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Author Topic: Fatale: A Darkly Comedic Sci-fi Series  (Read 123595 times)

Space Sweeper
Aug 10, 2010, 10:31:36 PM
Topic on: Aug 10, 2010, 10:31:36 PM

Initial Introduction

Just try to picture a confident, calculated and beautiful female assassin. It's a strange mix.
It's not like she has no problems, she's just a total ace at what she does best.

She's the kind of chick that would choke a guy to the point of unconsciousness, tie him to the floor, take off her shoes, and poor a bottle of wine and listen to music until he wakes up-- at which point, she'd gladly cut his life short.

Now I think would be the ideal time to tell you I am brainstorming/doing designs for a comic series right now.. pretty awesome thoughts so far, I'm thinking along the lines of the main character being either a company/freelance assassin... and it's a she. I'm thinking of names, and drawing designs, but I know it will be an intergalactic story that is at times darkly comedic (ala Dexter). I'm thinking of the expanse of the galaxy and if there should be a variety of other species living along side humans, or just humans.

Juliana Emerson has a penthouse with an amazing view over Manifest City, of the 'space state' Manifest, in orbit of Earth.

I'm going to be asking AvP Galaxy for different opinions, and certain members will make cameo appearances in it, but with different names.

Further character analysis:

It can really be anything. The strange thing about this woman is that she enjoys the things that anybody would, music, money, sex, alcohol... She isn't exactly immune to temptation.
I haven't made any official designs but from the moment of imagined her, she had a headset and long ponytail. For hair color, I'm thinking either orange or brunette.

...It's a dirty, dark, glamorously twistedly sci-fi story.

Be sure to send feedback, uh, back, and I'll be sure to keep you posted (I'm currently doing concept sketches- I've done one semi-realistic version of her face, and a couple more animated facial experimentation that are pretty comedic  :D).

Now, that was just the initial briefing, and all of it is subject to change. The title "Fatale" is just a temporary title until I have actually named it.

Events from Around The Galaxy

2157 - First Contact
- Human exploratory vessel encounters a salvage drone and tracks it back to its source: a pirate vessel with a multi-racial extra-terrestrial crew.
- They’re fired upon in ship to ship combat, but the humans manage to board the ship and take the majority of the crew captive; both parties are taken aback by the others’ intelligence.
- After much research and communication between the parties, the pirate crew is freed on the condition that they take the humans to their inter-species political hub world of Sigmus; pirates risk incarceration.
- Upon arrival at Sigmus, there is an initial standoff due to the pirate-branded and unidentified human alien vessels.
- When flagged in, the pirates are praised for use of relative tactfulness in their discovery instead of being penalized for their status.
- Without a specific ambassador, the science vessel’s crew relays the world’s coordinates to all of Earth’s nations and their colonies along with a message simply mentioning that they’ve discovered a commune of life of equal or greater intelligence, - Humanity is greeted by each Council Race’s ambassadors and a plethora of archived knowledge from each civilization is shared with them, ranging from worlds, coordinates, history, arts, to biology and beyond.
- With an equally in-depth display of shared culture Humanity is welcomed into the Galactic Council Union at an introductory level.
- The rest of Humanity’s greatest minds (or personalities, at least), scientists, politicians, and humanitarians (irony not lost), soon arrive at Sigmus.
- A renaissance of shared culture and knowledge begins in celebration of contact, initial reception toward humanity is warm and interspecies friendships and business alliances blossom quickly.
- Upon further inspection of Humanity’s self-destructive history, some are quick to judge their hasty acceptance into the GCU—most prominently powerful Ramnent political and military figures.

2160 – Ken Karrington is born

2167 – Luke Tarhn is born on Sigmus
- It is decided that human armories will not accept laser weaponry technologies until it is developed and registered by mainstream human manufacturers.

2177 – Juliet Turner is born

2185 – Quote UnQuote Media Group is formed

2188 – Quote UnQuote Media branches out to human colonies throughout the galaxy

2190 – Zachary Hamlyn is born to Dr. Peter Hamlyn

2191 – David Karrington is born to Ken Karrington and Desiree Langley

2195 – Conflict arises on the Ramnent Homeworld of Trovial
- Humanity is inducted into the decisive council arm of the GCU, allowing an official say in interstellar affairs.
- A standoff from a large portion of Ramnent that wish to disband from both the GCU and combined Ramnent governments in protest of Humanity’s induction begins.
- Civil unrest breaks out and the problem turns into all out warfare, creating a separatist group of Ramnent, branded terrorists; the GCU attempts to suppress the issue quickly enough as not to alert the human governments, but the situation is too far out of hand; the GCU and Ramnent Separatists enter a cold war.

2197 – Ken Karrington goes into hiding off Earth due to what was reported publically as a major security threat, separating him from David
- Ken makes the decision to leave Quote UnQuote MG to David, and for it to be managed by the board of investors and executives until David comes of age… or whenever he deems himself fit to be CEO.
- Ken also leaves his most highly entrusted security chief with David; Jonathan Ellis, a former bounty hunter and mercenary.
- Ellis is instructed to teach David how to protect himself physically, Charles Lexton, the by-the-book corporate lawyer, is instructed to teach him how to work the business—and better than anybody else is capable of.
- Furious with the sudden departure, Desiree leaves Dave to be raised by the system— too young to grasp the situation, Dave does not object either departure.

2198 – Seth Fitzgerald is born

2204 – Juliana Emerson is born
- David attempts training with Ellis, but turns it down out of frustration and confusion for why it’s necessary; Ellis pleads for him to stay with it, but the training is ultimately aborted.

2205 – First open attack against humanity by the Ramnent Separatists at the Human Embassy on Sigmus
- Humanity establishes a military presence on Trovial, primarily headed by the USDF.
- Quote UnQuote Media Group becomes simply ‘Quote UnQuote’ and creates separate focus divisions.
- Months later, open combat begins; Trovial becomes a military concentrated hotspot.
- Alyssa Jansen is born to Thomas Jansen and Ellen Wright.

2207 – The United States issues the beginning of construction on Manifest: The 51st Earthbound State
- At roughly 8,240 km² on a flat surface and rounded base, it is branded one of the most ambitious construction operations in the history of any known race.
- Its quantum core, a bulbous chrome half-sphere protruding from the bottom of the state used to distribute even gravity and act as a point of center mass while maintaining structural integrity, is considered a technological revelation; its creator is a young boy of 17 years of age—Zachary Hamlyn.
- Lauded by his peers and already of considerable power and status, Zachary is considered as much of a wonder as his technological breakthrough.
- His father publically speaks out against him, claiming the breakthrough was his own, and upon rejection, disappears from the public eye.

2208 – Zachary Hamlyn, like his father, disappears from the public eye, taking his new personal cruiser and a limited crew of staff, potential business partners, and peers in the scientific community on an exploratory voyage.
- The crew returns with an ambitious and new collective purpose.
- With combined resources, brainpower, and an immeasurably powerful financial backing, the Nucleus Corporation is formed with branches in all forms of sciences and technologies.
- The corporation is the brainchild of its brave leader and CEO, Zarian Hannek; a man with unprecedented vision that some consider near-prophetic.
- What exactly was accomplished on the voyage is a public mystery; even a wide majority of the crew is unaware of what had transpired.

2209 – Manifest’s base construction and terraforming project is completed
- The city and surrounding establishments begin construction in full force.
- Many plots are bid upon and bought out by high power corporations, with Quote UnQuote cooperating with the US government, covering the construction, hosting the establishment auctions, and laying plans to place their corporate headquarters on-site in the Manifest City Metro area.
- Thomas Jansen and Ellen Wright split up on mutual ground; the both see new people, but Ellen, with more luck—if it is to be considered as so—becomes the wife of a wealthy senator.
- In an ironic turn of events, custody of Alyssa turns to Thomas.

2210 – Manifest begins populating, growing at incredibly promising rates
- It quickly becomes a Galaxy-known hub for entertainment, business and recreation the way only a land in the stars can.

2211 – Thomas Jansen must leave his daughter in the custody of his best friends Robert and Emma Matthews when he’s called upon for active duty on Trovial.
- Robert, a Lieutenant in the Manifest City Police Department, accepts responsibility for her, but cannot promise how she’ll turn out without her real father around; Thomas’ tour is not given a specified end period – Ellen agrees to fund Alyssa’s education and living costs.

2213 – The CIA begins investigating interplanetary affairs with special interspecies joint operation groups, effectively becoming a sub-division of the GCU, though still belonging to the United States.
- A large focus of the investigation is rooting out a rumored splinter military group from Trovial that look to sever all relations with extraterrestrial life for the human race completely under the belief that the rest of Humanity’s advancements would be given to them by others; the group mirrors the Ramnent Separatists.
- The investigation spans multiple planets and military field stations, but is ultimately reported as a dry well.

2216 – Dr. Luke Tarhn is arrested after turning on his colleagues at Brighton Bio-Technologies, upon the turn down of his proposal to merge human and alien DNA to create and effective begin advanced evolutionary line of humans, for which he’d already began studying upon with dead Ramnent.
- After taking the main facility with a group of contactors, he was overwhelmed by a sizeable military police group—but not before indirectly causing the deaths of half of his former colleagues.

2219 – David Karrington’s mother, Desiree Langley dies of alcohol poisoning, alone in her apartment
- David pays for the funeral service but does not attend.

2221 – Juliana moves to Manifest to attend the Manifest State University; a rare and prestigious opportunity.
- Déjà vu becomes a recognized prevalent phenomenon on Manifest amongst its visitors and citizens, giving the state a unique quality; most believe the buzz to be a publicity gimmick, but it causes much study into the unique anatomy of its construction – conspiracy theorists have a field day.

2222 – David Karrington meets Juliana Emerson working as a waitress in an upscale restaurant to pay off her college debts; the two immediately develop a strong friendship.
- Quote UnQuote’s reputation gains an energetic boost as David Karrington steps into the forefront of the public view, displaying confidence, charm, and a refreshing lack of corporate censorship, reforming the media outlook to its former glory.
- Juliana Emerson leaves her job and joins Quote UnQuote working her way up abnormally fast from a secretary to the Head Manager of Public Relations for Manifest affairs.

2223 – Juliana Emerson becomes a figure of adoration in the eyes of Manifest’s citizens and beyond for her and QU’s charity and community work.
- Alyssa Jansen enters basic training to become a Ranger in the USDF, acing all tests, deemed mentally and physically prepared but is ultimately talked out of it by Matthews who begs of her not to follow her father.
- Whether it was his intent or a completely independent decision to make something of her training, Alyssa enters the Manifest state Academy of Law and Protective Measures, coming out prepared to be an officer of the MCPD, covering the SWAT, Homicide, and Narcotics divisions—very specific in turning down work in Vice and Cyber Regulation.

2225 – Fighting intensifies on Trovial as strikes against the Ramnent people (amongst other races) are made by a group that leaves a ghost trail with no leads except for the fact that they are in fact human.
- This causes a CIA/GCU resurgence in the wake of events to attempt to extract intelligence on Trovial and other Ramnent colonies.
- New energy weapons, using laser and plasma technologies appear in the hands of Ramnent soldiers on Trovial that appear to be of human design; no armory or manufacturer specified; this suddenly results in untreatable wounds and infections amongst human soldiers affected.
- Nucleus responds to this by being the first human manufacturer to develop direct energy weapons and distribute the technology.
- Quote UnQuote scoops the story and puts Nucleus in a very negative light, being heavily critical about the development of energy weapons by a human manufacturer and the damages it can cause in domestic scenarios, going as far as to liken it to the development of the atom bomb.
- David Karrington and Zarian Hannek themselves debate on-air over the issue uncut for over an hour; the end result is perceived by the viewers as a deep respect and even chemistry between the two CEOs, making the debate the highest rated in history.
- After a tense back and forth and endless debate, Quote UnQuote resolve their issues by starting a charity (hosted by Charles Lexton’s law firm, Lexton & Associates) to support the families of the soldiers and other personnel affected by the weaponry abroad.

2226 – Staff Sergeant Seth Fitzgerald receives a dishonorable discharge from USDF service on Trovial after being allegedly implicated with aiding in the destruction of a Ramnent town, killing many innocents in the process.
- Though the nature of his direct involvement is false, his presence in the battle preceding it was confirmed; few are aware of his innocence.

2230 – Juliana Emerson is presented with the title of ‘Queen of Manifest’, a first time honor created based solely on Juliana’s display of excellence.

2231 – Luke Tarhn is sprung from prison in force by an unknown benefactor
- More Ramnent deaths, tied to and identified as the work of Tarhn on Manifest, along with Ramnent bodies going missing; military is alerted and look for options to secure the situation as fast as possible
- Ramnent Separatists use the reports on Tarhn as justification firepower to their cause; Tarhn’s actions, and those of whoever are aiding him, become the biggest known threat to the GCU’s relationship with humanity.
- Juliana returns to Manifest the night before New Years Eve to finish a job, and to soon begin another that will change her life and the delicate GCU forever.

2232 – Fatale begins

Season 1 Timeframe: (Do Not Read If Incomplete or Awaiting S1R)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Old Pre-Wacom Concept Art:
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« Last Edit: Jan 27, 2014, 09:26:57 AM by Space Sweeper »

Aug 10, 2010, 11:04:28 PM
Reply #1 on: Aug 10, 2010, 11:04:28 PM
I like the second pic the most its awesome, I have a idea for a cameo for me though it is kinda big headed. Is it coloured and is she a antihero? Also cool idea I plan to make a short batman comic soon so yer we are in similar situations at the moment except you are being original :P

Space Sweeper
Aug 10, 2010, 11:11:18 PM
Reply #2 on: Aug 10, 2010, 11:11:18 PM
Thanks you for the feedback  ;D!

I'm suprised to see that somebody likes the second pic (which I figured would be the most heavily criticized  :D)! And yes, she most definately is an anti-heroine.

And to do with that cameo- don't hold out on me here, if you have an idea, please feel free to share  :)

I'm still contemplating the coloring- I'd probably see if one of my friends on Deviantart would interested.

I'm currently inking over the pencil lines from the original pics in Photoshop at the moment, for a prettier appearance.

I'd also like to add, that the first pic looks a disturbing amount like Sarah Kerrigan, and the headset is almost a direct copy of Veronica Dare's  :-\ ...Sub concious influence.. greeeeaaaaat.  :D

Aug 10, 2010, 11:16:53 PM
Reply #3 on: Aug 10, 2010, 11:16:53 PM
Yer I will put some more thought into it and post late, and how are you inking it with photoshop? Just using a filter thing or by brush? and oh good anti hero(ine)s are always fun. :D

Space Sweeper
Aug 10, 2010, 11:18:30 PM
Reply #4 on: Aug 10, 2010, 11:18:30 PM
By brush for some of the more simple ones.. it feels nice  :D

Aug 10, 2010, 11:22:35 PM
Reply #5 on: Aug 10, 2010, 11:22:35 PM
f**k yeah, YES MAN  quote!

Space Sweeper
Aug 10, 2010, 11:24:40 PM
Reply #6 on: Aug 10, 2010, 11:24:40 PM
Haha! I love that movie, I couldn't resist!

Aug 11, 2010, 02:09:41 AM
Reply #9 on: Aug 11, 2010, 02:09:41 AM
I love the whole idea, and your a great artist so im psyched about it.  :D

Aug 11, 2010, 05:33:21 AM
Reply #12 on: Aug 11, 2010, 05:33:21 AM
# 4 is definitely where the art direction should go and improve on. That's the one that shows off personality.

Space Sweeper
Aug 11, 2010, 05:36:20 AM
Reply #13 on: Aug 11, 2010, 05:36:20 AM
I agree- that and #5 are my favorites.

And the whole drinking thing will be a big part of it all, but not a distracting amount. And not to the point where it would become un-professional for her.

Aug 11, 2010, 06:47:12 AM
Reply #14 on: Aug 11, 2010, 06:47:12 AM

Nah, I'm messing with you. Those pictures are pretty epic ('specially the face on the second one). I'm looking forward to the full version.

But . . . I'm still not sure what you're asking from the community.

Beyond that, the concepts and drawings are simply excellent.


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