Play AVP: Evolution on your PC With Bluestacks

Started by prototypeXIII, Apr 20, 2015, 03:47:56 AM

Play AVP: Evolution on your PC With Bluestacks (Read 9,521 times)



Surprised this isn't on the forums or maybe its posted somewhere else, but it is possible to play AVP Evolution on your PC with Bluestacks.

For anyone who doesn't know, Bluestacks is a powerful Android emulator, that you can put on your PC and Sync it with your phone.  Note you do not need to sync the emulator with your phone in order to play apps off of bluestacks it is just a feature.

After you install the emulator you can either manually move the APK  (executable file) from your android device to the emulator (there is some worked involved here including getting an apk extractor on your original android device and moving the file over)...


If you already own the game you can download it straight through the web-browser that is inside of blue stacks; go to the google play store, logon and download your selected app(s).

Im having a blast playing this game on my pc as I've been jone-sing for an AvP game to play for quite some time.

If you don't own the game and want to play it on bluestacks for free there are a few tutorials out there for extracting apk files and doing some clever file manipulation on bluestacks to get around some licensing issues (note im not advocating this you'll have to research on your own).

But in all, the experience has been quite rewarding; its also fantastically responsive on the PC   ;D


The Cruentus

I know this is necroposting but given the current status of the game, I feel it is very important to post here for those who are trying to get the game on pc. so that they don't waste their time.

AVP evolution is no longer available on Google play which means Bluestacks own connection to googleplay won't be able to get it for you.
This is a pity as I wanted to get it myself.

If anyone knows another way of getting AVP evolution on PC, please do post the information. Either here or in a new thread.



Download the game file somewhere then using the file manager throw it on Bluestacks games folder.

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