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Author Topic: The wall of shame.  (Read 38895 times)

The Xenoborg
Oct 29, 2011, 12:31:06 PM
Reply #195 on: Oct 29, 2011, 12:31:06 PM
Did he have the word 'Enterprise' in his username?
Because I met a guy who behaved the way you just explained.

The Xenoborg
Oct 29, 2011, 03:45:51 PM
Reply #197 on: Oct 29, 2011, 03:45:51 PM
Isn't he rank 43? I think I've seen him around.

Aug 28, 2013, 02:06:21 PM
Reply #199 on: Aug 28, 2013, 02:06:21 PM
Man, if you knew how many scumbag players represent the majority of the PS3 population nowadays.  :'(

Figured I might as well give closure.

Sep 02, 2013, 03:27:48 AM
Reply #200 on: Sep 02, 2013, 03:27:48 AM
Did he have the word 'Enterprise' in his username?
Because I met a guy who behaved the way you just explained.

I looked in my messages, the I.D is TOMSK65.
I think I recall an 'Enterprise' once or twice.

He's not so bad - gotta watch out for Tobermory71 (hacks) and Orinoco23 (rage quit).

Jul 21, 2014, 05:50:11 PM
Reply #202 on: Jul 21, 2014, 05:50:11 PM
I just started to play AVP3 so I'm still pretty new but here we go...
Well first of all, why there are still rank 43 players in almost dead Ranked Matches? I have noticed most of them are Russians and they sure are skilled and I get my butt kicked. Why they are wasting their time there, they don't get any EXP, why don't they join those lobbies in friendly matches?..... I think they are just there to piss off newbies like me. They often send me a message where they laugh at me, for example: XDXDXD, so just like in WoW people killing lower level players in PVP servers for their own weird amusement...I guess that's why. >_<
I got once grouped with one rank 43 russian. We were playing Domination, we were aliens and the other two were marines on voice chat. We won the match and in the result screen the marines told the rank 43 russian to F*** OFF and called us pricks. I kinda got the feeling "I am not with him!" but I couldn't say anything because I don't have voice chat. I understand their frustation but I guess the language they used was a bit harsh....  :-\
Well today happened something weird. I'm not sure but I think this guy was using some sort of cheat or hack or whatever. It was Ranked Death Match, me (Alien) and two predators. The other predator was pretty skilled and easily killed both of us many times. The predators were something 20 rank and I'm rank 13. At some point the other predator had enough and left, I was alone fighting this guy. We were in that Gateway stage and I tried to get to him in a sneaky way, I could see him behind the wall, and then he started shooting the disc at my direction! I was surprised because how on earth did he see me? well he ended up killing me, he had the persecutor skull above him, I respawned in the jungle area, there was less than minute left so I just gave up and waited in one place in the jungle for the fight to end. he was still in the "house" area (Since he just killed me there) and I could see his persecutor skull moving..... He was starting to coming for me, took the RIGHT route from the other side of the map and somehow "magically" found me! My jaw just dropped at this point, he killed me for the last time and sent me a message with laughing smileys. I don't know how that was possible without some sort of hack or cheat.... What do you guys think?  ???
Oh, and that possible hacking/cheating predator's name is (PSN): Rojo_de_Toro

EDIT: There might be small chance that he heard my Alien go "grrrr" somewhere near the wall, or MAYBE he saw my tail. If he didn't see my tail but heard my alien growl, then I would think he would have looked around and try to find me, but to me it seemed like he knew my exact location and threw the disc so close to me that it bounced from the other side of the wall, through the small opening nearly hitting me. But the fact that he managed to find me so easily from the other side of the map...!

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Aug 09, 2014, 06:35:02 PM
Reply #203 on: Aug 09, 2014, 06:35:02 PM
So, I was hosting some Deathmatches today... I repeat, DEATHMATCHES, all against all, that's the rule! Also, I don't have a voice chat. Okay, got it memorized? X)
There was a boy, age 8 - 12 judging from his voice, who was the only one on voice chat. I'm not gonna say his PSN username because he is a kid after all. I was playing as Alien and there was 3 predators (the boy being one) and possibly other Alien. After awhile, I realized that the kid had teamed up with the other predator (noticed it with my amazing Alien vision through the floor that they were camping and not attacking each other :D )
Since I was the host and they were breaking the rules, I stopped the match. In my games you gotta follow the basic rules, like it or not!  8) Well later I hosted another DM and the kid showed up again and he was with the same player he had teamed up earlier. I received a message from him saying "let's team up", I answered NO. This is Deathmatch, all against all. I also said that I noticed him teaming up earlier and you're not following the rules. AS I WAS WRITING the note he sent me another note saying "you're a boy". Like WTF, was that supposed to be an insult, you are the kid here, I'm 26, I thought. After sending the note, I started the match anyway. I noticed he was cussing at me over the voice chat every time I killed him, like "oh c'mon, be a man!" and referring to the "boy" thing. Also he was teaming up with his buddy again, and this time his buddy also had a voice chat, he didn't speak much but he was a kid too. Some other player noticed this and left in the middle of the fight. In situations like this, I really hope there would be an option for the host to kick some annoying player from the lobby....  >:( Oh well, he won't be coming to my lobbies anymore I hope.  :laugh: If you want to team up, go create your own Team Deathmatches, don't annoy the ones in normal Deathmatch.
There was also one rank 43 Predator in one Deathmatch who was fast as hell. I've NEVER seen a Predator run like THAT. It was very suspicious to me. If I was fighting him head on, he would run in a speed of light (no jumping!) behind me and stealth kill me. I can't remember his PSN name though...

Oh well, when it comes to kids, it could be worse.  :laugh:

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