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Author Topic: AVP3 Ideas  (Read 153269 times)

Mr. Xenomorph
Jun 30, 2017, 12:01:50 PM
Reply #1530 on: Jun 30, 2017, 12:01:50 PM
An agricultural colony (call it LV-87 or LV-79) with animals that humans have transported so that they can procreate and survive. A cornucopia of possible Xeno variations (Baboon Alien, Bull Alien, etc.) that the Predator has to deal with. Smugglers have ransacked the colony and the hot summer months of this planet are at its peak. One of the smugglers finds a cavern with a Xenomorph egg inside and all hell breaks loose (just have a few and the sequel can deal with where they came from and world build). A Yautja arrives to hunt and has to deal with the surprising annoyance of a Xenomorph outbreak while he's hunting.

I would love to eventually see several different variations of the adult Alien together on-screen (I'm not counting Chet or the Queen). I do think that if we get another AvP it wouldn't be a massive budget, though, so I can't imagine we'd get anything like that.

You never know. It depends on how much money they save on set design and how many practical effects they use. If it's an agricultural colony you just need open space and a few interiors. Predators pulled that off with a $40 million budget. If it had a Deadpool budget of $60 - $65 million, I think that they can pull something like that off.

I saw a fan film of AVP the other day on YouTube. It was short, had cruddy effects and was made for no money, but I enjoyed it more than both of the AVP movies, because it was what I wanted to see - Xenos and Preds in space on the Sulacco. If someone can do that for peanuts, then there's no reason why Hollywood can't.

Jul 07, 2017, 04:05:15 AM
Reply #1533 on: Jul 07, 2017, 04:05:15 AM
My idea is we should deviate from Earth and took a place on a new planet. The story should be the Predators hunted the Military personnel on the planet but because of some breach the previously static Xenomorph in a hidden chamber started to wreak havoc. This time there's no "Enemy of my enemy is my friend", and this is a kill or be killed world. I would love the Predalien return and maybe the Runner. I would like a team up of the Drone and Warrior caste.

I agree with the statement that the Marines must be likeable and not a cardboard character. The Aliens also must to be a serious threat and even made the things worsen, like killing a few Predators or impregnate them. The ending should be the Alien conquers the planet, but at the stake of losing their Queen in an airstrike, the Predators left the planet because of being outnumbered and seeking a new hunt, and the Marines with some survive and returned to Earth, maybe with a twist that one of them is the host of the Queen.

My suggestion is there are epic battles of Drone or Warrior vs Predator, and many of them , not just one epic Predalien or Queen fight. I think this should be rated R. The Predator design should follow Anytime's design or Pussyface's.


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