aliens vs predator3 clan (PS3,only predators)

Started by predator3738, Feb 03, 2010, 02:25:17 AM

im not getting it for xbox    and    i like predator better

why ps3
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why predator
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Voting closed: Feb 18, 2010, 02:25:17 AM

aliens vs predator3 clan (PS3,only predators) (Read 1,541 times)


hello this is predator3738, we are the predator clan called shadow blade. we dont talk crap 2 fellow clan members i am the leader and will be called serpent killer. we take trophies the reason we are called shadow blade is because. shadow stands for cloaking, blade stands for trophies, close attacks. and most of all we dont dell with s..t
when you join you can be in deathmatch alien marine or predator but when you are with me you have 2 be a predator. and when that game comes out you send a request to me as predator765.      and if you aren't on. you wont be with us to do it.


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