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Author Topic: Mechanics Needing To Be Changed  (Read 65718 times)

Mar 06, 2010, 08:37:35 AM
Reply #615 on: Mar 06, 2010, 08:37:35 AM
no thanks wall walk works just fine  ;)


this is the most realistic alien-like wallwalk i've ever seen. Havent you guys seen Alien 3? It moves the same way. I LOVE IT. Also, its 100x times easier than constantly having to hold down a button. As an alien, I rarely walk on the floor. It is just limiting if you do that ;-)

Lrn2Alien walk.
+ 1

The Alien feels the most natural to me in this game. This is the first game where I feel like I'm controlling the actual creature rather then a camera called an alien.

Mar 06, 2010, 10:24:24 AM
Reply #616 on: Mar 06, 2010, 10:24:24 AM
Yup, all the prompts make me feel very natural.

Mar 06, 2010, 12:25:33 PM
Reply #618 on: Mar 06, 2010, 12:25:33 PM
On or off doesn't change the fact that they are in the game and don't help the alien gameplay to feel more "natural".

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Mar 06, 2010, 02:30:13 PM
Reply #619 on: Mar 06, 2010, 02:30:13 PM
I think there are sensefull fixes possible for every race. I hope its recognisable by my thoughts, that I want a fair game and the most fun for every player, no matter which species he actually play. I just don’t play alien that much, cause Im not that pleased with the gameplay, but like them as enemy and respect wishes of alienfans.

Some of my ideas, maybe increase advantages or/and disadvantages, but overall there are many aspect to balance it out in other ways.

Fixes for preds

-You have to hold the firebutton to throw the disc so long, that an alien can reach you by
focusattack or a sprint about  10-20 meters including the time to hit with a light attack.
Overall it shouldn’t be abusable as meleeinstantkill (but the same for the stealthkill!)

-The spear and the caster are fine, imo. But overall the ranged weapons of preds should be just as effective, as the special abilitys of the alien, so if they are equal in melee, they are equal overall (so maybe reduce the damage of caster and disc on aliens for example).

-Reduce the effects of sprint and focusjump on the cloak. If predators do that they are often
easyer to see, then without cloak (christmastree). And they have to be mobile if aliens attack them (and they don’t saw the rines, who get a freedoublekill).
I would appreciate that, even if they become more visible by standing still.

-Reduce or remove the dustclouds if predators land on a surfaces (same for aliens if they actually make that too).

The last two points often mean that the predator dies if I recognize it as rine, specially with the sniper weapon and its ridicilous highlighting and rapidly fire. And you cant just move slowly and hope that the rine doesn’t see you and no other player is on you.

Fixes for alien

-Make the alientail less betraying or make a function so the alien can stop moving it (crouchbutton).
-Increase the pheromone sight, so aliens got a bigger advantage of overwatch a big area of the map.
-Reduce the strength of the alientail, if the chances are really so small to defend against it, as some people argued. 
-Take away the growls, that accure if you make some movements as alien, so you can be stealthy.
-Expand the speedadvantage and wallhack of aliens to balance weaknesses out.

[BTW: -More alienlike maps.]

Fixes for marines

-Reduce the strength in meleecombat. They should have less chances if an predator and alien attack them in melee. The fights should be end faster, so aliens and preds are no easy targets for such a long time. If you trained with the shotgun you got all you need to stop them even if they allready reached you, with the pulse you only need a few meters between them and you and good aiming, to handle the situation.

-Reduce the angle of the motion tracker (to 180°, it is 360° now, isnt it?), so aliens got a better chance to get behind them.

-Make the highlighting of the sniper rifle less extreme or/and expand the time between a shot.

-Smartgun should only track if the target is moving and should got a limited range, if its still to high.


-Crouch for all. There are many situations in MP, where crouching can save your life or can make you hide.  Overall if you crouch you are smaller target, so a bit less visibile and hittable (crouch for alien to hold the tail quite). It expands the gameplay and is a essential movement for humanoid creatures.

-Make preds and aliens equal in meleecombat. Equal focusattacks for preds and aliens, that can knock down  all species, but with a chance to block it, specially (maybe only?) for aliens and preds.
Same time for heavy and light attacks. Same effectiveness for blocks for aliens and preds.
Maybe they become too equal in that way, but its safe and noone can say one species gets an advantage by a attack.
I think predplayers and alienplayers have the same right to enjoy meleeconfrontations. And I believe  many waited for more then just rapidly pushing a mousebutton.

-Stealthkills shouldn’t be so easy and not abusable as instantkills in meleeconfrontations.
I think aliens would suffer primary from that, but maybe just cause I don’t use them, specially if an alien allready fights a other pred in melee (and I think that is just fair and I don’t want to frustrate the alienplayer). If they suffer primary, other aspects should be increased for aliens to balance it out.

Possible solution:
-Reduce the range for it, so maximum 2 meters.
-you have to aim your enemys back and push the button for 1-2 seconds
-the victim have to stand still for that time

-Just handle them like trophy kills. So you can still escape if you got enough health.

I wouldn’t mind if preds cant stealthkill aliens. They maybe have better senses.
The stealthkill don’t harm the experience for many players. But for many other it actually does.I think you can make everyone happy, if its changed or with the option to turn it off.

[BTW: If you think “learn how to play” as you read this, please never talk to me. Its to much stress for me to argue with aggressive male teenagers and adult angry fanboys. Thank you.]

Again arguments, why the stealthkill “could” use a fix:

They are totally easy to perform about a great range and there is no comparsion between it and other ways to kill an enemy (like a meleefight).

In the way it works its not sensefull, cause meleefights are big part of the game, there is a lock   that make you unflexible and they often take much time till one actually dies. 
If the amount of players isnt set pretty low in comparsion to the size of the map, there are so many around that can break great meleefights by pressing a button and kill you in a pretty cheap way. Aliens and preds don’t deserve that in my opinion.

There take really some time, but many don’t care for that and in many situations there isnt a mate around that can punish the stealthkiller. So the long time is often just pointsless as argument for balance.

In the ideal situation there is always one pred and one alien fighting in melee, but you cant expect that from the players.

Just like with the disc you can annul the meleesystem with stealthkills. The meleelock and the action of an meleeattack can make you helpless against enemys getting behind you and you always f**ked up if a second pred/alien join his mate.

Previous games you can handle 2 aliens/preds as pred/alien, if you are skilled (someone with the nickname “jegu”, did that all the time in AVP2 AJL, even aliens were pretty damn strong there).
The advantage of two preds or aliens against one alien or pred is still pretty huge without a stealthkill, cause a tailwhip in the back from the the other alien, if you fighting the first in melee, can make you loose definitly.
But in many situations good players can manage it by tactic and skill. And I think you should be able to get at least the small chance, you would have without a stealthkill.

With the stealthkill its usually that way: You fight one in melee, are unflexible cause the meleelock and the otherone, just have to get behind you and kill you instantly, without any afford.
Players should be capable of handling situations where they are outnumbered and specially preds shouldn’t be forced to babysitt each other.

Overall the rine is pretty much more effetive in melee, even one enemy is allready by them and the other one just a few meters away, if you got the shotgun and somestimes the pulse is enough, too. UFF...

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Mar 06, 2010, 09:35:10 PM
Reply #621 on: Mar 06, 2010, 09:35:10 PM
Things that need to be changed in this game (PC version):

----- TCHOKES PATCH -----

- Matchmaking Speed: The ammount of time that takes for one to find a game in AvP3 is anything but disheartening. We want to play the game, and we want to LOVE the game, but it's hard to do so when it takes forever to find a match.

- Team Balance: So, yesterday I was ready to play a game... and in the same room there were 3 Marines, 1 Predator and 1 Alien. What the hell? Is there a sensible reason why this happened? And this was in the Lobby, not after the game started. Which leads me to the next one.

- Joining Games During Matches: People should be able to join an ongoing game. It's simply horrible that suddenly you find yourself alone as any Species. This game is balanced around the proposal that all 3 Species will be trying to kill each other. When you are alone, you are pretty much -f**ked-. Or maybe it's just boring.

- Connection Issues: Sometimes I lose connection to the Steam altogether when playing AvP3. It's strange, and I sometimes get booted from the games i'm starting due my connection apparently failing to make contact with the server's.

- Predator Disk: The disk is too fast, too accurate, kills with one shot and uses no Energy. No Predator, in his right mind, would ever use the Plasma Caster if he could use the Disk. And I -want- to use the disk. It's an awesome weapon that all Predator fans came to love. I just don't want to feel cheap while doing so. Returning the disk to you should use Energy, and the activation time of it in Melee should be interruptable with Light Attack.

- Kill Cam: The game is deadly, I got it. When you are killed you should be able to see where was your attacker. That would force people to keep on the move, even if they found the right spot to camp. I know that's what a Predator (or Alien?) would do (kill and stay put, kill again, stalk and hunt), but in many ways, the balance of AvP3 revolves around the fact that the Predator has to watch our for threats and move. In a 1v1, it's incredibly powerful because it can actually Hunt the other two species.

- Predator Attributes: I get it that they are the strongest Species in the lore, and I can understand why they are so in game. Also, I can understand that they almost never stun. However, the fact that they have so much life completely tips the balance in the Predator's favor. That, paired with Skill Disk, is a game breaker.

- The XP Irony: Why should I bother to get Skins? Predators only have Mask Variants (aside from Dark's Armor), and Marines are a bunch of dudes who I just don't know (they are people from the campaign that barely have 2 lines throughout the game!). I can see the merit of Alien skins, who look great. Really, really great. So why get XP? It's a lame grind, if you ask me. Unless, of course, that XP unlocked more than masks. Every race should have customizable parts based on your rank. Predators (Mask/Wrist/Necklaces and Trophies/Shoulderarmor/Armor), Aliens (Colors/Hands/Heads/Tails/Legs) and Marines (Helmet/Tattoos/Face/Armor Customs, not to say sex). If not that, then at least Higher Ranker people should be awarded with titles alongside their names, and maybe some extra Trophy Kills.

- More Weapons: This game was way too based on console porting. It's the only reason I see for the Predators to sport only 4 weapons. I miss my Netgun, my Speargun and that cool Whip from AvP:R. Aside from it, a lot of props could have been added aswell. If not as weapons due the balance of the game, then as Trophy Kills. Maybe the Predator could get a Trophy Kill were he used the NetGun point blank, and the net sliced the human horribly like in AvP1 (movie)? Or he could stuff the Alien's mouth with that magic liquid Wolf used in AvP:R?

- Alien Navigation: While I like Alien Navigation Systems, it could be better. First, I would make it so that, while the body reacted to the terrain as it does already (which makes for great animations), the HEAD itself didn't force the players to look up and down at each small tree-root we ran over. Make the head ajudst to slight indents and obstacles like small terrain. As if the Alien had a neck =P Sometimes it's a do or die situation where the Alien must act quickly, and those tree roots or debris on the ground make the kill impossible or awkward. Other change I would make would be for the Alien to drop from the ceiling pointing towards the direction the player is LOOKING, and, for a final change, I would make the Alien drop from the ceiling faster.

- Spear: That Spear shouldn't get the Predator out of stealth.

I will be back with more later. It's raining hard here, and I might lose all the text!

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Mar 07, 2010, 04:23:37 AM
Reply #622 on: Mar 07, 2010, 04:23:37 AM

just want preds and aliens to be equal in melee.... and maybe nerf the disk too while their at it

Mar 08, 2010, 09:47:12 PM
Reply #623 on: Mar 08, 2010, 09:47:12 PM
Hi, first of all no hard feelings, but:

I'd like to know what the devs are up to and why we get so late responses lately, not only has the game nearly died after 3 weeks, but it seems like the admins and devs have given up aswell.
Are they trying to fix stuff or is the game a total loss and do they abandon all hope for trying to pull it out of it's course down a black hole.

Many problems have been discussed in other topics so i aint gonna explain them, but a quick list of hottest topics were:
-Balancing issues with races and weapons
-Ranked servers and useless unlocks
-MP completely based on p2p servers (never seen this this in pc game before, it's ancient and only used in console games)
-Low variety of weapons and skins
-Short SP
-Poor maps/ lvl design (too small, too few, lots of pred based maps,...)

Everything besides the too short SP can still be fixed, but we aint hearing anything about these subjects if they're even considering to fix it, only questions being answered in the 'Q/A answer' topic which nobody finds useful.
Plz give us some information, or are the devs scared that if we know they're not doing anything that we would abandon the game immediately?
Devs and admins, we have spend more time on this forum discussing things that seem to be ignored than that we're actually playing!
Just the same old sh*t like always, the devs have their money and don't seem to care about the rest?

This game had potential, this game could have made it, but finishing it too quick and thinking that 10 year old gameplay and a quick remake from a successful game back then (namely avp1) killed this from the moment it came out.
I think it's a record time in how fast a game has been abandoned... ever.

PS: If this game gave a refund for unsatisfied customer, rebellion was broke after the second week of release.

So do miracles still exist or is it a lost cause?

« Last Edit: Mar 08, 2010, 09:59:51 PM by Dreamon666 »

Mar 08, 2010, 10:04:34 PM
Reply #624 on: Mar 08, 2010, 10:04:34 PM
I want to know why its so hard to find a bloody game, apart from the othe issues i have, i go on CoD on my ps3 and bam a match, on this I can make tea have a bath and clean my shoes and im still waiting lol.

Mar 08, 2010, 10:08:06 PM
Reply #625 on: Mar 08, 2010, 10:08:06 PM
I want to know why its so hard to find a bloody game, apart from the othe issues i have, i go on CoD on my ps3 and bam a match, on this I can make tea have a bath and clean my shoes and im still waiting lol.

Theres your reason....COD!!!! Lol so many turds playing that game. I don;t like cod if you can't tell lol.

Mar 08, 2010, 10:12:52 PM
Reply #626 on: Mar 08, 2010, 10:12:52 PM
I want to know why its so hard to find a bloody game, apart from the othe issues i have, i go on CoD on my ps3 and bam a match, on this I can make tea have a bath and clean my shoes and im still waiting lol.

Theres your reason....COD!!!! Lol so many turds playing that game. I don;t like cod if you can't tell lol.

best MP game ever, the original blows this out the water ;), ps im not a turd this (AvP) poor excuse of a game is

Mar 08, 2010, 10:26:58 PM
Reply #627 on: Mar 08, 2010, 10:26:58 PM
I want to know why its so hard to find a bloody game, apart from the othe issues i have, i go on CoD on my ps3 and bam a match, on this I can make tea have a bath and clean my shoes and im still waiting lol.

Theres your reason....COD!!!! Lol so many turds playing that game. I don;t like cod if you can't tell lol.

best MP game ever, the original blows this out the water ;), ps im not a turd this (AvP) poor excuse of a game is

Well, it's not really about COD we're talking here, but i do think COD can be compared to this game, even though people think it can't.
The way i think it can be compared to COD is because that's a modern game in MP, it has all the ingredients to keep a game interesting (variant maps and lots of diff weapons) and all the controls and realism to it to make it look good (like crouch and prone, ironsights and accuracy affecting factors, hiding behind cover, camouflage,....) and a good system of server and player finding + non p2p hosted servers.
AVP3 game lacks all of this.
I mean that AVP3 didn't go along with it's time and didn't 'evolve' enough to compete with other game.

Oke, you can say, "sucky COD and AVP is better because it has aliens and preds in it", BUT games like battlefield and COD brought MP shooters into a new era and AVP3 just can't compete there, those games made it harder for the competition and we're used to that kind of gameplay and AVP3 couldn't live up to that image.

Mar 08, 2010, 10:27:45 PM
Reply #628 on: Mar 08, 2010, 10:27:45 PM
Died out? WTF man ... Im playing a MP match under a half of a minute.

PC version in Europe here.

Died out ... duh.

Mar 08, 2010, 10:30:41 PM
Reply #629 on: Mar 08, 2010, 10:30:41 PM
Died out? WTF man ... Im playing a MP match under a half of a minute.

PC version in Europe here.

Died out ... duh.

Wake up and look at the forums, seems like you're still the only one having fun, the forums is full of stuff like this, the game has significantly less players and the forums are running empty too.
Yesterday i was trying to find a good ranked match, it took me 3 HOURS to find a server where neither the host left or was  laggfree.


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