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Author Topic: Survival Campaign Released  (Read 2677 times)

Mar 01, 2010, 07:59:16 AM
Topic on: Mar 01, 2010, 07:59:16 AM
A Massive Single player campaign for Aliens vs Predator 2. Featuring the events that unfolded prior to Avp2 and the Primal Hunt Expansion.

For more information and Screenshots or Videos checkout the website below.


Mar 01, 2010, 04:48:03 PM
Reply #2 on: Mar 01, 2010, 04:48:03 PM
It is a good campaign, I enjoyed doing a bit f testing for it. It brings several new ways of interracting with the map, making it stand out.

Congrats, Architect!

Corporal Hicks
Mar 01, 2010, 08:25:02 PM
Reply #3 on: Mar 01, 2010, 08:25:02 PM
I am so downloading this when I get home. Looks cool.

Mar 01, 2010, 09:57:26 PM
Reply #5 on: Mar 01, 2010, 09:57:26 PM
Congratulations on finishing the construction of your awesome 3 species campaign.  Magnificent work!

Released right on top of the new 'AvP', too.   Take that SEGA!   :P If you aint gonna release the SDK for it - We'll just keep pumpin' out custom content for the older game.

So, Nerhh... :P


Corporal Hicks
Mar 13, 2010, 09:32:53 AM
Reply #7 on: Mar 13, 2010, 09:32:53 AM
Am playing through now. Suggestions as I play through

*Encounter with security guard shouldnt be triggered until you get towards the doors. I was off exploring the offices when my guys went and found him.
*I made it into the Queen lab before the cutscene triggered by following the security guard. I went back out to trigger the cutscene.
*More frequent checkpoint saves
*Ability to skip the opening cutscenes.

I'll throw the lots of praise I have at you when Ive done.

Mar 14, 2010, 03:59:50 AM
Reply #8 on: Mar 14, 2010, 03:59:50 AM
i wanted to give the player a feeling of urgency when entering the complex therefore you should move quickly with you squad, their waiting for you to unlock it and proceed.

The cut scene triggers when you approach near the queen or you can wait out the dialogue. whichever you prefer.

Interesting...  I'd like to know how to create checkpoints in Dedit.  I just use F5

Yeah i agree with the Cut scenes. I hate having to watch through a second time, but random errors in cinematictrigger Objects 'Cleanup trig' would make me take the easy root.

Keep em coming, Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Corporal Hicks
Mar 14, 2010, 01:36:51 PM
Reply #9 on: Mar 14, 2010, 01:36:51 PM
Okay, I've just finished the marine campaign. Only other issue I have with the game is sometimes you have to "use" your allies numerous times before they give you ammo.

Other than that, I really enjoyed it. Great use of dialogue and the situations. Really liked the branching paths in the first level and that truck section was a nice homage to one of the first custom maps.

I had been wondering how it all tied into AvP2 in the end but that nice caption you did at the end was useful.

Not that it was a problem or even fixable, but when the Queen or Aliens attack the APC, they sometimes go through the roof or floors or the APC. I imagine that's an engine flaw though?

Now...onto the Alien campaign.

Corporal Hicks
Mar 15, 2010, 07:48:39 AM
Reply #10 on: Mar 15, 2010, 07:48:39 AM
I ended up on the Predator campaign instead. Got another comment:

This goes for both the marine and the Predator. The jumping sections. I'm having trouble understanding what I should be climbing here, it just doesn't seem clear to me. I'm in the Predator bit where I've gone down through the vent, killed all the aliens down bottom and am now trying to get back upto the top through another vent thing. I can't jump out of it.  :-\

Mar 15, 2010, 05:11:38 PM
Reply #11 on: Mar 15, 2010, 05:11:38 PM
This will help you out:

i think i know what your talking about, if you got your sound turned up, you will hear the ladder volumes connecting to help you get up. use the edge of the ledge with simple jump near the hole!

And for the next part, don't continue using crouch key cause in ladder volumes that restricts your movement, i think its a crouch jump and let the ladder volume do the rest.

After testing it seemed to be to hard for casual gamers to make it without the ladder volume.
The Pred "high" jump technique is a bit of a skill to figure out. Most casual gamers don't know how to crouch then jump and maintain crouching to get up onto really high ledges.

That's the reason i set it up like this.

yeah i know about the queen. she would get stuck in between the terrain and key framed apc crashing the game or getting stuck on terrain ceiling and quitting the chase, simply put the roof is set to non solid to avoid this. the Ai do the most ridiculous things when you leave it up to them!

where did you need to jump with the marine?

Corporal Hicks
Mar 16, 2010, 07:40:10 AM
Reply #12 on: Mar 16, 2010, 07:40:10 AM
I knew to crouch jump, just I couldn't seem to find the ladder or be able to jump through the top hole. I'll try again later.

When the Queen is starting to escape. You had to jump through the roof near the controls. I perhaps feel like maybe there should be something more...conventional. A ladder.

Mar 16, 2010, 05:16:35 PM
Reply #13 on: Mar 16, 2010, 05:16:35 PM
The Ladder volumes cover the entire hole entrances. you were obviously fighting them not realizing it.  That is whats giving you the trouble. i had the same problem, cause im used to the jumping technique. Did you watch the video? easy enough, but only if you don't fight it!

About the Marine, There is a ladder volume there too, right above the entrance, again you simply have to jump a bit and "reach" the ladder in the vent entrance above, you shouldnt be able to get up from the other entrance with no ladder, not sure how you jumped through the roof, its solid. plus the roof is to high for you to get up there without the ladder. hehe

Ill post walk through, didn't realize it was hard to climb ladders  :o hehe

Corporal Hicks
Mar 16, 2010, 06:58:05 PM
Reply #14 on: Mar 16, 2010, 06:58:05 PM
It isn't letting me go up. At all. Only down.


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