'Discover More' Prometheus Competition

Started by Darkness, Nov 11, 2012, 10:02:44 AM

'Discover More' Prometheus Competition (Read 2,442 times)


Fansite Prometheus-Movie.com is doing another one of their competitions where you can win quite a bit of stuff. One lucky person will get a copy of Prometheus on Bluray, two posters, Aliens Infestation on DS and the Aliens Omnibus comic.

Go to their competition page, read the instructions and answer the four Prometheus-related questions. The competition closes on November 25th and one winner will be drawn at random. I assume there are no location restrictions.

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QuoteHow long did it take the Prometheus to reach LV_223?
    Name all the crew members that were on the Prometheus
    Name all the androids from Prometheus & the Alien films
    What was your favorite scene from Prometheus?

how the hell am i supposed to know their names if they were named merenary 1,2, mechanic 2,3...etc

-.-'  ;D

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