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Author Topic: Newt / Carrie Henn in Alien 5?  (Read 14222 times)

Mar 26, 2015, 05:53:12 PM
Reply #75 on: Mar 26, 2015, 05:53:12 PM
If the story takes place 20 years after Aliens, then my first pick would be Carrie Henn.  However, that would be contingent upon her wanting to be in the film.  It would be such a great human story, and quite frankly it would be more compelling than any other actress I could imagine.  It would actually be a key selling point of the film.  Can you imagine the headlines?  "Child actress resumes role after 30 years".  Only if Carrie Henn does not want this role would I consider someone else for the role.  I used to be on the fence about this topic, but now I am 100% in support of Carrie Henn returning.

Mar 26, 2015, 07:15:00 PM
Reply #76 on: Mar 26, 2015, 07:15:00 PM
If the story takes place 20 years after Aliens, then my first pick would be Carrie Henn.  However, that would be contingent upon her wanting to be in the film.  It would be such a great human story, and quite frankly it would be more compelling than any other actress I could imagine.  It would actually be a key selling point of the film.  Can you imagine the headlines?  "Child actress resumes role after 30 years".  Only if Carrie Henn does not want this role would I consider someone else for the role.  I used to be on the fence about this topic, but now I am 100% in support of Carrie Henn returning.

It's kind of like bringing back Twin Peaks after 25 years. Pure genius, Lynch! I think that if Beihn and Henn came back for this last film, it would make the film a "blockbuster" in the old sense of the word. She would not have to worry about financial problems ever again. She might just go back to teaching simply for the thrill of it. ;) I really hopes she takes the part if offered. If not, meh...I still might see the film, but it won't be the same for me. Maybe at the dime theater, heh.

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Robot Sentry
Mar 28, 2015, 11:32:08 PM
Reply #77 on: Mar 28, 2015, 11:32:08 PM
Abbie Cornish might make the perfect "adult Newt" for this. To me she looks a little like Carrie Henn. That is if Newt is even in this film. Also, depends on how old Newt would need to be in this. Cornish is 32. That seems about right, unless this new film is set 30 years after Aliens (we're coming up on the 30th Anniversary of the film next year). In that case, Newt would be pushing 40.

The thing I like about Abbie Cornish is she is pretty enough for a big budget Hollywood movie like this, but is not sporting supermodel looks. She seems like a pretty woman one might see in everyday life. She seems believable in the Alienverse.

Not to downplay her looks, as she is very attractive IMO  ;)

Sigourney as Ripley rocked the Amazon warrior stature. Cornish would work as a slightly stockier action heroine.

Abbie Cornish

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Carrie Henn

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Mar 29, 2015, 08:24:51 PM
Reply #79 on: Mar 29, 2015, 08:24:51 PM
Hopefully they hire whichever actor gives the best audition and forget about star power.

Might be interesting in light of the current situation, but if it's deeply buried, don't put yourself to too much trouble.

Here you go:

I've actually thought about this topic before, and to be honest, despite the tragedy of it all, it might have been for the best that Newt died.

Let's just say that Hicks was killed but Newt wasn't.  She wakes up in the infirmary as is soon reunited with Ripley.  This is a happy moment but it is soon overshadowed by the fact that they in fact aren't "home" but are trapped on a grungy ball of rust populated by filthy, ugly, cussing, spitting bald felons.  Outside of Clemens and maybe Aaron, I don't think any of the people there would have shown the least bit of affection towards Newt, at least not initially.  Maybe she would have brought out their softer side like she did with some of the Marines, but it was clear that more than a few of them were just too hardened to show any emotions besides bitterness and anger.  Newt probably would have been confined to quarantine but the few times she was let out (probably for Hicks' funeral), it would not have been very comforting.  If anything, she would have probably become more introverted and clung even more to Ripley.  Dillon would probably have not been harsh to her but would probably be very aloof due to his religiosity and his will to resist giving into his sexual perversions (like how he treated Ripley when they first met).

Speaking of sexual perversions, there is a good chance that Newt would have been in danger of being sexually assaulted by some of the inmates.  Like I said before, she probably would have been kept in the medical bay for her safety, but we all know her tendency to escape and explore.  Even if they wouldn't have done it under most conditions, if one or two prisoners encountered her in one the more isolated areas of the prison, they might have thrown caution and their post-millennial Christianity to the wind and decided to take advantage of one of the first females that they had seen in years.  They might have then killed her and blamed the death on her falling into the fan or maybe even the alien.  Or they might have scared her into keeping quiet.  After all she had been through, I can't imagine what this would do to her psyche.  Of course, as soon as this was discovered, Dillon would probably have personally thrown the offenders into the blast furnace, and I can't see Andrews reacting that all that positively either.  That being said, the damage would have been done.

Then there's the issue of the alien.  In the simplest of scenarios, Newt might have been killed by the alien at some point.  In addition to this being an unpleasant way to go, the terror and despair she probably would feel upon encountering the "monster" that she thought was gone would probably be worse than any physical pain inflicted upon her.  If she wasn't killed, then she would have had to mentally and emotionally deal with the fact that the monster from LV-426 was still around and was still hunting her.  This might have completely broken her and maybe given her deep and permanent emotional damage.  Since young children often see things literally and in stark shades of black and white, she might have turned against Ripley since she might have thought that Ripley had broken her promise of there being no more monsters.  I can see the exchange in the medlab going something like this:

Ripley: "Newt, please, it'll be alright..."
*bites Ripley on the arm and runs off*
Golic: "You're gonna die too..."

So, worst case scenario, we have a Newt that's been raped and now is faced with her darkest fears and believing that her only friend and surrogate mother betrayed her.  But the bad new doesn't stop there.  Given the bond that Ripley forged with Newt, they could probably patch things up.  This however would only set the stage for the discovery of the queen embryo in Ripley's chest, and sooner or later, Newt would have found this out.  Now she has to deal with the fact that her mother (that's pretty much how she viewed Ripley) is going to be eaten from the inside out by the same creature that killed her family and friends.  All of this would be terrible for an adult to have to deal with; for a child, I can't even imagine.

Let's say that the story ends the way that it did in the movie.  In one scenario, Newt watches Ripley fall into the molten pit while the queen rips its way out.  Once again, the impact this would have on a child would be catastrophic.  In another scenario, Ripley dies and Newt's not there, denying Newt the chance to say goodbye.  Unless Ripley had suitably prepared Newt for the eventuality of her death, Newt would probably have been beyond depressed and possibly feeling a great sense of betrayal.  Now she would be taken into the custody of a bunch of greedy Weyland-Yutani executives who probably would have pumped her for information then probably shoved her into the system, maybe a mental hospital, to ensure her silence.  The only person who could relate to her, Morse, did not strike me as the nurturing type though considering that he was honorable at the end, he might have tried to have done something to help her.  Still, he wasn't the type of person that she would need to get her through all of this.

All of this trauma would probably have left Newt with deep psychological scars, probably not ever being able to trust anyone ever again.  She might well have landed up in the system the way she does in the comics, drugged up in an asylum bedroom with her only friends being her nightmares.  If not, I can see her homeless and becoming hooked on drugs and possibly having to become a prostitute to pay for her habit, unable to hold down a 9 to 5 job.  If she didn't land up having a kid by a random John or scumbag boyfriend (and probably being raped again, as most prostitutes have suffered from some form of sexual assault), she would probably end up OD'ing in a crack house or committing suicide in some miserable ghetto.  If she did have a child, it would probably end up in the system.  I know alot of this sounds melodramatic, but I honestly see something like this being her fate if she had survived Fury 161.

So to sum it up, if Newt survived the crash and wasn't killed by the alien, she would have to live with:
1. Her second family dying in front of her by the monster of her nightmares
2. Being surrounded by scary, unsympathetic criminals in a miserable environment
3. Being sexually assaulted in some dark tunnel
4. Seeing all the promises of her adopted mother going down in flames in the worst possible way
5. Being handed over to the most murderous corporation in the galaxy

Even if Hicks had survived, she would have had to have deal with 2 and 4, partially 1, and quite possibly also 3 and 5 as Hicks couldn't protect her all the time and possibly would not have any leverage over the Company (though given what he knew about the aliens and possible evidence concerning Burke's activities, he might have been able to cut a deal with them on Newt's behalf).  Her experience on Fury in some way would have been worse than that of LV-426 as there ultimately would have been no one that she could have turned to for long term support.  Then there's the horrible fallout from all of this that I put down in the previous paragraph that at least partially would most likely have ensued.  As much as I hate to say this, drowning in the cryotube might have been the most merciful fate for Newt.

Working in a maximum security prison for ten years, I find it doubtful that Newt would face sexual assault unless their were inmates that were already in for child crimes. Even a rapist of adults typically finds rape of a child abhorrent. A lot of inmates are fathers and child predators fare badly. I'm just speaking from experience and training.

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May 09, 2015, 07:54:11 AM
Reply #81 on: May 09, 2015, 07:54:11 AM
Newt was crap, mostly.

May 09, 2015, 03:34:50 PM
Reply #84 on: May 09, 2015, 03:34:50 PM

I think a cameo appearance even a short one would be a nice nod to her.

May 21, 2015, 03:41:48 AM
Reply #85 on: May 21, 2015, 03:41:48 AM
The way I see it, If Newt is going to be in the film in any way then I would like Carrie to be approached.  Ask her if she wants the opportunity but make it clear that it is only an opportunity.  If she wants it, give her a crash course in acting etc and see how she goes.  If she's got the goods, then I'd like to see her cast.

If she either doesn't want it or the acting isn't up to scratch, then recast the character.  I'd like to see her at least given that opportunity if the character is going to be in the movie at that age or thereabouts.  I mean she WAS newt.


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