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Author Topic: My entirely fanboyish fanfictiony AVP screenplay.  (Read 549 times)

Jul 28, 2010, 09:28:00 PM
Topic on: Jul 28, 2010, 09:28:00 PM
First draft. Written sometime back in 2008. Some of it is steam of consciousness. Some of it may not even make total sense. There are a few typo's, but again, first draft. I also realise it moves a little fast in some spots. Its supposed to be a theatrical length screenplay, and I'm short by at least 22 pages.

I think at the time, I was writing this as a response to AvPR. I wanted to try and balance things out and inject more of what fans wanted to see into the franchise. I know/knew this would never reach 20Th Century Fox, but at the time I was more doing it for the personal "I want to see something good for the final installment in this trilogy of films."

I don't plan on going back and improving this, but I thought some folks here might enjoy the read. Obviously after a first draft you go back, cut out the ridiculous elements, shape up what works, and expand on things that are only gleamed or otherwise unexplained. (Those that need to be, of course.).

Many of the themes that were sorta prototypical here would have been explored. The theme of bad dreams, would have been a little tighter for our main protagonist. There's a bit on his mind that just really doesn't get any time. Mostly because I was more focused on getting the main action beats into place with the first draft. Which turned out to be another mistake too, as it is a lot of the action is really pressed together in some points. Some of the dialogue in places is a little fan fictiony unfortunately.

I did make a few mistakes in pacing and establishing things unfortunately, at the time I had a dozen things in my mind I was trying to balance out, even with an outline.  :D

I also wrote this whole thing out in a wordpad, so all the formatting here was done manually. No Final Draft at the time.

Anyway, I hope someone gets a kick out of this.  ;D


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