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Author Topic: Aliens: Vendetta  (Read 835 times)

Oct 06, 2011, 06:59:21 AM
Topic on: Oct 06, 2011, 06:59:21 AM
As per the rules I'm only posting chapter one, once I finish more I'll post replies with the documents attached. I'm always open to criticism, so please feel free to leave your thoughts.

Aliens: Vendetta

Aliens: Vendetta

The creature lunged foreward meaning to kill him.
"f**k" he sat up with  a shout. "God dammed dreams" he muttered to himself as he moved to the sink to rinse his face off. The room was a small square, nothing fancy just a sink, a toilette, a bed, and four walls. For the last eighteen months Miller had been living in this box, locked up for disorderly conduct.
He wiped his face, as if trying to wipe away the memory of his latest dream. He smiled into the mirror, he was suprised to see the empty and tired looking man smile back at him. It was hard to believe that two years ago he had been one of the USCM's finest.  But to him that was a different life, too long ago to matter. Now he was stuck in this cell until society deemed him fit to be part of it again.
"Shit happens" he whispered.
All of his troubles started three years ago.....

Chapter 1: What's past is prelude

"Keep it tight, we're going to be fine!" Miller barked. Sarge was dead, not to mention most of the squad, leaving him in command.
"Oh f**k oh shit oh f**k. I don't wanna die man!" that from Riley.
"Keep your shit together Riley, Miller's gonna get us out." Sommerville was the most level headed guy Miler knew, which was ironic because the man was a giant. It was no secret why the man was the squads support, he was the best at controlling the monsterous M56 Smart Gun.
Miller knew that the two other men were relying on him to get them safely to the drop ship.  The Cheyenne class drop ship was less than a fourth of a klick away, he couldn't let anything stop them but dammed if these bugs weren't trying.
Sixteen hours ago they, along with the rest of the squad, dropped onto this hellish planet. The sky was grey, it was rainy and all around awful. They were sent in to exterminate a "hive" of the Xenomorphs, otherwise known as bugs. The planet was originally planned to be a huge resort, but not even those huge atmospheric processors the Company had put down could punch through this planets nasty atomosphere. Not that the weather was the only bad thing about the place, the local species didn't take kindly to...well anything.
The aliens had taken up inside the underground ducts beneath one of the Atomospheric Processors. They had went into that nightmare and only three of the original ten man squad had made it out; Riley, Sommerville, and himself.
"Miller! We need you!" Riley screamed. Sommerville was laying down a heavy stream of fire, the mechanical arm of smartgun tugging the gun this way and that.
Miller blinked, he had spaced out for no more than five seconds. He could see the ship now only fifty yards away.
"Jones, get the ship ready for take off, we need to get out of here ASAP!"
"f**k, I'm empty!" Sommerville was already in the process of shrugging off the harness that carried the smartgun, the aliens came in full force. A hoard of of the bugs swarmed towards the trio, all screaming and hissing.
Miller switched his pulse rifle to full auto and sprayed into the crowd of beasts, the armor piercing rounds shattered the aliens hard exoskeletons spraying acidic blood everywhere.
They set off in a dead sprint to the ship, they were so close he could hear the dull roar of the it's engines.
Riley screamed. Miller turned to see one of the aliens had him, it's claws digging bloody holes in his shoulders. Miller raised his rifle to blow the creature to oblivion, only to hear a click when he pulled the trigger.
"f**k!" he had no time reload, even if he did have anymore magazines for the rifle. The alien was scratching at Riley, tearing deep gashes in the man's chest. He was too late.
Sommerville, calmer than calm, turned his side arm on the creature that had Riley. He put a single round through the creature's "face"
The dead creature dropped Riley, but the man was bleeding fast. Sommerville and Miller took up Riley's legs and arms and moved with him as fast as they could to the ship, I mere ten yards away.
Jones, from the cockpit of the ship, activated the Cheyenne's automated guns. The guns tracked the remaining aliens and tore them to sizzling shreds.
Miller and Sommerville carried the wounded Riley into the back of the dropship, placing him on the grated floor of cargo bay, known as the "blood-pan" by the marines who knew the dropship as a second home. The cargo bay door closed and the dropship lifted, finally they were out that hell.
Miller grabbed a medkit off the bulkhead, he had to try to save this man. He knelt next to Riley, only to find he had already bled out.
"f**k!" he threw the medkit down, and punched the wall of the cargo bay. He was furious, he had trained with these men, grown to respect them all and those f**king bugs had taken them all. He hated them.....

Chapter 2: Back to the old grind

"The Cage" was the name for the off set penal colony located on Earth's moon, located on the far side it helped keep the prisoners "out of sight and out of mind." The Cage was home to a little over one hundred occupants, Miller was one of them. The cells were designed with four white walls, one of which would become transparent in the event of a visitor. Not that many of the residents had visitors.
The "front" wall of his cell depolarized. Standing behind it was a guard, shock-stick in hand. "You've got a vistor, I'm to escort you to Room 3B."
"Tell 'em I'm busy" in the year and a half he'd been here he never had a single transmission sent to him, much less a vistor.
"Can't do that, it's some guy representing the Colonial Marines."
Well shit, he thought, this can't be good. In the time since the mission to the failed resort planet and his sentencing here, he hadn't exactly been a model citizen. He had spent most of his time in dingy bars getting drunk and picking fights, one in particular with a USCMC Colonel. The end result was a dishonorable discharge and a sentencing to The Cage. Whatever the Corps wanted, it probably wasn't good.
The guard led him down to the visitation center and from there showed him the door to room 3B. "Your limited to one hour, given the nature of the visit. Any disorderly conduct will result in termination of the visit and you will be taken back to your cell. Are we clear?

"Eh whatever" He had no particular interest in this meeting anyway so it didn't matter to him. Sooner he got out of there the better. He was stunned when he opened the door.
"Hey buddy" Sommerville stood from the chair he had been sitting in. He was dressed his dress fatigues. Miller noticed he had been bumped up to Corporal.
"Long time no see." It had been a long time. After their debreifing Miller had taken leave and went to Earth, where the bars became his home. "So what's the deal, why are you here?"
"Well, it isn't good. We've lost contact with planet Gliese 581 "Lissauers Gem" but that isn't the bad news.  The planet is very much like  Earth, in that it supports life without the need for Atomospheric Processors, but it's about three times as big. Weyland-Yutani corp. has set up one of it's largest and most advanced research facilities on "LIssauers Gem" and guess what they were researching: Xenomorphs."
Miller's blood ran cold. The company had an alien, how the hell could this happen? Why hadn't he heard of this until now? "How long have you been out of contact?"
"Three weeks as of now, but that still isn't the bad part. What we think happened is this; the alien research somehow went wrong and an infestation has begun. Now imagine an entire planet with the population of Earth, infested by aliens. It's a low population for a planet it's size, but you can see why we're concerned. Along with the research center the planet is home to several large cities, mostly on one half of the planet. You see, the length of Gliese's day precisely matches the length of it's year, meaning the planet rotates so that it always shows the same face to it's star. This gives the aliens a great opportunity being as they only have to cover one half of the planet instead of the whole thing."
Miller was speechless. He was still processing it all. Then it clicked. "You're here because..."
"Because the Corps wants you back, you were an elite commando at one point and you went toe to toe with the aliens  and survived. They're fully prepared to reinstate you as a Sergeant, if you help me prepare a strike force to go to Gliese."
"Ah there's the catch. So let me get this straight, we survived LV-1354 so we could go back for round two with those demons? Don't get me wrong I hate the dammed things, but it's suicide." Truth was, he wasn't scared of dying, the way he saw it he should have died with hid brothers back on 1354.
"What's the alternative? Rotting away in your cell? I know about the nightmares Miller, I've read your psych report. You need to face this thing, WE need to face this thing. We need to kill these things, we need to kill them all."
He knew Sommerville was right. God dammit he was right. "All right, but I'm not doing for the Corps, I'm doing for our brothers. I'm doing it because I hate every f**king one of those bugs."
And that was that, Sommerville had the contracts with him that would release him from The Cage and make him a soldier again. He led Miller to the transport that had brought him here. The transport that would take them to Earth, where they would try to train an army to kill the aliens. God help them.

Chapter 3: What goes around....

Doctor Omaru slowly fought to regain conciousness. He felt like he was swimming in a pool of black water, clawing his way to the surface. When he finally came to he wished he hadn't. It was hot, it was dark, and his chest hurt.
"Oh god, oh christ!" He knew where he was, one of those things, his things, had taken him back to their nest. He also knew that he would soon be very dead, one of creatures was growing in his chest and it would soon want out.
It was funny how fast things had gone south.  Just shy of a month ago, Earth time, they had been the leaders in Xenomorphic research. How fitting that he should be webbed up to a wall with an alien in him, he had sent so many innocent men and women to the same fate. Doctor Omaru was the head scientist in the Alien Research section, code named Project Omega. The goal of Omega was simple: Succesfully "tame" one of the creatures. The company wanted to use these things for it's Bio-weapons program, it was a wonderful opportunity.
They didn't know much, but they knew enough. The aliens themselves weren't all too bright. The real smarts were with the Queen, the ruler of the hive. They had found that if they could control the Queen, they could control the "drones." The project was still in it's initial stages, they still hadn't figured out an "Achilles heel" with which to control the Queen. He had been so eager to provide the Queen with hosts for her demonic spawn, things got out of hand rather quickly. No one really knew how it happened, he supposed it didn't matter at this point, but the aliens had broken out of their containment cells. Three days after the initial breach, they had made it out of the complex, made it to the surrounding cities.
All of that was almost a month ago, shortly after the breach he had holed up in the "safe-room" of the complex, surving on ration packs. He'd spent his days monitoring the security cameras around the complex, that is until they had been covered by the entrail looking webbing. He had no weapons, no way of defending himself, he was alone. When they came for him he had no way of of putting up a fight.
And now he was here, cocooned, waiting to die. It wouldn't be long now, just a few mintues he figured. Did he have any regrets? regrets.
Doctor Omaru screams, but there is no one to hear him. His chest bulges outward, bones shatter and skin breaks. Bits of tissue fly and blood erupts fromt the mans chest. He lives only long enough to see the creature tear it's way out of his body.

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