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Started by Darkness, Jan 28, 2010, 09:32:23 PM

AvP Interviews / Previews Roundup (Read 5,865 times)



There’s a few new multiplayer-related interviews and previews posted around the internet today. Firstly, there’s a video interview with Tim Jones on Gamespot. The footage shows the Smartgun in action too. There’s another video interview on XboxAchievements.org with Senior Producer Dave Brickley. Then there’s the one on GameTrailers with Tim Jones.

There’s four new written interviews with Dave Brickley at GamePlanet, SpongPlay.tm and Strategyinformer. There’s also a written multiplayer preview on XboxAchievements.org and another on OXM. And finally, there’s a short article about motion control support on CVG.
Thanks to ikarop for the links.

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K good the smart gun locks on   ;D     bc in avp2 ir did not lock on and that made me mad


With any luck you can turn off the lock-on feature, and it'll give you better scores/achievements for getting kills that way.  Lock on was nice in the original AvP, but it did give you the feeling that the game was getting the kills, not you.



are you sure you played avp2? the smartgun definently locks on.


It locked on in all the games, unless you switched to image intensifier. Not that it should've stopped locking on then, either...



Motion control for avp, huh? Sounds good in theory but in practice it might not go so well. *shrug*


Dave says "This game is... umm suitable for Adults Only, and none lower than... yade yade"

IDG a crap if its for adults only. There should be a 15+ rating for the US lol. but the good thing is im getting the Hunters, BooYa


Pretty Soon the Game companies Need to understand that it doesnt matter what the Rating  is if we want it we will get it



They already do. That's why Modern Warfare 2 has sold buttloads.


Looks very interesting...
I´m very exited about the infestation and survival mod for multi.
But mostly the Hunt   :D      >:D  



ouch IGN says poor thing about this game is graphics.... ouch..  Big loss of interest for me as thats what makes it believable and thats what made the movies what they are.


spoon?   :-X  


I really think they're onto a big winner with this.

The Son of Paragus

Cant wait to play this!

I just upgraded my vid card for this game (i dont play pc games that much no more, so i didnt buy the newest of the newest card)

I hope i can play ultra with this now (besides theDX11)

i got
Intel QuadCore Q6600 2.8
4Gb Ram
Windows Vista 64Bit
Nvidea GeForce 9800 GT 512 DDR 3

:D My pc will eat this game! (i hope)



Does anyone know if the predator gets the whip?   ???  

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