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Author Topic: L.A.B. patch v1.05 for AJLMod R2  (Read 3154 times)

May 02, 2011, 03:48:46 PM
Topic on: May 02, 2011, 03:48:46 PM
I introduce new version of community patch for AJLMod R2 (or addon, not sure about it).
I like R2, but there are some annoying things which ruines the game. Such as bunnyhoping, nade and seeker spam and etc.
We try to alter R2's gameplay...

Little video:

Screenshot gallery:
Another one

I dont remember all tweak since first version, but here some of them...

Shared tweaks
A lot more stamina consumption for jumps. No more bunnies.
Knockdown after high falling. Even for aliens.

New fight system: more powerful regular attacks, charged stun attack, double attack (except praetorian, makes knockdown if attack is accurate. Effective against humans), tail (only for praetorian), lethal headbite, acid spit (charge jaws for 0.5 sec), "infestation" (makes decal on wall, charge jaws for 2 sec).
Can move silently with same speed (walking)
Classes: drone (fast and strong), warrior (little slower but more has more HP), runner (little alien with weaker attacks), guard (a lot of HP, stronger attacks, tail)

Run, walk, jump and ladder speed decreased. All weapons altered and rebalanced. Walking needed for accurate shooting.
All humans can use hand grenades (press H).
USCM classes: Leader (m41a, shotgun, sticky flares, MD), Rifleman (pistol, m41a, SADAR, +1 m41 clip, flares), Sniper (pistol, flamer, sniperrifle, flares, light armor), Support (smartgun, pistol, supplies, liight armor).
WY classes: Scout (m41cm, custom pistol, sticky flares, MD, light armor), Elite (pistol, m41c, SADAR, +1 m41 clip, flares, thermal armor), CombatSynth (minigun, immune to fire and shock, improved nightvision), Instigator (pistol, flamer, nadelauncher, flares, thermal armor), support (shotgun, m41e, flares, supplies)

New cloak: invisible in human IRVision and more visible on normal vision. All weapons altered and rebalanced.
Classes: Hunter (blades, speargun, burnercannon, decoy device), Avenger (blades, combistick, darts, smartdisc, burnercannon), Warrior (blades, combistick, razor disc, netgun, blastercannon), Striker (blades, wristburner, blastercannon, lasermines).

Base (v1.0.2) -
1.0.3 update -
1.0.3 to 1.0.5 update + Readme, BAT file for connect -
Extract all in AVP2 directory.
Connection utility, readme and BAT file -

Updated L.A.B patch
Full UMP2

Updating L.A.B. to last version
1) Connection utility contain version checker and autoupdater (buggy sometimes on slow or bad connections)
2) Redownload 1.0.3 to 1.0.5 update - its always last. Extract it to AVP2 dir.

How to play
1) Our connection utility [see link upper]
2) XFire.. set AVP2 cmdline
3) BAT file (see AVP2 root folder, AJLLAB_11_Server.bat)

Code: [Select]
-rez AJLMod\AJLMod_base.rez -rez AJLMod\AJLMod_Upd2.rez +DisableMusic 0 +DisableSound 0 +DisableMovies 1 +DisableJoystick 1 +EnableTripBuf 1 +DisableHardwareCursor 0 -rez UMP2 -rez AJLMod\AJLMOD_LAB.REZ -rez AJLMod\AJLMOD_LAB_UPD1.REZ -rez AJLMod\AJLMOD_LAB_UPD2.REZ
AJLMod author

L.A.B. Community patch authors
Butes, textures, hex patches - VX
Models, textures - SirThief
Sounds - Tactoit
Classes - VX, ZeZ
Ideas - RB's community.

Special thx:
BiosKiller (for servers)
PROJAM authors (for great skins and sounds)
Feddjoe (for nasty enhanced blood effects and best cloak texture ever)
AVP2010 (for some sounds)
Yaji (for Praetorian skin)
BeanspanX (for alien skins)
Dont know whos author of AVP Combistick and HandNade model. Great thx.

« Last Edit: May 02, 2011, 03:54:24 PM by [VX] »

May 03, 2011, 08:15:22 AM
Reply #1 on: May 03, 2011, 08:15:22 AM
This little "mod" is such a fail. I just want to warn people around not to download and play this: Its just a piece of plagiarism, some kidding around R2's bute files. It's better to download a really awesome and not based off stolen stuff VIP mod by the good, not a plagiarist coder Jegu, or recently released B3, which is awesome too(Unlike this LAB, R2-scratch off). Playing this can be also considered as a spit into face of AJL and Jegu(Huh, he even stolen cool blood-effect made by Jegu in his VIP...)

« Last Edit: May 03, 2011, 08:17:46 AM by Revie »

May 03, 2011, 11:28:28 PM
Reply #2 on: May 03, 2011, 11:28:28 PM
Also stuff stolen from Herr_Alien.

May 04, 2011, 02:40:38 AM
Reply #3 on: May 04, 2011, 02:40:38 AM
Also stuff stolen from Herr_Alien.

Disgusting... hope this f**ker has not ripped me... and kingkenny otherwise HELL TO PAY

Admin care to give me the nubs IP and email address? so i can ban him from avp2files avpunknown and avp2 EU Servers

doubt they will tho... hate rippers man

May 04, 2011, 11:42:06 AM
Reply #4 on: May 04, 2011, 11:42:06 AM
He actually "stole" (Usually with permission asked... But why? That persons didn't even deserved to be asked for something) such stuff as models or textures(Only shuriken, spear, invis and blood i believe).  Everything else, butes(Yeah, butes) and disassembling (Sup guys! Yeah, ASM is that thing which you will never get familiar with, due to your brains' size) (due to lack of source code, which selfish AJL can't provide anyone but his poor finish buttbudies).
VX hadn't done any C++ programming like in other serious mods, but he did a  ASM programming, or rather hacking, because he had to edit already compiled code with such instruments as OllyDBG and HEXeditor only.
As for little curly boy Jegu, he made his VIP ... Ah, wait , he didn't really made it - AJL did it for him, while he was just changing params in butes. VIP for me looks like a R2 rip-off.
  P.S. Sorry guys, the funny thing is, that VX is asked me to write all this BS.

Its kind of pathetic, isn't it?

« Last Edit: May 04, 2011, 01:37:09 PM by Revie »

May 04, 2011, 02:24:53 PM
Reply #5 on: May 04, 2011, 02:24:53 PM
Actually Revie has no clue what he is talking about. Don't feed the troll.

May 04, 2011, 03:22:34 PM
Reply #6 on: May 04, 2011, 03:22:34 PM

Jegu, that text i've posted above wasn't written by me, but by VX, who asked me later to post it here. I did it and heard some thankful words from him, but then I decided to reveal his dirty soul.

« Last Edit: May 04, 2011, 03:56:38 PM by Revie »

May 05, 2011, 08:22:28 AM
Reply #7 on: May 05, 2011, 08:22:28 AM
What's going on here then?

May 05, 2011, 04:56:25 PM
Reply #8 on: May 05, 2011, 04:56:25 PM
Nothing special, I am just trying to show VX's true face to people.
 When I posted the first message here in the thread, he sent me a message(Picrelated, in my 2nd post) where he asked (Or rather say, begged) to post some bs and then sent the text of that bs(Which I posted at my 2nd post, specially to see his reaction) through Skype.
 Also, some new portion of news regarding VX(already sent to Jegu through MSN, thought. But he seems to be offline):
This is a Skype log of me chatting with VX(ff__vx) after I posted 2nd post.
[04.05.2011 11:22:47] -: Yeah, i've just posted that crap you gave me
 [04.05.2011 11:22:57] VX: thnx) youre not that bad guy like others in general
 *Here comes tons of crap regarding anything but the topic
 [04.05.2011 11:25:13] -: But really, why do you took soo much from other peoples' mods?
 [04.05.2011 11:23:17] VX: what do you
 [04.05.2011 11:25:19] VX: mean?)
 [04.05.2011 11:23:25] -: I mean why you took soo much of content out of VIP, stolen B3 and many other mods?
 [04.05.2011 11:23:35] VX: I don't give a shit about them, i can just rename it no one will ever know
 [04.05.2011 11:23:36] -: Ah, it isn't really good, is it?
 [04.05.2011 11:24:16] VX: u know nothing, i am better than they are and it gives me right to use their shit
 [04.05.2011 11:24:24] -: Ah, ok...
 [04.05.2011 11:24:28] -: I see
 [04.05.2011 11:26:02] VX: hey
 [04.05.2011 11:26:14] VX: i have an idea
 [04.05.2011 11:26:20] VX: we can f**k this f**kers up together, they seems to be trusted you, unlike me
 [04.05.2011 11:26:30] -: What f**kers? f**k up? wtf?
 [04.05.2011 11:27:03] VX: Jegu,AJL and a LOADS of people from avpgalaxy
 [04.05.2011 11:27:11] -: :/ Whats wrong with Jegu, AJL and this "LOADS" of people from avpgalaxy?
 [04.05.2011 11:27:41] VX: u see, i already f**ked em all up in past(remember hacked ajlforums?),and we can do it again
 [04.05.2011 11:28:00] -: Wait, you hacked AJLForums and stole B3?
 [04.05.2011 11:28:16] VX: i didn't say that)) but yeah)probably)
 [04.05.2011 11:28:46] -: Pal, you are no longer a pal. I won't help to such douchebag like you
 [04.05.2011 11:28:49] VX: Shut up!
 [04.05.2011 11:29:15] VX: You don't understand! How can;t you see this pathetism of all this jegus? this noob even asks me from time to time to help him making "his" mod
 [04.05.2011 11:29:30] VX: lol he can't even write in c++, f**ktard ajl does it for him
 [04.05.2011 11:35:57] VX: why are u not answering
 [04.05.2011 11:35:59] VX: respond
 [04.05.2011 11:36:11] VX: RESPOND
 [04.05.2011 11:36:21] -: Ah, you are so annoying one. I have to delete you now and add to ingorelist. Also, I am gonna to reveal your douchbuggery on avpgalaxy. Have a nice day.
I won't really comment this and will leave it on your own.

« Last Edit: May 05, 2011, 04:58:11 PM by Revie »

May 05, 2011, 06:35:25 PM
Reply #9 on: May 05, 2011, 06:35:25 PM
That's just even more confusing to be honest. Keep the Eastenders shit away from the site. Locked.


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