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Author Topic: Homemade chestburster video  (Read 471 times)

May 22, 2014, 09:50:38 PM
Topic on: May 22, 2014, 09:50:38 PM
Just thought  id share   an  idea i had  how to make a   chestburster video.   The unlucky   victim/ volunteer   needs to   have a small waist...
   You do a video of the initial confusion  and   the  grasping of the  chest  followed  by   them  laying down in pain.   next you need the Victim to   arch his  back     and   have camera view at top of the head so you  can slide  the alien prop (as simple as a whie sock  with  Vaseline and ketchup covering)  on stomach so camera  view shows it emerging from chest.  You will then swith to  a side view   and then   have  alien emerge more  using the Victims body   to  block the view of the alien puppeteer.  Cut away  just as   a quick upward motion starts.  If you want to try and get a view  of the "hole"  you can  use bologna   with  makeup  about the color of the flesh   and marshmallows  for the exposed ribs   and  shaved ham/  barbecue sauce in the   depression...   if you    do it  right it will look more realistic as it sounds   and i hope i  am explaining it good enough

    My youngest Brother in law  will be the victim next time  i see him  since  he is skinny enough and at least this will beat the   hands in  shirt  parodies


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