RECRUITING : Eastern AvP high-end clan (PC)

Started by provost, Feb 01, 2010, 03:54:21 PM

RECRUITING : Eastern AvP high-end clan (PC) (Read 848 times)


Not sure if it's the good place to post this but here goes:

Hi, My name is Frank , I am 23 living in Canada Montreal. I'm a digital signage content designer and big e-sport fan. I'm into longboarding too.

Looking for players with league AND AvP 1/2 MP experience.

I'm looking for mature players and sportmanship that won't fall for trolls or give the clan a bad name, unbind your chat key if you must.

I've been admin on several boards, Playing several games in leagues  (TFC, Woflenstein, HL2DM, F.E.A.R, L4D) Our hl2dm team won CAL (r.i.p) 3 years in a row. And I won some FEAR 1v1 tournaments.

I was in LOOOOVE with AvP2 but unfortunately found out about it a little late, I got myself avp1 and 2(again) when I heard a 3rd installment was coming out and got used to the new keyboard layout.

I can provide:  Vent, Website+Forum, clan merch via existent sponsor

You can provide: Great fun nights and meeting practices, exciting thrilling matches and add your knowledge to the team knowledge pool.

You would've notice by now I keep refering to me as , well, I... that is because I'm the only one from my hl2/l4d2 team who wished to move onto AvP (for now) and I want to build a new team from scratch.

Sorry if I sounded cocky about the tourny and the recruitment stuff, I'm not that kind of guy at all, but the last thing a team wants is really to change roster left and right because of some problematic members, my vision of a great team is a consistent, persistent one, with synergy between it's members.

Please note that I speak both french and english, so don't be afraid to join up if you're a frenchie, as long as you can call people out and learn the map name areas it'll be all good :P


I willing to join you. I have a lot of experience with TWL on VCoD to MW1, along with AVP2 and a little bit avp1.

contact -
xfire: duke646
steam: duke646

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