Anyone up for some AVP Gold MAC on GameRangers?

Started by Giger_Incubator, Jul 01, 2009, 01:27:49 AM

Anyone up for some AVP Gold MAC on GameRangers? (Read 1,733 times)


I am desperate to play online, since I haven't in sooo many years.  Just got the game again for Mac and want to hit up some online.  Installing Gamerangers was pretty easy, anyone want to play?


Just figured out all the online stuff and got the latest update so just reply in this Topic if you all want to set up a time and place.  I'll check back.

Corporal Hicks

You used Game Ranger for any other games? I was a bit hesitant about downloading it.


No, but it seems fine.


Hey! Are you still interested in playing some AvP gold online?
I used to play on Game Ranger all the time back in the day. I just bought the 2010 game for the PS3, which
only made me miss AvP gold. I think that they got the species balance exactly right in that old game and haven't
played anything since that was so much fun online.

I'll have to partition my hard disk and install Tiger on my mac to get it working (now using Snow Leopard), but I'll do it if I know I can hook up with someone for some classic AvP awesomeness.

Let me know.


Okay I'm up and running with AvP gold (mac version) on GameRanger. Works just fine, though haven't managed to get a single multiplayer game yet - everyone is playing damn football games and COD on GR these days.

Amazing how well I can still remember the layout of the multiplayer maps. I know Subway like the back of my hand.


Most people now play an updated version of the game called AVP Classic 2000 that runs on PC using the steam platform. You will be hard pressed to find someone here that still plays on Mac.



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