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Author Topic: Examining the Alien:Pt.1  (Read 2791 times)

Feb 04, 2007, 03:02:40 AM
Topic on: Feb 04, 2007, 03:02:40 AM
Examining the Alien Pt 1
Alien Chestburster Mystery:
From what we've seen in  the movies the aliens appearance is changed depending on the creature it come out of. Humans result in drones, dogs(and possibly other similer animals) make Runner aliens. Predators made Predaliens.
Why is it that the Aliens physical appearance(possibly type of agressiveness or personality) is altered depending on it's host? If a face hugger were to say latch onto a bear, would the alien be muscular and tall, or if a face hugger latched onto a hawk or large bird, would the alien have the ability of flight? Or if it came out of a fish and so on and so forth.
Well let's talk about the different aliens seen so far..

Drone aliens are usually black or grayish in color with a very bony exterior. Semi sentient as all aliens are, Drones communicate through screeching and growling. Most hunt in packs with an alpha alien much like wolves or wild dogs. As seen in AlienRessurection some Drones have the abillity to spit concentrated acid. There bodies are protected by bony armor and there heads are very long and curved.

Sometimes reffered to as"Dog aliens". Runners are usually a peach or tan color. Small and nimble they  mostly walk on four legs and can run at great speeds hence their name. Unlike Drones runners cannot spit acid and usually attack their prey from high places or in the cover of darkness. Runners have fleshy bodies and are very vulnerable. They do not hunt in packs and are solitary.

Aliens that have emerged from the hunter species Predator, Predaliens appearance differs greatly from Drones and Runners. Grey with black spots, Predaliens have a scrunched head with the mouthpiece of a predators and long fleshy dreadlocks running out of their heads. More muscular then Drones Predaliens do not have any armor but very tough leathery skin. Because of their hunter background most Predaliens hunt alone and use tactics they inherited from their hosts.
It is possible but a Queen Predalien is yet to be seen.

Queen aliens are the only females and are much much larger than male aliens. They have four arms two long ones and two small arms that stick out of the chest. The queens have a large "crown" that sticks nearly twenty to thirty feet from their head. Queen aliens grow a large egg sack in a manner of days that lays their eggs. Queens can detach themselves from the eggsack if they hope to go mobile. Although never seen, A predalien queen is estimated to be even larger than a regular queen and much smarter.

Facehuggers:The creatures that come from alien eggs. These parasitic creature attach themselves to a host and lay an egg inside the host's throat. When hatched the Chestburster, a baby alien, grows for an hour or two before biting and clawing to the host's chest cavity. Then it rams and bites until it explodes out the chest then finds a safe place to grow for a half an hour. Unlike most species or animal Aliens chestbursters reach adultry in nearly 45 minutes to an hour.

Most alien enthusiasts have come up with the conclusion that aliens are in fact sentient. They communicate, plan, and argue amonst themselves. The queen like any royalty is to be obeyed above else and instructs i't children accurately and intelligently. ALthough aliens are sentient they are not rational creatures and do not speak any language that man can understand. Aliens cannot be reasoned with nor can they be bargained with. Each alien is different but all  follow one directive: The queens directive.

Where did aliens come from? Although it's not positive where exactly they originated from, many planets have aliens indigenous to it. However most think Aliens are from one planet and often hijack human(or predator) ships and hitch a ride to other planets then start a hive. Lg-426 is the first recorded nest of Aliens. An alien ship was apparently infested with aliens(the bad kind) before it crashed onto the planet. Alien eggs can await a host for many many years as Lg-426 was never discovered for many years...

Acid blood:
Aliens pump acid blood through their bloodstream. How is this possible? Wouldn't the acid ultimutely kill the creature from the inside? For reasons unknown aliens organs and skin cannot be penetrated by the acid. How the aliens skin is acid resistent is unknown. The acid is extremely powerful and can cut through many layers of metal before stopping.

Alien Tongue: The alien tongue is a powerful weapon. Amazingly the tongue has very sharp teeth around it and four razor sharp fangs. Often used by aliens to land a killing blow to the head, the Tongue can penetrate skull and even the Predator's steel mask(seen in AVP).

Alien fingers: The alien does not have thumbs but rather three long fingers sometimes lined with sharp claws. The fingers are all nearly the same size.

More alien information coming soon.

Feb 04, 2007, 05:29:37 AM
Reply #1 on: Feb 04, 2007, 05:29:37 AM
The chestbursters differ because they borrow a degree of their hosts traits. A possible reason is so it may be better suited to handle the environment of said host, and/or to better compete with that host. I dont know what degree is borrowed from the host, but I've made the theory (I'm sure I didn't MAKE it, just made a board about it) that it is actually very little. I doubt the aliens would be gifted with flight, but its possible.

Drone, or warrier or w/e you wanna call em. The bony exterior is due being bone.How do you know they communicate through screetching and growling? I can see instances of where this can be infered to a degree; however, it is also clear (mostly from A:R) that they communticate through a sort of ESP, or collective hive-mind. They are also very intelligent and able to solve problems very quickly, and have reasoning and understanding of other creatures, to some degree at least. I suppose its fair to say the hunt in packs, but the size seems to differ on the amount of people they are hunting, and how armed/powerful they are. They are very capable independent hunters aswell.

"Runners" or, rather, THE 'runner' was the way it was, in general opinion (I have my own, in the thread I mentioned before), because it was born of a four-;egged creature (an ox or dog, on if you take A3 or A3SE as canon, doesnt really matter either way). The 'runners' do, in fact, have the ability to spit acid, as per A3 when it killes whatever the dudes name was in the fan (its first kill). All aliens attack from high and dark places, so I don't think its appropriate to lable that trait to just the runner. id also estimate that the 'runners' are just as durable as the drones. It may be a special type of alien from the Queen Facehugger to protect the queen embryo, but this is just [one of my] theory[s.], otherwise the 'runner' is just another drone that happened to be born of another species (than human)

The PredAliens...Grey with Black spots? Scrunched head? Dreadlocks (oh God I hope not)? Mandiables, yes. How do you know what their exterior is like? Why would it differ from the regular drones? Why would the species change their behavior?

Queens, Idk if Id call them female, persay. I don't think the aliens have any sort of sex to them and dont know if she actually needs to be fertalized to produce eggs. However it is a possibility. Idk about a Predalien queen, but don't think it would look much different, maybe a bit bigger, but thats even pushin it (although, again, it is possible) and I dont think smarter. The aliens intelligence comes fromt he aliens, not the host.

I would think from what we've seen aliens have a sort of ESP and Hive collective mind, as I stated before; what one knows, they all know. The aliens have a one-track mind, and for all their brain power and reasoning skill, seem to only have one goal: expand the hive.

Origins...theres a thread where you can find all sorts of theories on that.

The aliens are a silicone based life form, silicon can be in structures where is has little to no reaction with acid (sorta like glass).

Doesn't have thumbs? The aliens in Alien and A3 had TWO. And the Aliens in the rest had one. Now since they all have different digit numbers, I just count every finger grouping as one digit making (A1&3- ponter/middle, ring/pinky; A2- middle/ring) the alien finger count- 4 (including a thumb-like finger, though much longer)

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Feb 04, 2007, 06:25:00 AM
Reply #2 on: Feb 04, 2007, 06:25:00 AM
Again this is just what I'm speculating. I'm writing this Examining the Alien more for enjoyable purposes, imagining what I think these creatures could be like. ;D

Feb 04, 2007, 06:39:58 AM
Reply #3 on: Feb 04, 2007, 06:39:58 AM
Examining the Alien: Pt 2

More Aliens:
The gaurd Alien, a very large thick creature that regularly protects the queen and her eggs from harm.

Queen aliens that have come from Predators. Predalienqueens are nearly identical to regular queens except there size is slightlly larger and they have the same mandible as the predator. Predalien Queens are rare however..

AlienHuman Hybrid: A genetic crossing of human and alien D.N.A. this hybrid is very tall and a tanish color. Unlike other aliens this Hybrid has no double mouth and instead has a l2 foot long tongue. The only recorded hybrid was security footage sent to the Millitery base on Earth from the ship the Auriga.  strange is that the hybrid emerged from a womb rather than an egg laid by the queen.

Number of alien population?: Unknown. Aliens are spread out across the galaxy and nearly impossible to count them all. In fact it's still unknown how many planets exactly have aliens on them.

Alien tail: The alien tail is a useful and needed object for the alien. Because of the Alien's large cranium, the tail helps balance it. The tail also functions as a deadly weapon. The tails end point is razor sharp and used as a stabbing weapon by the alien.

Feb 04, 2007, 06:32:41 PM
Reply #4 on: Feb 04, 2007, 06:32:41 PM
Examining the Alien Pt.2(cont)

Alien Eyes?: From what we've gathered in the films, aliens do not have eyes but, must rely purely on sound. They can pinpoint potential prey exactly.

Alien Nose?:
Whether the alien has a sense of smell is unknown. The alien hybrid in AR did have a nose and used it to smell Ripley, whether it simply inherited this from the genetic crossing or aliens can smell is unkown.

Alien Adaptation: Because of aliens migration to many different worlds its suggested they can adapt to new environments extremely quickly and effectively.

Fear?: Aliens do seem to have some degree of fear. Apparently they fear fire as seen in Alien3, this adds to their possible sentience, proving they have emotions.

Feb 04, 2007, 06:36:29 PM
Reply #5 on: Feb 04, 2007, 06:36:29 PM
Actually, aside from everthing else since i don't feel like writting another counterpoint essay, the aliens don't seem to show fear of fire. The only time that it could be suggested as a fear of fire is Aliens when ripley burns the eggs in front of the queen, but this may not be fear but more knowledge that its killing the eggs.

Feb 04, 2007, 11:43:06 PM
Reply #6 on: Feb 04, 2007, 11:43:06 PM
Here's a blanket counterpoint: most of what's in the original post comes from the comics and the novels that were based on them. In short, non-canon crap.

Feb 05, 2007, 02:09:36 AM
Reply #7 on: Feb 05, 2007, 02:09:36 AM
Examining the Alien Pt.3

Why are aliens so hostile?: Probably just to make an exciting scary film but, one thing I wanted to know is why aliens are so extremely violent. As soon as they make living contact with another organism they instantly attack it. If anyone has any theories on this please share them.

Can the second mouth swallow food?: What seems strange about the aliens biology is it's second mouth. Does the mouth have a throat for swollowing food or does the alien only use it as a killing weapon?

The Predalien
Dreadlocks or not?:
As seen in comic illustrations or in video games the Predalien usually has inherited the Predator's dreadlocks. However in other literature and such the Predalien doesn't have dreadlocks, in fact in some illustrations the Predalien appears like a normal alien but, with the mandible. Would the Predalien make sense with or without the Dreadlocks?

Feb 05, 2007, 02:28:14 AM
Reply #8 on: Feb 05, 2007, 02:28:14 AM
Here's a blanket counterpoint: most of what's in the original post comes from the comics and the novels that were based on them. In short, non-canon crap.

Don't forget the computer games.

For film stuff try:

The Complete Record of Alien Encounters – Part 1
The Complete Record of Alien Encounters – Part 2
The Complete Record of Alien Encounters – Part 3
The Complete Record of Alien Encounters – Part 4


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