Attn forumers: You speak only for yourself. Blanket statements are for assholes.

Started by Bishop2, Sep 01, 2007, 04:05:28 AM

Attn forumers: You speak only for yourself. Blanket statements are for assholes. (Read 10,500 times)

The Chibi Kiriyama

And if it happens on SHH, tell me...I'll give them a telling! :D

Seriously though, I respect your difference in opinion here and in other places Bishop2. No one should really take things personal when we all love the same subject. Even if you like AVP and A:R, the whole"suicide suggestion messages" bit is where people take a difference in opinion way too far.

Just vent if you have to next time with less general statement. Statements get you no place, but when you vent with a there's a sight to behold. A few people here have it down to a formula. :)


Frankly, I think this did have a purpose.  And as I said, the threats against me occurred weeks ago. It was the behavior of other individuals on the board making blanket statements as though they were "facts" that made me stand up and say, you know what?  It's time for some people to grow up a bit.  Why get so nasty?

I still stand by this post and think it serves a valid purpose.  I get the feeling I'll be linking to it more and more as the AVP2 forum continues to crowd up.



Quote from: Dekapitator on Sep 01, 2007, 09:01:18 AM
Remember people, swearing will help you get your message across.(!)

This is true.

But I don't really care what other people say, because I am right.  Always.

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