mean the Jockey was an elephantine creature with long arms and stumpy legs. It's ludicrous. It's more likely Dallas was spot on in his appraisal, that the Jockey was grown out of the chair, providing a living brain for the biomechanical ship.

Now, of course, all that is discarded. EU is always disposable. Ask the Star Wars crowd about that. And whatever we may think, Scott and Fox get to say what it is. They've said we're stuck with big, bald humanoids in suits. So, that's that. And as you say, we're looking at the same production team. Unless something incredible happens, it seems likely the new movie will be more muddled crap and still missing the Giger aesthetic. I do expect at least one scene of ~20 Michael Fassbenders interacting together on screen. Beyond that, I think Blomkamp's movie will be "Aliens: Fan Service" or maybe "Aliens: More of the Same, Now with Big Bald Engineers." It's unfortunate as this new life for the franchise should be invigorating. We'll find out soon enough.



I loved the bit about Drew Goddard (should have been)considered for writing the Alien Paradise Lost script.



I really don't get this whole "Giger aesthetic". You do realize aside from the opening scene in Alien and the creature design itself, there is NO other "Giger aesthetic" in the movie. Same goes for the rest of the movies. They take place on the ships, colony and prison. Prometheus had probably the same amount of "Giger aesthetic" if not a little more than any of the other entries. The engineers aren't that bad of a design. They were modeled off of old angelic sculptures which make sense if they were our creators. They have to look something like us. Even if that's not the story you wanted its what we got and they did a great job with designing them meaningfully. The problem i think you have, like with most people. is you went in thinking you knew the best way Scott could do a prequel and forgot its not about you or any of the other fans. Its about the story HE wanted to tell.

As far as Blompkamp's movie, my feeling is with you. This will just be a fanboy's wet dream, constantly jumping the shark, now with engineers. Because of all the whining that was done about Prometheus, this movie will be a cash grab pandering to the fanboy and I feel the same fate awaits the Prometheus sequels as they shoe horn in the xenomorph to appease the fanboys, rather than wait for the three movie tie into Alien that Scott was quoted numerous times saying he intended on doing. 


Another great podcast gentlemen! I really look forward to downloading new ones and listening ASAP as I have listened to others' and AvPG Podcast does a fantastic job of discussing a great deal of material without sounding repetitive.

"Giger-aesthetic" is what's responsible, to a large degree, for the cult following of ALIEN. His designs of not only the creatures but also the derelict ship and Space Jockey speak volumes to his unique artistry and the lasting impact of the film from a design/creature perspective. Not to downplay the rest of the film, it's perfect in all aspects, but the Giger-aesthetic was revolutionary and still holds value and lasting impact today and that's what we want to see a return to.

Personally, I don't mind the Engineers from a design perspective. It has grown on me a bit, but initially I didn't care much for them and I know why others are still upset. I don't care what ALIEN 5 is as long as it's not a garbage-filled disservice to the films that preceded it (Resurrection notwithstanding, can't get much worse[AvPR]). Be a fanboy wet dream. I think I'd actually enjoy that. We don't need another ALIEN 3-style entry in the series that is so different it takes a decade for people to start to appreciate it, unlike ALIEN and ALIENS.

The thing is, the podcast reflects the opinions of those who participate. If you're so against it being a one-sided discussion, talk to Corporal Hicks. PM him. Ask him to be on the next cast. As long as it's not some stupid yelling-over-each-other debate, I'd love to listen to it! 



You guys are sooo silly....you expect so much from something that doesn't belong to you nor does it care for you. This podcast i had high hopes for. So parts were good but a lot of it was just bitching. At one point you ask for mystery, you get it with the Engineers wanting to kill us for no real reason we know yet. Then you cry about it...the entitlement here is rank! ::)

Corporal Hicks

Corporal Hicks

By "Giger-aesthetic" I am talking about the look of the Derelict ship and the Jockey and planet which is very relevant to Prometheus because Prometheus is trying to expand upon that ship and creature. A large part of what made that film stand-out was his designs, his melding of machine and biological. It's what made the Jockey such an endearing mystery - it was unlike anything.

My issue with Prometheus is that they take his design and turn it away from the mechanical and biological and make it look more rocky than biological which was a deliberate design choice by Arthur Max. I recall interviews where they said they wanted to move away from Giger's designs, designs that helped elevate that film (one of many things, of course). I'm talking more about the locale than anything though - as I said, the compound/complex/pyramid as seen in the film pales in comparison to the concepts that quite obviously influenced in.

The whole man in a suit thing doesn't bother me though. I love the looks of the Engineer. That immense height and those black eyes - I love it. Some of the shots where the Engineer is looking at you with those empty eyes were fantastic. I know why people don't like it though and I also liked the idea of an endless, Lovecraftian type creature and would have quite happily had that too.

So Scott is allowed to tell whatever story he wants but Blomkamp isn't?

It still tickles me that the overwhelming positive reaction to the idea of Hicks and Newt coming back when Blomkamp first revealed the concept art has all but vanished. I'd prefer it not happen (I don't want to mess with the continuity and timeline of the films) but I like the idea of seeing Hicks back. As long as it actually ends up being a good film, I'm happy in the end though.

The issue with Prometheus isn't that it creates mystery. It's that it promised to be a really intelligent film that was answering questions. It didn't really do that. Instead it served a lot of setup and doesn't really serve well as a film in its own right. That's an issue.

We're not one-sided. We all have have differing opinions but we're able to present them and discuss them (either disagreeing or persuading) without descending into insulting each other. We don't necessarily know each other's opinions going into these things either - it's just a bunch of fans chatting and seeing what comes up. Same as we also have intelligent people from the community able to discuss things without insulting each other guest star too.

You've only made 2 posts here and in both you've taken to insulting the community here. I suggest you rethink your attitude and present disagreements without insulting the members of the community.


Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post a comment in regards to the next podcast about the Peter Briggs script but, if it is.. I'd like to share a comment and maybe a question.

I've always felt that the AVP stuff from the 1990s was the definitive and true essence of what AVP is supposed to be and not what it's become now with the whole Prometheus idea influencing things. For me and maybe a lot of people, AVP started off as an EU thing but over the years I came across the Briggs script and was surprised how much it took from the comic. I've heard for years that it was in development hell, that there were issues with producers, budget restrictions, etc. And we all know that Anderson supposedly looked at the Briggs script, and took somethings from it and presented us with what we have now.

If I do have some questions it would be perhaps three questions.. Why was Machiko changed to Hiroko? Were there anymore drafts and what differences were between them? And perhaps this one.. fourteen years since Predator 2, and eight years after Resurrection.. why didn't we get this movie especially considering the advancement in film technology? Was it because studio heads were always changing or the studio didn't have faith in Brigg's script?

Don't get me wrong, I liked the two AVP films we got but I'm not gonna argue that this is the movie we all should've got, and maybe we wouldn't have these massive changes we have going on now.

Look into my eye

Great listen guys  ;D



Sorry guys for getting heated and being an ass...My intentions isn't insult anyone one person or the community at large. I just can't stand the excessive whining about what could have been.

As far a Blomkamp being able to do what he wants with his movie that fine, but I think he should tread lightly with making as you put it a "fan service film". The majority of fans no nothing of what makes a good film. Taking the elements of previous films that we enjoyed and simply adding more or going over the top with them, as Blomkamp's concept art suggests isn't the way. I believe that when original Alien came out, nothing like it had ever been seen before. It left a permanent mark in the psyche of many people. It left them wanting more. Which is a good thing. But not at the cost of having the same stuff rehashed over and over.

I think too many times people get caught up in rekindling the the spark and feeling they got originally, and try to do it all over again. Just give me more of the same stuff they cry! But if these movies are to continue to inspire and captivate us they need to go in new and sometimes unexpected directions to do so efficiently. Prometheus was a great entry, not saying flawless, not even Alien is flawless, but way better than Ressurection and those god awful AVP movies.

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