The further adventures of Bubba the Predator #4 (Rated MA)

Started by Son of Yautja, Sep 13, 2009, 11:52:43 PM

The further adventures of Bubba the Predator #4 (Rated MA) (Read 1,767 times)

Son of Yautja

The further adventures of Bubba the Predator #4

The interlude

PJ knew that Bubba and her granpie and her brother would go out looking for what ever 'creature' had violated the deer in the tree... She was worried for their safety and did not want Bubba to leave a virgin (because he surely was in her mind after the way he exploded in her hands the other night at the square dance).

She was in luck, because Grampie Cooter was feeling off and wanted to wait til later that afternoon to hunt down what ever beast had ate their deer.  With Cooter layin' down and her brother off to the general store in Jacob's Holler to buy some more black powder for their rifles; Bubba would be alone... and she could have him all to herself!  She found Bubba on the back porch drinking some of Cooter's shine as he seemed to do night and day, and staring still at the dead carcass on the tree branch;

"don't ya'll fret over dat dere deer Bubba. I just knowin you and granmpie will find da rascal that did it, and give him what for I reckon".

Bubba didn't react to what she said at first but then he caught a glimpse of her pale white thighs as she jacked up her skirt while standing next to him.  He gulped as he imagined what treasures lay just a hands breath further...

"I like whaat we do'ed the oter niyght PJ.. I like doit again okay okay"?

This is just what PJ wanted to hear.  She grasped his hand and walked with him away from the little shack and dragged him out to where the ravaged deer still hung up side down in the tree near the apple orchid.

"Letz set down here Bubba...its powerful hot out side, ya'll don't mind if I kewl off do ya"?

She asked Bubba. Not waiting for his reply she slipped off her short skirt made from a potato sack and then lifted her raggy blouse over her head.

Bubba could not help but stare...Her baby feeders looked like ripe mushmellons that he and Juney would pick from old man McCoy's field... they bobbled in the air and he longed to touch them.  The small patch of forest was also there in front of his face; His sense of smell was better then most fellers in the Holler and he could smell her musk calling to him; "come here Bubba...come and get it". (at least that is what he thought in his mind).

He lunged for her as he ripped off his old raggy dungarees. She grasped his head and placed it where she wanted...she layed back and then screamed!!!!!!!

Seems his remaining tusks were not made out for what she had in mind.  He jerked back and she pulled him on top of him...  The first leason in 'manhood' awaited him...

22 seconds later he was a Man!  She would never forget the experience even though she felt like she just sat on a watermelon by mistake...

She longed to cuddle and recover from the massive violation she felt...he longed for a pull from his Moon shine jug... He walked away to get his jug and for some weird reason he had a desire for PJ to make him a sandwich and to take a nap...

He never even knew that at this moment he became truly a man! :D

Part 5 soon...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D


All parts of this story are brilliant. I love them. You made my day. Thank you.  ;D
But...  Isn't is a little too adult for this place?  ;)
Anyway, I wait for next chapters.  ;D

Son of Yautja

I didn't know how far I could push it...  Have not been banned, so I guess I am ok :)

Son of Yautja

So ya'll know about Bubba, well......

Roscoe is comin'...and in space, no one can hear you fart.....

Roscoe!  Blood brother to Bubba!....comin' soon!  ;D

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