SEGA Announces New Aliens vs. Predator Game

Started by funcroc, Feb 11, 2009, 04:14:52 PM

SEGA Announces New Aliens vs. Predator Game (Read 12,346 times)


QuoteSEGA and Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchangising Announce New Aliens vs. Predator Game

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON (February 11, 2009) – SEGA of America Inc., SEGA Europe Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising (Fox L&M) today reveals exciting new details of their increasing portfolio of upcoming games based on Twentieth Century Fox's Aliens universe.

SEGA will publish an all-new Aliens vs. Predator (working title) game in early 2010. The game is currently in development with independent developer Rebellion, creators of the original 1999 Aliens versus Predator; a legendary title that went on to define an entire generation of multiplayer gaming.

With the opportunity to publish what promises to be a landmark game, SEGA has strategically updated the release of the other upcoming Aliens titles currently in development within its portfolio.

"The innovative new AvP game presents an exciting opportunity for us," says CEO of SEGA West, Naoya Tsurumi, "It represents a fantastic addition to our growing Aliens franchise and the reinvention of one of gaming's most cherished iconic titles. By adjusting the release of our other Aliens titles to accommodate it, SEGA will ensure that every title lives up to the high expectations of Aliens and AvP fans."

"SEGA continues to create masterful games based on our Aliens franchise and this new addition is sure to continue their successful track record," said Gary Rosenfeld, Senior Vice President, New Media for Fox L&M.

SEGA will announce further details of the new Aliens vs. Predator very soon.



Hah, beat me to it. :) 

At IGN they say that A:CM and the RPG are being pushed back and that this game will release first, in 2010.  So it's safe to say A:CM ain't comin' out anytime soon.






music too my ears  :D



Wow that's really bad, is there any point in releasing A:CM that late. Surely any interest outside of the hardcore fanbase has fizzled out now already, and now we have another year to go?

....But yay for new AvP.


That's nice.. let's get excited when we see some gameplay video or pictures at least.



I've already been pumped up for this since I played AvP2 back in 2006/2007

well funcroc just commented this on the news article


It sucks that we have to wait for another year for a new game.


That would depend entirely on whether or not they intend to make something like A:CM or something like Iron Man. Sometimes you get exactly what you ask for... (though not the way you want it)


Sounds good! Hopefully it'll live up to the hype.


It's good to have a new AvP game..but that doesn't mean we need Colonial Marines pushed back for's stupid.

The new AvP better blow my goddamn mind. I've been waiting since I beat AvP 2 oh so long ago.

Corporal Hicks

Great day to be at work.  ::) Got this gem from Sega to two different email addresses. Lol. I'm excited about it. It's about time we got a new AvP for the next-gen. I wonder what it'll be like though. Disappointed by them pointing CM back though.




AWW f**k!!!!

Corporal Hicks

AvP has and always will be an important part of our online community. The PC games were legendary and astounding.


Probably the best things to come out besides some of the comics.

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