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Author Topic: Plot [Rumor]  (Read 27941 times)

Bum Burster
Jul 14, 2011, 02:08:51 AM
Reply #135 on: Jul 14, 2011, 02:08:51 AM
Sounds like an AVP plot, minus the Predators.


LOL...agreed. The ENTIRETY of the AvP world quivers with mediocrity.

Hey now, the first comic, and avp2 PC rocked. It's just all the other avp things which fail abysmally. :laugh:

don't forget the first avp game - which is still the scariest game to date. less scripts, more random alien encounters :D never finished the marine campaign

That is criminal. It's one of those rare and truly frightening FPSes. Surely, the update with the seven saves helped alleviate tension, but since you didn't know where you were going with those, you would build up a new kind of stress of saving too much too early, or in the wrong spot.
Now, game magazines would whine about such a difficulty, and yet I think it made the solo shine even more.
Still, during the days of no saves, even the merest sight of a facehugger at a level's mid-lenght was really driving me nuts. If that damned thing managed to leap at me (and it made a scary noise btw), I had to restart all. Imagine that, a small piece of crap that instantly kills you. It's vulnerable, but absolutely deadly at the same time. Probably a form of absolute game balance I would have no shame to support in modern games.


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