AvP2 Rated R + P3 & A5 News

Started by Darkness, Sep 30, 2006, 06:44:56 PM

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IESB.net recently had an interview with Fox chairman, Tom Rothman. He confirms AvP2 will be rated R and that the film will be a lot like Aliens. He also says there is talk of a future Predator 3 movie as well as Alien 5.

IESB: What, are you giving it to Variety? Ooh-ahh...
TR: Let's put it this way, I think the approach this time is going to be very hardcore. Very R rated. I think this is a, we believe that, this pass on AVP with these filmmakers is going to be a lot closer to the hardcore experience.

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IESB: I am hearing that this AVP 2 script resembles a lot of [James] Cameron's Aliens, that it is very hard, and it doesn't resemble the first AVP film much. Is that accurate?
TR: That is accurate. Very hardcore. Very violent.

IESB: Can you tell me what time frame this takes place in?
TR: Yeah, it's contemporary.

IESB: Is Lance Henrikson going to have any kind of appearance?
TR: I have no comment

IESB: That's fair. Someone sends me this rumor that you guys are so happy with the way things are turning out for AVP 2 that you are already looking at a stand alone Predator film, any truth to that?
TR: Yes and no, no truth to that in current active prep, but yes it's true that it's something that we think and talk about.

IESB: Since we talked about the stand alone Predator film, is there talk about a stand alone Alien film? Ridley Scott during Kingdom of Heaven said he would always consider going back and doing one.
TR: If Ridley would ever do it, we would do it in a second. So, never say never.

The last bit about Alien 5 is a little strange though. In the past, James Cameron, Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver have all said they want to do Alien 5 yet it was Fox who didn’t want to.

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Hopefully many people will see Aliens vs Predator: Requiem and like what they see, but up untill then I woulden't hold my breath for either Alien5 or a Predator 3 sequel anytime soon.  Moreover two storylines for Predator 3 sofar feature both Schwarzenegger and Danny Glover, both who will most likely not make a return in a full length feature, cameo appearance maybe, but at least Schwarzenegger is definetily out. His last role will be Terminator 4 in which he will only do a cameo appearance as well, for a total screentime of 2.5 minutes I believe.  I definetely like a story in which an inferior  civilization has to take un Predator.

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