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Author Topic: Universal soldier: A new war(Unisols vs. Aliens vs...  (Read 845 times)

Dec 30, 2010, 11:44:54 PM
Topic on: Dec 30, 2010, 11:44:54 PM
The first chapter of many, comment and let me know what you think.

Year: 2286 A.D. (107 years after the death of Ellen Ripley)
Location: Lv-453

Chapter 1: Reawakening.

 Damian's garden was one of Weyland-Yutani's most prized facilities, It was the location where many of their greatest feats were achieved, A garden of technology that only they could marvel at. It has a hedge wall to keep the vermin out of it, constantly checked for weeds, and it even has a few roses to marvel at. But like the old sane goes, every rose has its thorn.

 Karl bishop Weyland admired the facility from his tower office. he was a particularly cold individual, more so then his predecessor's. he would gladly kill in the name of progress and has done so on many occasions. But a good business man never gets his hands dirty unless it's absolutely necessary. He looks up towards the electric fences. He realizes that these fences are not the greatest defence against the Xenomorphs, but their are few options that work as effectively for such a low cost.

A female voice comes through the speaker on his desk."Mr. Weyland, DR.copper is here to see you" His secretaries voice said through the speaker on his desk. he waited a moment to respond, Pressing the button on his desk to reply "Thank you,Send him in." He only says thank you on occasion, keeps her guessing if shes doing a good job or not. the door opens and Dr.copper enters the room. he who has suffered for his career. he is missing 2 of the fingers on his right hand from acid burns, the left side of his face has scars from when a Xenomorph almost ripped his face off. and his right leg is mechanical below the knee. This was a wound he obtained when he served in the colonial marines as a medic, he prefers not to talk about this injury.

Copper clears his throat before speaking "Mr. Weyland, they are ready." Weyland, without giving away too much anticipation in his speech turns from the window to look speak "Your behind schedule doctor, I was hoping for the first ones to be done a week ago!"  " Wayland was annoyed at the doctor, but he knew anger wouldn't speed things up. "A minor set back I assure you" the doctor said, his scared face making an almost nervous smile, He extends his hand to the open door. "come, I will explain what we have done, I think you will be pleasantly surprised."  Wayland looks out the window one more time before leaving the room. he hopes that the sun will be out tomorrow. its getting close to the winter season on this planet, peculiar how a planet with such thick jungle can have such a cold winter. but I guess given the circumstance, peculiar doesn't begin to describe this planet.

 their walk was silent save the odd open door they passed or the foot steps on the graded metal floor,The first exchange of words doesn't happen for about 10 minutes, finally Weyland breaks the silence, "In your message you said that It took you a few tries to get them right, what did you mean by that?"

"Simply put," when Copper paused for a moment knowing it couldn't be explained simply. "The first two batches were no good. they were unable to function, the first batch was deformed and unable to move lef alone thing, the second batch I had managed to get their forms correct and basic motor skills. but the brains were not truly developed. These final ones are by for my finest work."

"Fascinating" Weyland said thoughtfully, "And how many weeks until they are ready to deploy?"

"Week's? try Day's Mr.Weyland, they developed fully within 2 hours of regeneration. almost 10 hours faster then the computers estimated."

They walk for another 10 minutes till they reach their destination, a lab in the 3rd sub level of the facility, only authorized personnel are aloud to be on this level. they stand at the door of the lab. the doctor puts his one good eye into the retina scanner which unlocks the door. inside we see very few scientist, they are walking around doing various tasks. more or less looking busy, in the back of the rectangular room their are three large windows right next to each other, they approach the window in the middle. the Copper tuns on the light for that room. we see 6 stasis beds, each occupied by a person.

Weyland look upon them, It almost brought a smile to his face, the thought of being more then human, "What did you say that old project was called?"

Copper picks up a file, he flips a few pages till he finds the name. "Universal soldiers, or Unisols for short."

Weyland shook his head and chuckled, "Who would have thought we would be looking to the past for this kind of technology?"

"Almost 300 years." the doctor said observing his creations, "they haven't aged a day."

On the sides of each bed there was a code and name,

GR-51 :Dwayne

GR-92 :Mike

GR-82 :Dutch

GR-10 :Royce

GR-13 :Andrew

GR-44 :Luc

Weyland looked over to copper. "Do you think they will cause any trouble?"

Copper looks at Weyland for a long moment then back at the Unisols, "If all goes as planned, they will do exactly as they are sold."

Chapter 2 coming soon.

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